The Dream That Paid Cash

In this after-death communication that occured in a dream, Maria was guided to an unlikely place, that resulted in an equally unlikely outcome. Only heaven could have predicted this one.

Maria, a client of mine, is very sensitive to spiritual things. Having both shared the pain from the loss of loved ones to death, within a few weeks of each other, and knowing of my intense interest and connection to the “other side”,  Maria has openly shared with me many of the after-death communications she has received from her departed loved ones. Here is one I could not pass up sharing.

A few Saturdays ago, in the wee hours of morning, Maria had a dream. In it, she was with her deceased mother and aunt. Also, present in the dream were her living father and brother; all of them were at the same gambling casino together! Not being a gambler herself, Maria stood quietly behind her mother and aunt who were ecstatically playing the slot machines.

Across the casino, Maria saw her brother and father. Strangely, in sharp contrast to her mother and aunt’s excitement, she noticed that her father looked sad, but she didn’t know why. Soon, her dream ended as she woke up for the day.

Not knowing the meaning of her dream, Maria spoke to her son about it, but neither one of them could figure out its meaning.

A few hours later, Rueben, Maria’s brother was at the door inviting her to go with him and his wife to Wendover, a small gambling town in Nevada, just outside of Utah.  Politely, Maria declined. Her refusal to go was met with a bit of playful harassment. However, all her many reasons and excuses did not dissuade Rueben from persisting, even to the point of repeatedly calling her, “B-o-r-i-n-g!!!

Eventually, with Rueben’s unrelenting provocation, Maria’s resistance gave way and before she knew it, she was in the car that was headed out to Wendover, even though she still had no interest in gambling.

In Wendover, Maria could see Rueben and his wife gambling away at their slot machines. Periodically, Rueben turned around in his chair to motion Maria to gamble. As she shook her head back and forth, the teasing continued, as Rueben shouted out, “B-o-r-i-n-g!”

Well, whatever it was that got Maria to sit down at one of those slot machines, she finally did. Perhaps it was Rueben’s constant heckling that did the trick, but whatever it was, Maria put $3.00 into the machine for a spin and guess what? To her surprise, she instantly won $40.00!

Excited, and with a little money and confidence now, Maria placed another $3.00 bet and guess what? To her utter and complete astonishment, Maria hit the jackpot!!!! On two spins of $3.00 each, Maria won over $4,000.00 that day!

Thrilled with the win, Maria quickly called her father in Mexico to tell him the good news! Not only did she win the jackpot, but with this unforeseen source of income, Maria would be able to afford airline tickets for herself and her two children, to visit her father for Christmas in Mexico! No doubt he was as thrilled by the unexpected news!!!

It wasn’t until later, after all of the day’s commotion, that Maria remembered that strange dream she had experienced much earlier and made a connection between the two. What were the odds that a resistant, nay-saying, non-gambler would end up in a casino to win a jackpot after placing only two bets? Not so likely; yet, Maria’s mother and aunt loved to gamble while they were alive! Was it them playing for Maria with some heavenly magic? Or had they been privy to an opening window of opportunity and their only job was to devise a way to get Maria’s butt in that particular seat, at that particular moment?

And what of this cast of characters that, in a dream, mirrored Maria’s coming reality? What of their roles?  Maria’s mother and aunt deliriously excited about something that was about to happen.  Rueben, chosen because he could be counted on to deliver Maria to her serendipitous destination.  Maria’s father, alone in Mexico, having no idea yet, what was about to come his way. Finally, Maria, the protagonist of the story, who, after taxes, gifted her brother and sister-in-law  a portion of the winnings, and is using the balance of the money for the benefit of the rest of her family.

I don’t know how it was arranged for Maria to win the money that day, for if it were up to all of our deceased relatives, surely, the casinos would have gone broke by now. Whatever the answer is, it made Maria’s whole family very happy!

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  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations Maria (and family)!! And thank you Jade for taking the time to write another beautifully written story for us- you are a gem! 🙂 xo

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