Still here…

Around 2 months ago when I was looking through my gmail, I noticed something strange about my thumbnail picture on the left hand-side of the screen. It wasn’t my picture anymore! As I put my cursor on it, it expanded the picture and I was able to see that, Christian'sGmailThumbnailalthough dark, it was a picture I’d seen before of Christian playing his guitar. This was a familiar site that represented him well.

Deciding to change it back to my picture, I clicked on the thumbnail photo and selected, “change picture.” Then, I went into the pictures on my laptop and chose the one of me I wanted. When I checked back on my gmail account, JadeGmailThumbnailit was my picture again.

It wasn’t until a week or so later that I put the cursor on top of my thumbnail picture with the intention of expanding it. When I did, there it was! Christian’s picture again in the expanded image!

After that, when I was on this site, I noticed that if I put my cursor over the “google plus” icon on the upper left side of the page, there was Christian’s picture also! I guess this is fitting, since this whole website/blog is pretty much inspired and dedicated to the memory of him. Having his picture show up was interesting to me. I guess this is just Christian’s way of telling me that he is always with me and a reminder that he is close by.

2 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. My husband died 18th November 2015 suddenly in his sleep.Me and my sons and grandson all have had dreams of him and in all of them he is been so good looking and healthy. He even told us, that `they` tricked him and that he is been complaining, so he now, according to him, can visit us any time and he has. Every night after we say good night to him he starts flickering table lamp and last night I woke up suddenly, because I heard his voice calling me saying `mamma`, and it was so real and loud and lamp light was flickering. I have also smelled deodorant and mixture of smells. I have accepted that he is gone and most of the time I am totally OK, but I know, that he definitely did not wanted to go, so I feel sad for him, even I know he is now in good hands and I hope that he is happy!

    • Hi Anna. Thanks for sharing your experiences.😊 For sure he is with you still, even though it is experienced by you in a new way. Glad you are getting these validations because they really help to reassure and heal.

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