The Beauty of Brain Patterns

In my last post, Running With The Bulls, I mentioned how a once alive, beautiful 3D experience, given time, eventually integrates and turns into nothing more than a mere memory of something we already know. For example, the birth of a newborn baby. When my first baby was born, I had to take a million pictures of this amazing little, pink creature. My husband and I captured every possible expression that that kid made! We were so enthralled with the creation of our little miracle, that suddenly existed.

Then… there was the second child. Not that we loved her any less, but, you see… we already knew what a miracle looked like. Still… we took a lot of pictures of this adorable little one, but we didn’t quite capture every expression, like we did with the first one! You see, we had already started to become accustomed to the idea of this type of miracle, for we had experienced it once before. And… because of this… we didn’t need to be so present and amazed anymore.

When I thought about how an actual, real live 3D miracle was destined to become part of a person’s brain pattern, this used to really bother me. “How sad.” I’d think. “Why were we created this way? Where is the wisdom in this? Why can’t we be present to such miraculousness all of the time?”

It would only be a matter of time until this question would finally be answered. You see, what makes something miraculous is that it happens outside the confines of our every day, “business as usual” brain pattern. And… a trip outside our brain is really an adventure outside of what we already know, and into the wonder of what we don’t already know. So… long story short. A miracle is considered something we don’t know, and because of this… our brains can’t quite understand it, hence… it is a miracle!

On March 31, 2010, and through the months and years that followed, I came to understand that if I were to be continually present to the pain of Christian’s death, it would be just like he were dying every continuous moment. I would experience the rawness of the ultimate pain and suffering forever, never finding any relief in healing this, very much alive, horrible 3D experience. I quickly came to terms with the wisdom and beauty of the integration of an unexplained event (miracle) that eventually turns into a mere memory, thus… brain pattern.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is, there is wisdom in everything having to do with what and who we are as human beings. And… luckily for us, in this case, time does heal all wounds by eventually integrating them into a brain pattern!

image of a brain

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