Still Connected

Sarah shares a recent phone call after-death communication from her father, who passed exactly 5 years to the day.

image: pixabaySarah writes:
“Last night we received a phone call from my dad who passed away exactly 5 years ago. Our television, phone, and internet are all connected through the same cable service provider. So, anytime we receive a phone call, the phone will ring and the name of the person calling will appear on TV. At 5:40 pm last night the phone started ringing and on the TV the caller ID said: call from [my dad’s name]. The odd thing was that the number that the call was coming from was our own phone number. It’s not possible to actually call our own number. I was shocked and a little frightened so I didn’t pick up the phone. I let it go to voicemail. I waited fearfully for what I might hear. Then after our greeting and the tone, there was nothing – just silence.”

“What’s extremely odd is that the day and time of his call would mark the 5 year anniversary of his death. What is also odd is that he passed away at 5:40 am. The call came in at 5:40 pm. I wish I would have picked up the phone. I was just too shocked though. I wonder if I would have actually heard his voice.”

“My husband and I have tried to recreate the scenario but were unable to. When we attempted to dial our own number, we were simply taken to voicemail/voicemail set up. We dialed *69 after the call and the computer stated that last call was made from our own phone number at 5:40 pm.”

“I think this was a sign from my dad. It’s his way of telling me that everything is okay. Just 3 days prior to receiving the call, I had been very upset about some things going on in my life, and I was talking to my dad (as if he were still around) and crying. I asked him and God for a sign.”

“I believe that I actually received a sign. I’m truly amazed by the experience.”

Commentary- How is it possible that this could even happen? Well, it does.  Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and extremely difficult times in our lives are prime times to have a visitation of some sort. How is it that they even remember these pivotal dates or know that we need help? Well, somehow… they do. This does not happen in every case, of course. But in this case, all systems were “GO” for an incoming call from Sarah’s father at exactly the perfect time. 

Sarah wonders what might have happened if she had answered the phone while it was still ringing. I suspect a few things; there would have been dead silence, some sort of white noise OR she would have heard her father speak to her. But, it doesn’t matter that she didn’t pick the phone up that day. She still got his message. He wants her to know he exists somewhere, he is okay, he is there for her and she will be okay too. He is thinking of her and is aware of her; where she is, and what number to use to reach her. Basically, he is telling her that they are still connected, even if their connection seems distant and sparse, they are still connected. It wasn’t even that Sarah had to guess who was calling. It was clearly stated that it was her father on the caller id. She asked for help and there he was.

I can’t blame Sarah for being amazed. How this happens IS truly amazing and makes all reason stare off into space. Although she had asked for her father’s help, it wasn’t as if Sarah was sitting around thinking about how she was going to connect with her father by phone. No, it was something that happened to her when she least expected it.

Yes, Sarah. This is definitely a sign! And… a good one too!

a good sign

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