That’s What LOVE Does

Not necessarily a believer before, Ian receives many after-death communications that leave no doubt of his wife, Joanna’s, continued existence, love and support.

Ian writes:
“My beautiful wife passed away on September 4, 2015, unexpectedly. The story of how I met my wife is such a beautiful one, that losing her shattered my entire belief in life. She was the one for me and I for her. We met in a place unlikely for us to fall in love, but we did. She is French/Polish origin while I a Filipino.”

IanJoanna et Maya(sm)

Joanna and baby Maya

“That morning before she collapsed, she told me how she loved Maya Asia, our daughter of 2 weeks then, more than herself, and she also loved me equally. Then, she collapsed while putting back Maya to her crib. She had pulmonary infarction caused by an embolism.”

“I had so many events that have happened that I necessarily did not believe in them, but after all these, I know she has not left me or anyone. She is in a different realm, be it the quantum realm or the spirit world (whatever it is called, but it is beyond the physicality that we currently are in).”

“Above is an image of my wife and our daughter. I captured that image the night before she passed, where she did not show any signs of impending departure. She was very happy to say the least.”

“I have lots of stories to tell you as Joanna is really alive but in a different form. Here are the following fantastic events that I and others have observed and have been sharing.”

  • There was a knock on our door -and my nephew ran to open it and no one was there.
  • I was in the shower and heard her voice, but then, no one was there.
  • Joanna’s mother heard a string of pearls fall on the floor (Joanna had that happen before).
  • Joanna’s best friend, Marianne, also heard her voice calling her.
  • I was in the office and there was an emanating smell of freshly dug earth (this prompted my colleague Jean to tell me that Joanna needs to be buried or laid to rest. That was on a Sunday. Then, we got the approval on Monday to do the funeral).
  • One evening, my parents who are taking care of my daughter, Maya. They were surprised and a bit freaked out that the mobile crib was moving, like someone unseen was rocking it. I came home late and my father called me to come and see it. I was next to it and I could not make any sense as to what force was making the cot move on its own!
  • A bird flew and was making a very loud noise which promoted me to take notice. When I was leaving the parking, the bird (like a seagull or Kingfisher) was directly in my path and looked straight at me in the eye. I had to ask if it was my wife and then it just turned and spread its wings and flew off, in a very elegant way, and in no hurry.
  • The lamp next to me and the one next to my daughter flickered a lot one night, it happened the same when I went to Paris and stayed in a friend’s house.
  • Joanna’s colleagues told me that they heard her calling for the elevator down. When she was alive, she always shouted to the 5th floor (where her office is) to bring the elevator down! This is what Pamela and a colleague heard that day.
  • My mother-in law’s mattress was placed, resting on a wall. One evening as we were sleeping, the mattress just fell on its side and my grandma thought it was something else.
  • When she switched on the light, it turned off and the smaller light on top of an inner source turned on, which was bizarre.
  • My brother who is left back home in the Philippines received a very nice visitor on my wedding Anniversary (last 16 October). A lavender colored parakeet or bird first landed on our car (a very rare occurrence for such a bird to be at our location). Then it went up to the loft where he was able to film it.
  • My nephew saw a feather on a friend’s dinning table. That friend admitted that there’s always a feather falling into her working desk. She told me she had a cat.
Ian and baby Maya

Daddy and baby Maya

“There are other signs that shows Joanna has not left us and is always around us. For instance, when the pacifier went missing. I think it was Joanna. She didn’t want Maya to become addicted to it.”

“I really and truly miss her, but I hear her in my mind talking to me; like regular conversation, not an external voice. It is only when I am quiet and alone, I start to see these things. All I want is to be able to speak with her. ”

Later on, Ian had even more after-death communications from Joanna:
“The most amazing thing happened on her birthday, when me and my family had lunch with the family in a restaurant we visited when Joanna came to the Philippines in the past. I felt a tap on my left shoulder. At first, I thought it was my dad, but my dad didn’t even look at me when I asked him if he tapped me. Then, again on my right shoulder which was stronger than the first. There was no one beside or behind me, so it was a very confusing experience in the beginning… before it dawned on me that it was Joanna!”

“I was really in my down moment, I cried. Then suddenly, I felt something touch me on my right temple. At first, I thought it was a fly or some insect, but it continued, and I knew it was Joanna caressing me. I really believe in this and I know my beloved is looking after us.”

