Still By Your Side

Just days after I got around to posting my last post, “Roses my love?“, which was an old after-death communication of Elisa’s from several months previous, she receives this new one, showing her that her beloved Eric, is still by her side.

Elisa writes:
“Dear Jade, I am so excited to tell you this. Two nights ago, I woke up around 4am, and went back to sleep around 5.30am. Then, I dreamt the following.”

“I was in a room with other people, and it looked like we were attending a course. I was seated at the front, next to another person. Then, the course leader asked if anyone wanted to take a break, and most wanted to. So they started to leave the room, except for me and the person I was seated next to.”

“Then, I sensed the presence of a person standing next to me and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look up and saw that it was Eric! It was Eric!”

“Then, he discreetly held my hand, he just held it, and we looked at each other without saying anything. He was clean shaven without his trademark facial hair anymore. I was surprised, but still we did not say anything – he just held my hands and we just looked at each other.”

“Break time was over and the other course participants started coming into the room. And Eric squeezed my hand and disappeared.”

“At 9 am that same morning, I was driving and feeling so good about my dream when I passed a car that just seemed to call out to me – not Eric’s, but his vehicle number. Like a confirmation that called out to me, to say, “Yes, that was me, Elisa.”

“Even though we didn’t say anything, I FELT the comfort and the love he was communicating to me, Jade.  And, I felt SO GOOD the next day. It felt so real!”

“But I was left with some questions like, Why was he clean shaven? That, I thought, was a bit curious but didn’t ask because I just wanted to bask in the moment. Why was he holding my hand so discreetly? Why didn’t he say anything? Why did he leave when people came back into the room? And… how do I tell if this is a real ADC or just a dream?”

“Jade, really…I felt his presence. Wow. I am smiling as I write this!”

“One more thing. As you know, I was hoping Eric would send me a sign or an ADC during my birthday, but I just did not see anything at all. You must have guessed how disappointed I was, and I was a little pissed at him too – like I would have been, had he still been in this physical plane. Then, I just let it go of it. Didn’t think signs or ADCs, but still,I thought, that either he was busy in the spirit world or I was being too emotional asking for a sign on my birthday. But this one ADC made up for everything!”

Commentary- When I got this from Elisa last week, I smiled. Oh, that feeling of getting a fresh after-death communication is so exhilarating, as well as healing too!

In her lucid dream, Elisa was attending a course called the “School of Life,” when a portal opened up, called recess. And there… behind Elisa, appeared beloved Eric, signifying that he has been with her and supporting her from beyond. In other words… he’s got her back!

Elisa wonders about why Eric discreetly held her hand. Well, with no one in the room, it wasn’t that anyone was likely to have seen him, with the exception of the student next to Elisa, who for some reason, could hang with the visitation. Might have been just an Earthling… but my guess is an angel or guide by Elisa’s side. Seems suspicious enough.

In life, Eric was a discreet person, as he seems to be still. That part probably wouldn’t change much. Eric’s facial hair, however… symbolizes that Eric has undergone a huge change or transformation, as his clean shaven face was certainly noticeable enough to get Elisa’s attention. This is another thing that stands out about this experience being an after-death communication. Having seen Eric many times in her life with his signature faciaI hair, I doubt Elisa would dream about him clean shaven, all by herself. Also, she was thinking in her dream, which is most characteristic of a lucid dream, and/or … after-death communication. But probably the most telling evidence that Elisa did, in fact, have a real after-communication visit from Eric, is… that she was left with an actual experience that something very real had happened. And… it made her smile for days!

It’s not unusual for a confirmation to come that our visitation was real. Often, our loved ones will validate that our encounter with them was no accident or coincidence. It usually comes in the way that Elisa received hers; a friendly reminder that seems to call out, “I’m still by your side.” And she knew it!

But one thing. Elisa wondered why Eric just disappeared when he did. You see, recess was over, the portal was closing, and it was time for Elisa to get back to her lessons. And, although no words were used to convey any particular message, it was not necessary as… the meaning was clear. The message was all about pure love. At the end of it all… what else is there? What else is there to say? Love says it all.

8 thoughts on “Still By Your Side

  1. That happens in my adc dreams sometimes. There are no words many times. I’ve attended classes in the Spirit Realm as well after my Loved One passed, even portals like Jade talks about. My first Son who passed opened a lot of gateways for me spiritually speaking. I found out more in this last year that I ever have in my whole life regarding spirituality and universal truths. Like quantum physics. I had no idea what quantum physics even was until after he passed. From what I now know physicists aren’t atheists.

    Lately I’ve been having dreams of my Son who Im going to give birth to shortly. I had dreams of my Daughter before giving birth to her. She looked just like she did in the dream. My dreams of my Son that Im about to give birth to , I was even given what his name is to be.

    Maybe this is Eric helping you advance too?

  2. Very sweet him being there and taking your hand and then sending confirmation the next day! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. I am so happy that you had this visit from Eric and that it left you feeling so good.

  4. Thanks for sharing this experience Jade…. I myself have had lucid dreams, in which i’m not sure if i am awake or sleeping. It allowed me to be in another world. Years ago i trained myself to do this, but i got scared so stopped from training myself.

    Now (15 years later), the lucid dreams sometimes come back. It’s hard to explain to people (so i usually don’t talk about it), because people want to make themselves believe that you were either “awake” or “heavily dreaming”, while being in a lucid state is neither of both and has actually allowed me to communicate with people that have passed away.

    As you can see i work for “Heart In Diamond” and we create cremation diamonds from ashes. I created one myself from my deceased wife. It makes my feel like she’s closer to me and i can talk to here whenever i want.

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