Still Rambling On…

In this after-death communication, we see how the decisions and choices of even the most stubbornly made-up minds, can be changed with the influence of a departed loved one, still existing in the realm beyond.

It was approximately two years before his death, that Lola’s husband, David, became preoccupied with the idea of getting a bigger and nicer, but more practical home for his family. To him, this meant purchasing a Rambler-style home, that eliminated the extra stairs of their tri-level home, with a big finished basement where his sons could spread out. But Lola, happy with the size of her current home, and the cost of the mortgage, didn’t see the need for anything more. In fact, if anything, she wanted to buy a smaller home with less of a mortgage payment.

From the time Lola met David, and all throughout the years of their marriage, she knew him as a quiet, but strong, in charge, no nonsense, macho-type man, who was insistent on getting his way. To illustrate this point, Lola shared an example. While watching television together, David had the habit of changing the channel many times, and sometimes, even within the same five minutes! Lola, having accepted the fact that rehabilitation was out of the question for her serial channel changer, learned to watch with patience, every and all the parts of the shows that David chose to watch.

David was proud of his family; he loved them and, naturally, always wanted to provide the very best for them. Committed to this end, David became increasingly insistent on finding this perfect Rambler-style dream home to better suit his family’s needs.

With his mind firmly made up, David took a reluctant Lola out to begin the search for this potential home. Of course, Lola, being a good sport, went along with David’s plan, secretly knowing she had no real intention of ever liking a home enough to say, “Yes.”

As time went by, David showed Lola many homes. But with each new home, Lola would shake her head and simply say, “No, I don’t like it.” This got her off the hook for awhile.

Then, on March 5, 2012, David, who was on a kidney donor transplant list, and expected to live for many months longer, began feeling sick. In the middle of the night, he woke Lola to tell her that his life was quickly coming to an end, and expressed an urgency to talk to family and friends, to say his last words.

In his last goodbye, David told Lola that he would try to help her from the “other side” if he could, and smiling, suspected that it might even be easier in the next life, than this one. It was only a few hour later that David passed away.

After David’s death, Lola’s eldest son, David Jr. told his mother that he would take over his father’s responsibilities as the man of the house. This was his way to show respect and take charge over the family his father left behind.

Six or seven months later, while David Jr. was surfing the internet, he called his mother into his room. With excitement, he showed his mother a home he had found meeting the requirements of his father’s dream home. Then, with the same insistent demeanor that his father once embodied, David Jr. was determined that he and his mother should start the search again. So… once more, Lola went looking for this Rambler-style dream home with her son, who ironically, picked right up where his father had left off.

They looked for a short while, but, again… Lola, not interested and not intending to buy a home, politely said, “No thanks” to each one.

A few weeks later, while her son was at work, the phone rang. It was the Realtor on the other end, excited to tell Lola, “I found your house! It’s beautiful and perfect for you, and I know this is supposed to be your house!” He also went on to explain that, being so beautiful and a fantastic bargain too, it would not last long on the market, so she needed to come immediately! So, Lola went to see it without her son.

When she arrived at the home, she was surprised. There was something about this home that she actually liked. It felt like home! When David Jr. got off of work that evening, he and his younger brother came to see it too. They even liked it. Then, after all this time of looking at homes she knew she was going to refuse, she was surprised that what came out of her own mouth next was, “Yes! I want it!”

To secure the house, Lola, her sons and the Realtor spent the next few hours, late into the evening, filling out the paperwork required to make the bid on this house.

That night as Lola lay in bed, she was struck with fear, as she wondered what she had done. Well, that was just the thing, she knew what she had done, but didn’t understand how she had done it. You see, for some strange reason, after responding to all these many homes with all her adamant “no’s”, this time, she was compelled to say, “Yes!” The confusing part to her was, that although the words came out of her mouth, it was just as if someone else said it! You guessed it, it was David, Lola’s departed husband!

Worried about the money, and being in her own right mind now, Lola said a prayer. In it, she said, “If this house is good for me in every way, then please let me have it. But, if this house is bad for me in any way, then please let it pass me by.”

The next morning, the Realtor called to say, “Congratulations! The house is yours!” Lola, who was stunned by the news, realized that David had just literally gotten in the last word on this!

In this after-death communication, it is clear to see that, as David was in life, he still is in the after-life. His continued strong desire to help, guide and provide for his family has not gone unnoticed. Although he was always a quiet man, his presence and intentions were very strong.

It is interesting to note that just before David’s death, he had a feeling or premonition that he was going to pass away within a matter of hours, even though he seemed healthy enough to live for many more months. In fact, he was so sure about this, that he wanted to wake everyone up in the wee hours of the morning, just so he didn’t miss the chance to say his last goodbyes.

And, just as David suspected before his death, he did find a way to continue to help, guide and provide for, what he viewed as, the well-being of his family. David did this by influencing the thoughts and actions of those instrumental in completing his unfinished business. It was important, to David, for his family to have this ideal home, even to the point of him blurting out a “YES!” from Lola’s mouth, leaving her wondering what had just come over her!

This after-death communication was subtle, but effective. How many times has a thought popped into our minds from out of nowhere, reminding us, or telling us to say or do something? How many times is it an image we keep thinking about? We think these thoughts are our thoughts, even though it was nothing we were thinking just moments before. Or perhaps our thinking involves a person or thing that has continued to weigh heavy on our minds, sometimes for days or even longer, causing us to finally take some action.

Lola’s husband is still guiding his family from beyond the grave. He even hangs out at home to watch television, too. There have been times when Lola was watching a show that the station was changed on a repeated basis, exactly as it happened when, an alive David, had control of the remote. 

The first time it happened. Lola was sure that her dog was sitting on the remote somewhere, until she looked over to David’s seat to see the remote sitting nicely on the arm of his chair. This hasn’t just happened in Lola’s presence, but also, in the presence of her niece and skeptical son. David is very insistent that his family know that he is very much alive and still with them.

Since Lola works very early in the morning, sometimes it is easy to over-sleep. Luckily, Lola has been woken up a few times by the sound of David’s voice, saying, “Wake up! You have to get in the shower! You’re going to be late!”

So… as in life, so in the after-life, with great care and concern, David is still rambling on, on the other side, as he continues to watch over those he loves.

And… as a side note, Lola has had no recent incidences of random television station changes ever since she started holding onto the tv remote. Now, David gets to watch what Lola wants to watch!


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