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  1. I recently lost my sister, I live out of state and I’m just so lost. My sister was able to put the phone up to her ear so I could say what I wanted her to hear… and that was how much I loved her, and I was going to miss her!! I am not sure how to grieve, I’ve lost both my parents, 10, and 1 3yrs ago. My grandma just passed 2wks before my sister. So I’m beside myself over my sister! I miss her so very much, the pain is different than what I had when I lost my parents. It hurts when you can’t say goodbye, kiss them goodbye, if I could of just seen her again. I hope to see her in a dream. Thank your time

      • Dear Suzanne. I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you. 🙂
        Yes. This message is from the loved ones from heaven for whomever happens to see it. When I sat down to write this last night, the message just came to me. I know that this is truly an After-death communication because when I began to write the message I heard, I noticed that the font completely changed by itself! I didn’t do that. I didn’t even know it was possible to have another font on word-press other than the one I always use, unless it is copied and pasted from an email using that same font. And I didn’t do that. So yes, it’s a message FOR YOU from your loved one from beyond. 🙂
        After I noticed the font rolling out in that beautiful cursive lettering, automatically, I knew I it was a message that I needed to quote. 🙂 I’m just grateful I was able to be the messenger. 🙂 Keep in touch, you are not alone. Blessings for comfort and peace.

    • Jade, I wanted to thank you again, I’m so grateful you were able to send me my sisters message, though I’m so list and trying to understand it and talk to her, I’m truly blessed. You are very special, you are a real angel god bless you and thank you for your support. Hugs. Suzanne

  2. Thank you for responding and giving me that message . I was so excited, but sad at the same time you know, just mixed emotions. I told my other sister who’s in the same situation about the message I received from Sherri in heaven. I told her contact you maybe there’s something. This was something tragic, and we are just lost and I hope she has her ways of letting us know she’s around. I hope she let’s Dee know , my daughter Bree and her kids. Thank you again

  3. My DEAR Jade,

    Today, I am unwrapping memories of my life with Carl. I feel like I will
    share our lives in a meaningful way.

    Thank you for your encouraging ways. AG hugs, Mary Ann

    Christmas blessings to you and your loved one.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful message. I was praying for a sign / connection from my loved one on chdistmas. During my meditation and prayer for this connection I had vision of a heart. When I woke up on Christmas morning I opened my Google news and this headline was the second story.. I clicked on this message and felt it was for me from my love, so thank you so very much!!

  5. Suzanne: I’m so sorry for you loss and grief – especially during the holidays. Give things time and I promise your Sister will reveal herself to you – probably when you least expect it. Continue to draw on Jade’s gift and knowledge. Know you are not alone – connect with Jade or one of us and of course pray.

    • Thank you 😊 Amy I will. You are all so wonderful! I’m very blessed to be able to get support from you all. Thank you so much.

    • Eric, I’m so sorry were you saying something? I wasn’t sure if I missed something. .I wasn’t on for a while, just depressed. I didn’t know if you were talking about Jades comment with cursive from my sister.

    • Missing you Sherri like there’s no tomorrow. Just when you think the pain is starting to ease, it comes right back and it’s something! My heart is shattered. .. the lump I get in my throat from trying to control my crying, my gosh it’s horrible. Always in my heart Sherri, and Loving you Forever Blobby

      • Dear Suzanne. All of us who have been through it can relate to such pain. Hugs to you. One really important thing I want to mention here to you and anyone else. When we are racked with such pain and sorrow, many times we try to control the crying, as you said. I guess we just think it will hurt so much more if we cry, OR… that we will never stop crying. But, the opposite is true. Every tear deserves to be shed for our loss. Eventually, the tears lessen with time and one day down the road, we will smile again for what we had. It’s vital that we feel the whole grief process. I promise, you will survive feeling it all and you will heal so much better. Sending you love and peace. Your sister is still with you. Never forget that. 🙂

  6. Thank you 😊 I’m trying Jade, I just needed a little extra boost, it’s all in your wording that’s so special. Thank you again Jade. Hugs

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