“Stop Crying. See? I’m Still With YOU.”

In these visual after-death communications, Bridgette captures some images which let her know that her beloved mother and son, still live on in another plane.

Lady and Man

Lady and Man

Bridgette experiences after-death communications on a regular basis since her son, Durell, crossed over on January 26th, 2015, which was a year ago to the day of this post. Armed with her dogs, Man and Lady, her camera and her extraordinary faith and awareness, Bridgette manages to catch images in the successful attempt to connect with those from beyond.

Bridgette writes:
“I start filming when I feel Durell here, or when my dogs are looking hard watching something I can’t see. A couple of weeks after Durell passed, I had a really rough weekend. I sobbed hard for 3 solid days. That Sunday afternoon, my friend, Leslie, (who is the mother of Gian, the 7 year old I told you about that has seen my son several times), told me that she had a dream the night before. In the dream, Durell appeared to Leslie, who is Spanish and doesn’t speak fluent English. When reporting the dream to Bridgette, Leslie said, “Bridgette. Me dream of your baby. He no say nothing. He only smile. Me think he wants me to tell you stop crying.”

“Later on that night, I kept hearing an unfamiliar beep. I checked my phone. There were no messages or calls. I checked my tablet and when I opened it, there was a poem that a psychic medium had posted. I can’t remember the exact words, but I do remember one sentence that made me feel somewhat better. It read, “Stop crying. I’m still with you. ”

“But what really made me feel better than that was when I took my dogs out for a walk that night. It was right after reading the poem. I got 3 houses down and my dogs were sniffing around a bush. I was standing there sobbing. Then all of the sudden, the street light behind me goes off! I got the chills and turned around. “Durell? Is that you?” Then the street light came on again. I started to ask him yes and no questions and the light responded to me, in kind. I have lived on my street for 27 years and have never seen ANY of the street lights turn on and off.”

“Between the dream from Leslie, the poem and message from the psychic medium and the street light, I feel, no actually, I KNOW it was Durell telling me to STOP CRYING.”

“So while out with my dogs, for over the next month, I talked to the street light and I didn’t tell anyone. Then one night I was going to the store and saw a so-called friend at her mailbox who lives directly in front of the street light. I stopped to tell her “Hi” and told her about my communications with Durell, via street light and I explained everything that had happened. Within the next week, while trying to talk to him… nothing happened. The street light did not respond. The next time I saw her, I told her how disappointed I was that Durell wasn’t talking to me through the light anymore. Then, she told me that her husband called and had it fixed! I know some people believe and some don’t, but doing that to me broke my heart.”

“This is the street light. I have more videos of it but didn’t have my camera turned the right setting, so it’s really small.”

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“Then one night, I noticed my kitchen light flicker a little and I thought I needed to change the bulb. But then I started talking to Durell, through the light, just to see what would happen. The light started going crazy!”  Excited by this, Bridgette tells me, “I’m not changing my bulb until it doesn’t work at all!”

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Commentary- We all know that animals are far more sensitive to energetic frequencies than most humans. This is because their spectrum for perceiving these things is far more wide ranging. Every time Man or Lady starts looking at something in the room that Bridgette cannot see with her physical eyes, she picks up her trusty camera and let’s it roll.

Electrical connections such as lights are common after-death communications. They occur as flickering lights, as well as lights that go on and off for no apparent reason. Bridgette asked me whether the bulb in the light had to be an old one, needing to be changed or if it would also work on a brand new light too. Although it seems that it would work better on a faulty bulb or a light fixture with a faulty connection, it could still work on a brand new bulb or fixture. It just depends on what our loved ones from beyond can manipulate with their energetic field. In Bridgette’s case, her deceased loved ones seem to have this one down, for she has the proof of many after-death communications with light, captured on camera.

The following 3 amazing images below are only some which Bridgette has caught on camera, with the help of her dogs, that eventually revealed themselves in the image contents. 

This image is something that showed up on her wall, signaled first by her dogs. Bridgette recognizes the two in the image to be the faces of her deceased mother, along with her son, Durell. There is some spirit matter still showing below there faces that trails off into nothing. Next to the image of them on the right of the picture, in vertical capital letters on the wall, is the word, “SEE.” As if to show and confirm for Bridgette that her son, Durell, is not only safe and sound in the loving care of her mother, but both of them are still with Bridgette!


Momma & Durell, SEE?

Bridgette's mom

Bridgette’s mom











Below are just a few images of orbs, Bridgette and her dogs have captured in her home. If you click on the one on the right and enlarge this image, you might be able to see Durell’s face above and to the left of the nightlight, with some spirit matter. To me, it looks like he is wearing his hat and sunglasses. A very common look for him.


white orb

blue orb

Blue orb











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9 thoughts on ““Stop Crying. See? I’m Still With YOU.”

  1. So glad she shared her story. I have been having a hard time about my Son passing on, so I checked this site; and this story was here. Reminded me that they want us to be happy and want us to make it and finish out our mission here on Earth.

  2. Your gift for capturing the orbs and you ongoing communications with your son are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And thank you Jade for being who you are.

  3. Your after death communications seem to take many forms. It’s nice to know that you are not alone and your son is still visiting.

  4. I needed to read your story , know one believes me I can asked my deceased husband if he is with me, point to a street light and it will go off, for three years it happens at least twice a month , never the same time , but when I am really thinking of him , or need to know his still there ,my daughter does it too, her more often , they are with us. bless you

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