Tattoo with a Message

In an after-death communication, Megan was delightedly surprised when she found an image of her deceased loved one embedded in her own tattoo, that she so intentionally designed for her beloved grandma Connie. She could have only noticed it by taking a photograph of it from a particular angle. (Tattoo from normal angle)

Kelly, Megan’s mother writes:
“Tattoo is of cancer ribbon which says grandma Connie, two palm trees because she died on palm sunday , 2 pink flamingos and 2 calla lilies, becaused she loved those things, and the dates of her birth and death.”

“Took pic of tattoo with camera phone and then saw that tattoo clearly bears her image, much to our amazement.  This brings us tremendous comfort and thought sharing with others might bring them comfort as well.”

Commentary- Images of the deceased have appeared in a variety of ways, but probably most commonly, in photographs. The likeness of grandma Connie in Megan’s tattoo would have never been recognized had Megan not taken a random photo of it. Having the still image to look at, Megan’s memory was triggered and was able to make this connection.

Our deceased loved ones can appear to us in many ways. Sometimes in a dream, sometimes through the words of a song that’s playing and sometimes through a photo. Although these are just a few examples, there are a variety of creative ways our loved ones appear in this dimension to give us the message that, although we may think they are gone, our loved ones are somehow always with us. Why wouldn’t grandma Connie show up in the tattoo that Megan so intentionally created in her loving memory?


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  1. I’m not one for seeing things in stuff but I totally see that!!! I wish I was the one that originally saw it! My eyes are wide open.

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