“Tell Laura I Love Her”

Laura shares a variety of interesting after-death communications received from her father, Maurice, who passed away in 2013, letting her know that he is always with her… even now.

Maurice "Mo"“My Dad passed away two years ago on June 4, 2013. We have had numerous visits from him. I know it’s him. We were readying his house for rent and he visited several times. Turned lights on and off. Flipped a breaker switch once when it should have never flipped. Turned off a radio we were listening to while working in his house. It’s an actual lever that needs to be pushed down to turn it off. I have seen blue butterflies that would keep hanging around me. My Mom has Alzheimer’s and no longer speaks intelligibly and the nurses at the nursing home said that on the morning that Dad died, my Mom said out loud, “I’m never going to see you again.” I’m pretty sure he visited to her before he left.”

“A day or so after he died, I went to his house and stood in the spot where the hospital bed had been and where he passed.  I felt this electrifying tingling sensation come over my whole body.  It started at my head and went down my entire body to my fingers and toes. I knew it was my Dad’s energy I was feeling.  It was like he was wrapping himself around me in a big hug.  That actually happened more than once at his house, but that day was the strongest!”

“I caught a scent of him while getting into my car on a cold windy day. I believe I have felt his touch several times. Lately, I’ve been finding random pennies in my house. There was even one in our bed between the sheets a few weeks ago!”

“This year on Father’s Day (a few days ago) we were riding our motorcycle through the mountains in Kentucky on a beautiful sunny morning. I was thinking of him and missing him and had my ear buds in listening to songs on my phone. I heard “Tell Laura I Love Her” (I was named after that song.) Then I heard “To a Sleeping Beauty” by Jimmy Dean. (He played that song for me the night before my wedding.) Well, I started bawling when I heard that one and told my fiance that my Dad was with us. And two songs later I heard “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by the Rascals. That song is so uplifting to me and it always makes me smile. And when I heard it, all I could do was smile and say, “thanks Dad.” He knew I loved that song. He instilled the love of listening to music in me. He always played songs for me when we would get together. I miss him so much! There is no mistaking the signs. He is with me always.”

Maurice and his Bride“A year or so went by and I had never dreamed of my Dad. I didn’t dwell on it, but it was bothering me and I know I voiced it out loud. One night a few months ago, I finally had a dream about him.  He was sitting outside in the sun in just a pair of jeans. No shirt. Looking tanned like he always was in summer. He looked so healthy and young!  So good. He looked like he did when he was in his 30’s. He died at 77.  I was so surprised and happy to see him that I was overcome with emotion. I threw my arms around him. His skin was so smooth and warm. I cried and told him that I missed him so much. He just said, “I miss you, too.”‘ And then I woke up crying. My face was wet with tears. This dream seemed so real. Like I had really seen him.”

“A couple of weeks ago he left me the brightest, most shiny penny on my bathroom counter. It was a heads up 2015 penny. My fiancé swears that he did not put it there and wondered if I had left it there.  I had not.”

“So last night while at my dad’s house to inspect it after the renters moved, we noticed that the renters did not take good care of the outside at all. There were sticks all over the lawn and weeds in the flowerbeds five feet tall. The inside of the house reeked like dog, etc. I commented to my fiancé that my dad was probably rolling over in his grave because he was meticulous about his home and yard. He would be very upset to see it this way. I went into the basement and there in the middle of the room was something on the carpet. It was an old, dirty penny lying heads down. Moments later I heard a loud noise upstairs. I went to see what happened and my fiancé said, “Mo’s here.” He went to open the cabinet hanging above the bathroom toilet and the whole thing just fell forward toward him off the wall. There was no evidence that it had ever been bumped before or fallen off before. It had been in the wall with mollies. We took both of these things as a sign that Dad was upset and to fix his house.”

Commentary- Electrical signs, the scent signature of a loved one, last goodbyes at the moment of passing and butterflies are all considered common signs of after-death communications, and so is the feeling of being touched. But when you turn to look at what’s touching you, nothing is there. Yet, you didn’t imagine it, did you? No, especially when you can still feel the touch, even long after you have turned to look. Speaking from experience, being touched by a formless being quite often feels tingly, like you are being touched by a ball of energy you can’t see.