” Yesterday both Grazyna (her mother) and I dreamt of her. I could not recall the dream, I only I knew it was a dream and before she left me, I told her that I know this is a dream, but do not go yet! There was someone with Joanna, but I do not know who. Maybe a spirit guide?”

“Joanna is really here but in her purest form. I am not afraid anymore of this life or what may happen, as I know things will always work out well. Joanna’s message to her mom was for us to take care of Maya. She wasn’t sad or anything.”

6 month-old, Maya

Beautiful Maya at 6 months

Then, the most recent after-death communication:

“My dad was watching Maya and fell asleep. Suddenly he felt someone touch his mouth. This woke him up. Maya was far from him. It was not a baby’s hand that touched my dad’s lips, so this probably was Joanna waking him up, as he was supposed to be watching Maya.”

“I miss Joanna very much and keep thinking about her. Here is a picture of Maya Asia. She is 6 months old now.”

Not necessarily a believer at first, Ian has experienced too many things to doubt Joanna’s continued presence now… and also, her love.

Although, a life after death may be taught in many religions and/or philosophies, a lot of people don’t really give the afterlife a second thought until they lose someone they love and suddenly find themselves face to face with the reality of the situation. It is only then that the real questions are asked for themselves in the most meaningful and sincere way. “Is there really an afterlife?” “Does my loved one still exist?” “Will we ever reunite again?” Then, the required information usually becomes what you can know for yourself with certainty, rather than what you have been taught or told in your past as some belief tradition told over and over again.

People who have had received or witnessed answers to their own questions about this subject are fortunate, as they no longer have to rely on the testimonials of others for the truth and comfort of what is real. Hence, they gain their own testimony of a life after death, which serves as a strong foundation for peace and healing to occur, as well as a reason to carry on. 

Ian talks about his beautiful love story with Joanna. We all know that these stories are never supposed to end, especially in tragedy. But they sometimes do, and it doesn’t even begin to make sense. What we often find is that death is not a respecter of persons. It can strike at any time, rain or shine, even ruining our romantic visions of our lives together, along with the happy future we had planned, far out there on the horizon.

But although it might seem so, Ian and Joanna’s beautiful love story is not over. It is just beginning. Sure there are some really big changes, but as we see, Joanna is no stranger around the family. Still as a mother, wife, daughter and friend, she faithfully watches over her loved ones- nurturing them along, helping them to know she has not left, but is there to help and heal. This is what love does. And, Oh My Gosh! How could Joanna even think of staying away from that beautiful little angel she gave birth to? 

If you’ll notice that twinkle in Maya’s eyes, you can see that Joanna doesn’t stay away. This beautiful babe, Maya, sees her mother on a regular basis; loving, caring and watching over her, and her beloved husband, too. Right now… she knows of no difference.

Although these unexpected tragedies seem to come out of nowhere, somewhere in Joanna’s soul and psyche, she knew that she would depart the physical world, as she so deliberately expressed her deep love for Ian and Maya, before collapsing on that fateful day. Somewhere in Ian’s soul and psyche, he knew too, as he snapped the last image of Joanna and their two-week old bundle of joy, Maya, just the night before. These are not mere coincidences. Many times, there is a goodbye, although we don’t often recognize it at the time.

Yes, Joanna is in her purest form right now. Having these experiences with his beautiful wife, Ian has built himself a strong testimony that there is no reason to fear death. After all… IT IS STILL LIFE! Having this certainty of knowledge, plus- some healing ahead of him, Ian will be able to live his life to the fullest degree, if this is what he chooses. And… at some point in the future, it wouldn’t surprise me if Joanna guides her beloved, husband, Ian, to his new life; a new wife and an earthly mother for their child, to love and be loved by.  For although Joanna loved Ian immensely in this life, she loves him with the purest of love now, and wants only for her loved ones to experience the joy and happiness that life has to offer. 

So… as Joanna will always love, and smile on her loved ones on Earth with great care, our loved ones do the same for us, too. That’s what LOVE does!
“How could LOVE do anything but that?” I ask.

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  1. What a lovely story and testiment to the power of love. In Ians words you can feel his love for his wife and daughter. Thank you for sharing and for the encouraging comments.

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