The End Is Only The Beginning

My incredible out-of-body experience while attending a past-life regression seminar in 2010, in Denver, Colorado, as published in Dr. Brian Weiss’s new book, Miracles Happen.

I attended one of Dr. Weiss’s past-life regression seminars in 2010 in Denver, Colorado. Only seven months prior to this event, I lost my dear Christian to a sudden and unexpected death. It was the worst thing I had ever experienced and it left me a basket case, with so many painful thoughts and questions. At the same time, I had also spontaneously remembered a tragic past life with Christian, that had ended in a similar fashion, which left me feeling even worse.

Because I was so distraught about these losses, Christian’s aunt told me about Dr. Weiss and recommended that I go to an event, saying that maybe I would find some answers or at least feel better. I looked him up and read his books, and they gave me some peace of mind. But when I found out that he was going to be as close as Colorado, I took the opportunity to travel and attend his event. My experience there has helped me so much by changing my perspective.

My Actual Experience-
It was the first regression of the day after Dr. Weiss had introduced himself and prepared us for what might be expected and experienced within the context of our time with him. When he put us into a deep state of hypnotic regression, of course I expected to go into a past life, just as I had done times before while listening to his regression CD.

I remember that he had just come to the part where he gives the suggestion to go back to the earliest childhood memory, which I did. Like a child, I found myself in wonder and anticipation of the adventure I would soon discover when he took me back to a previous life. What past-life clues and remnants would I uncover? What would they teach me about my life and myself?

I can’t be exactly certain of the words he spoke at the moment of crossing over that threshold between this life and another one, but what I heard was to “step through the door and into the light.” I did so with no hesitation.

To my delighted surprise, I found myself being drawn into a tunnel of beautiful light. When he asked us to look down to see what type of footwear and clothing we were wearing, I was taken aback to see that my feet were bare and that I was wearing a long, robe-like gown. In an instant, I realized where I must have been, and although it didn’t make much sense to my brain, I went with the experience. It was as real as if my eyes were wide open.

Within the tunnel of warm illumination I saw the figures of beings. I did not see their faces, but I could feel strong presences. The predominant presence I felt was the spirit of my mother, who had crossed over nearly forty years ago when I was just a girl. There were others, too, but I was so enamored by the energy of the light that I could not shift my focus away from it.

I became aware that I was weightless, and I was experiencing this wonderful new floating sensation. Every part of me felt as if I were being immersed and bathed in the sweetest, most cleansing energy. It was as though I had died and gone to heaven. The bliss was consuming, and there was nowhere that love was not. I remember thinking that I could stay in this loving light forever. Feeling so peaceful and fulfilled, I knew there was nothing that I could ever want or need again.

Next, without knowing how I got there, I went from floating in the tunnel to some sort of transition area. It seemed like a hospital, except there was none of the equipment that you would normally see in a hospital on Earth. I knew what it looked like because I was in two places at the same time. I was both consciously observing and experiencing what was happening while I lay unconscious.

I saw myself lying on a flat, illuminated surface, which, for lack of a better word, I will call a bed. The bed was most curious. I could both see and feel its amazing pulsating energy. I could feel its subtle vibration. It appeared to be made of smooth, crystalline rock, which radiated brightly as it so amazingly energized my spirit and soul. It had a magnetic quality about it, and like the light in the tunnel, the bed was alive with intelligence.

I could feel that something extremely special was happening to me. The bed seemed to have a healing restorative quality and effect about it. I watched while the unconscious part of me lay there, lifeless, while my dear Christian, who had passed only seven months earlier was trying to rouse me into the awareness of this heavenly realm.

Although there was a very conscious part of me in that heavenly realm, another part of my consciousness was still lagging behind; maybe in the bliss of the tunnel or, perhaps still in the life that had been departed. Interestingly enough, the conscious me somehow knew information surrounding my death. I knew it had something to do with my throat area; I got the impression that the cause of death was asphyxiation. I may have choked, but the point that fascinated me was that the sleeping one I was observing on that bed did not yet know that she had left the earthly realm.

In her life, what had surfaced as previous past lives for her were many memories of dying horrible deaths while staying in the body until that last terrifying gasp of air. But this time was different. Because her spirit had left before seeing the face of death, there was no struggle, not even a hint of pain or fear involved with the process, so there was no realization yet of a passing. The body just died without drama and now she found herself experiencing this incredible peace and freedom.

From the perspective of the sleeping beauty lying there, I had the sensation of being in a deep dream state from which I was ever so slowly waking up, as if from a strong dose of anesthesia. As I was coming to, I could hear my beloved Christian speaking faintly at first, his words then growing louder. I heard him say, “Sweetheart, wake up. It’s me. Come on, love, wake up. I’m here with you.” As I heard these words in the far-off distance I was confused about where to focus my consciousness. Which was the dream and which the reality of my situation?

I could both see and sense the presence of other loved ones with me, all of my beloveds watching over me with great care and attention, awaiting the reunion of that very moment when I would wake from my slumber and open my eyes to be greeted and welcomed into the overflowing joy that love is. It reminded me so much of the mood of anticipation and excitement that is present when a new baby is about to come into the world.

As I mentioned before, I was encountering this whole scene from what seemed to be two quite different perspectives. It was fascinating. But what I am realizing is a possible third perspective. I experienced them both, and now another one is writing the both of them. Perhaps they are all aspect of me, only separated by diverse events in time.

It was only because of the particular spirits who had previously passed before me that I believe that I was witnessing the actual death of my current earthly life. But, as I said, it seemed to be more about a birth into a wonderful new existence, one to which I needed to adjust and acclimate rather than a death.

I never got to wake up from my unconscious state to see what happened because it was at this time that Dr. Weiss began the process of bringing us back from our hypnotic state and into the awareness of this earthly life. After I returned, it took me a few minutes to begin to realize the implications of what had just occurred. In fact, several weeks later I am still trying to comprehend them. However, despite my lack of full comprehension, this incident has given me so much more than I could have ever thought to ask for.

It gave me the personal comfort of knowing that Christian will not only be there to greet me when I cross over, but that our love continues on. It has also helped me to deal with my fears about my own eventual passing. By previewing and experiencing my death, I realize there is nothing I need to be afraid of when it is my turn to walk through death’s door, for beyond that threshold is unimaginable freedom and bliss. I am forever thankful that I was given this wonderful opportunity. It has truly been a gift.

A few really interesting things about my past-life regression experience with Dr. Weiss. First of all, this experience into the amazing places I visited were extremely vivid and clear and was just as real, if not even more real, than any experience in this reality. In other words, through hypnotic regression, I was somehow able to slip out of my physical brain and body to experience a completely different reality. That this is even possible is completely amazing to me.
Secondly, going to the end of my present life was the last thing I expected to happen. I couldn’t have even thought to ask for that! But the whole experience brought up an interesting question. How did I know how I would die in this life unless it was written that way, or unless… it has already happened. Perhaps, in a dimension where no time is supposed to exist, the past, present and future are always now. I couldn’t help but wonder, had I gained consciousness in that heavenly realm before I was brought out of hypnosis, how it would have impacted me in this physical world.
Lastly, my experience was powerful enough to heal the worst part of my grief, enabling me to move forward with peace and comfort. And, although I still miss Christian everyday, this experience has given me the strength to move forward.

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  1. That’s an amazing experience. One that not many people get to have, to see a preview of what will happen to them immediately after death.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

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