Laura mentions the hug her father gave her right after his passing. The electrifying tingling feeling of being hugged all over. It’s true that spirit matter is energy, but we are also energy, as well. It’s just that our energy is dense enough to dwell in a physical body in this realm for a lifetime. A spirit body that has passed is not usually able to be contained in a physical body for long. And, why would they want to? But it is possible. Take for example an unusually friendly bird that comes to greet you. The same kind of bird that your loved one liked in life.  I imagine that, as a spirit trying to materialize in some way or form, it’s like trying to swim upstream. It is possible, but sort of goes against the flow.

Pennies! I have always heard Psychic Sylvia Brown say that pennies are a common form of after-death communication that indicate a loved one is trying to get our attention, I have heard many of these stories throughout the years, even had one myself; except it was quarters! I did a Google search to find out its origin and symbolism, but did not find anything solid. (Pardon the pun). Maybe copper can be manipulated easily. Or maybe, we have called it a “sign” for so long, it may now be what our deceased loved ones use as a commonplace method to get our attention. However it originated doesn’t matter, it is just a symbol. Usually coins are hidden away in a purse or pocket… or are in a common area on a table. It’s when you start seeing them in uncommon places that you have to wonder. For example, Laura found a penny between her sheets! Now, unless Laura and her fiance have been sleeping under the covers, fully-clothed, with purse and wallet and all, then I don’t see how this is possible. If you were a spirit trying to get someone’s attention, wouldn’t you put a coin in an unlikely place that would make them wonder? Wouldn’t that be fun? Enough of these moments and one could be convinced that it is a definite sign from beyond! If you do find one, don’t forget to notice the date, it could be meaningful.

Maurice was meticulous and took pride in his home, so when the previous renters destroyed it, he was not happy and wanted it restored to the condition it was when he had it. It’s funny that this time, the penny was old and dirty and was heads down; perhaps to register his displeasure, along with the cabinet that fell away from the wall. Can you imagine the show of displeasure he may have shown the renters while they lived there? And even more interesting… Did they notice?

Let’s not forget about music. This is a big one. On Father’s Day, Laura got a very special message from her father; “Tell Laura I Love Her.” It was even the song she was named after! And then, she heard two more songs exactly associated with her Dad! Being a music lover himself, he probably thinks this is especially fun. If Laura was not certain he had been trying to communicate with her already, how could Laura blow off these after-death communications. She couldn’t. He had her at flipping off the radio lever!

It is mysterious how our loved ones can manipulate music. Perhaps they whisper a request in the DJ’s ear and the DJ plays it, perhaps they know when a song is going to play at a certain time and they just need to get YOU there, or perhaps you are the only one magically hearing that song at that moment. But it’s funny, when it happens, you know it. It’s a feeling that you are being singled out with a message just for you.

Laura, needing assurance that her Father was still there after receiving no signs for awhile, asked him out loud. She received a dream in which he is seen in his prime, wearing the typical garb. He was 30ish, tan like he used to be and healthy. No longer the 77 year-old man he aged to be. You see, in this world of time, we age. In the world beyond, it appears as though we can be whatever age we truly are at our essence. See? Aging is only temporary. Aging is an important stage in our development that has the opportunity of teaching and evolving our souls. A tip: Growing old gracefully is the easiest way to go through this. Aging gives us the opportunity to see who we will choose to be (victim or victor) during this process of our lives and through some of the difficulties that can come with aging; sickness, disease, deterioration and the process of death. Like youth, aging is also an important season to learn from, assimilate and become proficient in. The upside to all of this is death; an actually rebirth into our next phase of existing and the youthful age of our soul’s essence. 

In Laura’s dream, she wakes with wet eyes and all the emotions felt for having just seen her Father once again. She realizes this was not “just” a dream, leaving Laura solidly reassured. Now sometimes, we ask for a sign, but it seems our request is denied. And as a result, sometimes, all of our “stuff” comes up, and we just end up feeling worse for asking in the first place. Be calm and peaceful, gracefully accepting what you get and what you don’t get. Keep asking without feeling rejected or that you know what’s best. We can not always see the greater perspective. At some point, you will get something. Faith is an important quality, although it is not always entirely necessary, it helps us to be graceful. 

Thank you so much for publishing our story.  My Father was a gentle soul and is greatly missed.

In Memory of Maurice

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  1. Awesome story. Love all the examples of communications and how they can happen in different ways. Thanks for sharing.

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