Testimonials For Classes


Testimonials for  The “Being Your Own Medium” Series-

“Jade’s knowledge, experience and compassion comes through, in the “Being Your Medium” Seminar. I’m left with, knowing in my heart, that my loved ones are still with me, and nothing can change this. Thank you for a great seminar.”
-Sage, Utah

“Jade is authentic and shares from her heart openly. She has an immense drive to serve and I felt her giving nature throughout the class. I can feel her presence and ability to tap into emotion as she shares her personal stories to provide real life examples with her teachings. Jade is so supportive to us all individually, and as a group, and creates a magical, loving, non-judgmental space for us all to share ourselves. Jade gave us confidence that we are no different than other “mediums” and that trusting ourselves is much better than relying on what other people tell us. We pick and choose what we take as advice from other mediums anyway so we might as well choose the good stuff for ourselves! I highly recommend taking this class with Jade! She’s an amazing teacher and you will get so much more from the class than you even expected! Thank you Jade! You are always in my heart. xo” 
-Sara, California

I would recommend absolutely everybody to be a part of this class. It’s a life changing experience. Jade is not your run-of-the-mill ‘psychic medium’. There is so much out there on the internet but Jade renders you with material that is so different from anything that you will ever come across. She does not beat about the bush. She is a brilliant teacher who leaves no room for ambiguity. Her teachings are based on her experiences; there are no conjectures just facts.”

“After my loved one crossed over, I searched for psychic mediums endlessly, read so much of stuff, tried so many things but I reached an impasse every time. Jade came into my life as a blessing. She gave me hope in a hopeless world. She gave me strength when every other person bogged my spirits down. She listened even when my screams where silence to the people around me. I have never seen her in my life but I trust this woman with my life. It doesn’t matter if you are a cynic. Her take on life is so refreshing, motivating and inspirational that you will never perceive life the same way again!”

“She gave me a reason to live. She has the uncanny ability to turn pain into power. I love her to death. She makes my heart smile and she will make yours too.  You will always be my silver lining:) God bless you Jade!”
-Archie, India

“This class is a must for anyone who is trying to reach their deceased loved ones. Jade is a medium who has devoted her life on this site and to those of us trying to make sense of the passing of our loved ones. She has experienced grief first-hand with the death of her soulmate Christian. Everything she tells you in the class is true, based on what she has found personally. I had read many books after my son Dustin, age 26, was killed in a car accident one year ago, but she is the one who explained these books in layman’s terms. She is a wonderful teacher who will give you explanations, show you how to look for signs and after-death communications and how to raise your awareness of the spiritual realm where our loved ones now reside. They are still with us. All we have to do is reach the next level with Jade’s help to find them.”

“How do I know this works? Consider this. At the beginning of class she always asks for our loved ones to be present. I had never met any of these classmates before. They were all from different states and countries. After one class, the same night, a classmate had a dream/ADC about Dustin giving me a gift of light. On the last class, another classmate heard a male voice talking on the phone call. Since he was the only male in the class, just who was this? He thinks it was Dustin visiting.”

“Amazing things happen when you open up your mind and believe. Our loved ones are not dead. They are just waiting for us to reach the level, they are now on, to contact us. They are always with us. Jade will show you how to do this and more.”

“I love this woman. She has taken away the unbearable pain of loss and replaced it with hope. God bless her.”
-Pat Koch, New Jersey

“This class delivers all it says it will, and more. You will not walk away disappointed. The information was very unique and what you learn in this class will be important, useful and inspiring.  I walked away from this class feeling like I could apply everything that was taught right away. I like how each week the class included some home play and communication with other group members. Having things to apply during the week helped me connect with what I was learning and make a lot of progress in my learning very quickly; and, I felt it opened doors for me to communicating with lost loved ones.”

“I also cannot say enough good things about Jade and her teaching style. You can feel in her teaching how much passion she has for what she is sharing, and she does an amazing job of making you feel “at home” in her classes. She is lots of fun and has a great sense of humor too; and, you will never meet a more available instructor.  She was always there to clarify, answer questions, and was involved with the group throughout the course.  She does a great job at facilitating your transition into becoming a “4D hybrid”.

“Great class, Great instructor. Thank you Jade for creating this class!”
-Crystal, Utah

“I have been Jade’s client for almost a year. Jade is unbelievably approachable and knowledgable. She has immense knowledge about birth, love, life, death and life-after death. She has been helping me heal myself. Had it not been for her in my life, I wouldn’t have survived my pain. That’s the power of her words.”

“The classes help you believe in yourself, identify the ADC’s, act as medium between your soul and your loved ones, and teach the different ways the communication is sent and received…. the list goes endless. Also, I got to meet a wonderful group of people during the classes, who made me feel that I was not alone in the world. Knowledge is earned and shared during these classes. Jade makes it clear in her classes that change is not going to come overnight but you have to diligently work and practice on the lessons received. This is the best example of transparency.”

“Due to an accident that broke my ankle and elbow, I couldn’t attend the 3rd session. Guess what, after every class, Jade sends the recording to your inbox, so no worries about taking notes. Hence you can completely concentrate on the class.”

“Every class is followed by a hypnosis therapy that heals your heart and soul. This helps us to wash off the negative thoughts. You feel more pure after every session.”

“Initially after Raj’s death I used to get dreams where he always said he is with me, but after few days, the frequency of the dreams decreased, leaving me feeling alone. But after attending the classes, I understand dreams are not the only way of communication and I started identifying all other means with which he is communicating with me.”

“Thanks a lot, Jade. Thank you is a very small word, but I pray God to bless you with a long, healthy and happy life.”
-Archana, India

“Thanks, and I am ever so grateful for this experience!”
-Karen, Colorado

“I’ve taken Jade’s class twice now.  It has helped me not to brush off events as just chance or circumstance. I feel that I can have a continuous colloquy with my loved ones who have crossed. I now am better able to identify their communications with me. It takes some work but is worth the effort.”
-Amy, Texas

“Thank you ! I loved the class but felt awkward at first as this is so new to me. Jade made me feel comfortable sharing and that was very healing. Jade is a special person and I would like to continue to learn from her.”
-Lynda, Alaska

“Just so enjoyed this class. I don’t ever feel alone. There are others grieving their loved ones and wanting to connect. Jade validates what you have been thinking and/or experiencing. She teaches you how to start to thinking about things differently. And she supports your After Death Communications. The camaraderie with the other students is a great part of the class. I will take any other classes she offers.”
-Kathy, Niceville, Florida

“I WOULD DEFINITELY take the class again! Everything about it was wonderful! I LOVE YOU Jade!”
– Bridgette, Louisiana