Staring Her in the Face

Marian receives her first after-death communication from her husband, Steve, who crossed over two years prior, in a most unexpected way.

Out on the town in Germany

Out on the town in Germany

While on our European river cruise this summer, I met some new friends. Marian was one of them. Like Mary Ann, I found myself marveling at how familiar Marian was to me. It was as though I had known her forever. We hung out in our little group; The 5 Musketeers- Marian, Dick, Mary Ann, Keith and me, as we ventured out on walking tours together throughout the beautiful cities of Europe.


With all my talk about after-death communications to others, I turned to Marian and asked, “Have you had one from your husband yet?” It had already been over two years since Steve had passed from this world. Sensing the sadness one experiences when feeling left out, Marian quietly said she hadn’t. “Well, it will happen.” I chime in optimistically. “It might already have happened but you just didn’t recognize it. Sometimes it’s just really subtle.”

IMG_4042_SensorDispensorIt was nearing the end of one of our Castle tours that Marian and I had to use the restroom. Finding our way back to it, there was already a line forming out the door. Waiting patiently and kind of half stuck between the outer door and the doorway to the actual toilet area was a small area with a sink, a mirror and a paper towel dispenser. I looked over at Marian to find her eyes locked on the writing on the lower part of the paper towel dispenser, Sensor. “Well, that was my husband’s IMG_4043_Sensoremail address!” “Huh? What do you mean?” I queried. “My husband’s name was Steve Ensor and his email address was Sensor@?.com. She stared for a minute, while I took some pictures for proof. (Of course I got a very strange look from the lady who was currently washing her hands in the sink below it.)


As I looked back at Marian, I could see on her face what looked like volumes of subconscious material rising to the surface with the realization that this really was an after-death communication and that he really was saying hello to her at that very moment. The puzzle pieces were coming together on some cosmic level. And yes, outwardly… it was a subtle sign, one that anyone could ordinarily miss, but she had never seen this before and we were just talking about her receiving an after-death communication from him. And there it was! Right in front of our faces. It was right in front of our faces because we were trapped right in that small area due to the line that had gathered, where we could not miss it!

I was happy to witness the change in Marian that day, more correctly though, the shift that came over her in the moment of her realization. Viewing it from my perspective, it was as though the heavens had opened up to Marian for that moment in which Steve could reach through to make contact. He did. And it was a beautiful day in the world at that moment.

Commentary- No one wants to be the one who never hears from their loved one from beyond, for it brings up so much of our “stuff” to the surface. For example, one might become frustrated or insecure, saying, “Why can’t we connect? What’s wrong?” “Does my loved one still exist?” “Is my loved one alright?” “Doesn’t my loved one still love and care about me?” And when hearing about others in a family or set of friends who have received after-death communications from their loved ones and are talking about them with so much relief, it tends to point to some sort of lack in the one who has not received even one.

But perhaps one of the worst experiences of lack that one can have with after-death communications is when other people are getting the after-death communication you think should have come to you! For example, let’s say your cousin or friend tells you that they got an ADC from your husband. Now, it’s bad enough if the cousin or friend has to relay a message to you from your husband, but it’s even worse if there was no message at all for you, and that he just showed up to them just to say something that seems frivolous to you like, “Hi.”

Depending on what the connections are in relationships, determine what set of insecurities rise to the surface as “stuff” for one to have to deal with. The bereaved are very vulnerable to pain and insecurity in their grief. It is important that we be sensitive to them as not to pile more sadness on them.

While this does happen, that our loved ones manifest in some way to others and not to us, and believe me, I hear about this all of the time, there must be a good reason for this, other than to cause us additional pain. Perhaps they can’t get through to particular people at the time. Perhaps it’s not the right time. Perhaps we need to learn something… Like trust. We can’t always know the reasons. 

Now I’m not putting Marian in the above categories, but there did seem to be a quiet hesitation as to why she had not heard from her love, Steve, the man she spent so many years on Earth with. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. And even though we are graceful about it, as Marian certainly was, it can still tend to make us feel sad and wonder why. 

I’m not kidding at all when I tell you that after-death communications could be happening all of the time, but maybe we miss them because some of them are just so subtle. What I am advising here is to look for evidence that your deceased loved ones are communicating to you, rather than looking for evidence that they are not. I know, you might look a little looney tunes to someone on the outside, but so what. Not everyone is a believer. But when it happens to the one seeking, it is such a relief to get some sort of validation or message that the ones who have passed are still with us.

Our loved ones are doing their best. If it were easy, it would be happening all of the time. And just as a side note, if it is up to me… IT WILL BE, with more and more people becoming experiencers, it will be hard to stop the momentum of it once it’s really strong.

The obvious after-death communication of Steve’s name staring her in the face meant that, in order for her to know that he was aware of his beautiful wife, she had to be put in the very place where she could see it and I could be a witness. She couldn’t have missed it, it was right there at eye level! What this means it that our loved ones look for opportunities to show us they are with us to the end. And in this case, Steve found it on the surface of a paper towel dispenser. Now it begs the question… Did Steve just happen to find this paper towel dispenser, all the way in some obscure Castle in Europe, to have Marian focus on, so she would know he was with her? I mean… was that the only place that particular dispenser was? Or… Was this created in the heavenly world before we came to Earth, as part of the blueprint of our lives with an eventual sign here and there for Marian… to run across at the most perfect time to show her, that she is not ever alone on her journey upon this Earth? Perhaps this is true for us too. 

Is this so far-fetched? Hey, if I were coming to the world of duality or opposition (which I have), I would certainly be saying, “Okay, I’m going to do this but only because I want to grow and develop my soul though experience, BUT, because of the nature of this world (scary and sad at times), I’m going to need occasional reassurances along the way to keep me going! Does anyone here have a problem with that? Okay, no? Great! So how about we write these things into our blueprints for Earth life, so we don’t forget who we are, what we are doing here and that WE ARE NEVER ALONE ON OUR JOURNEY, even though many times we think we are? Okay, good idea? Thanks! Yeah, well let’s do this then!”

Now whether this actually happened for Marian or anyone reading this, it’s up to you to say. But it happened for me in one particular way that I’m aware of. I know that I could not come to this world if I had to be completely cut from my heavenly home. Some souls are too sensitive to be without as least a small piece of their heavenly home. And I believe this is also true for each and every one of us, for… we are so loved.

But… what if encouraging signs intended to move us forward in life are always around us? What if we started looking a little more and a little longer with that in mind? When we are present to each moment of NOW, synchronicities happen all of the time. Why? It’s because we are presently listening and looking for them to happen, so they do.

Receiving an after-death communication can really make a difference, for those of us living away from our heavenly home. It can restore a little piece of the heaven we had here on Earth with our loved one while they were still with us, as well as, a little bit of heaven to look forward to when we finally return home again. 

Recently it was the 3 year anniversary of Steve’s passing. Marian misses him so much. No doubt though that Marian’s husband, Steve, is still watching over her in her day to day life, as he lovingly guides her from beyond. She has had two more after-death communications from him. She now says, “I am a believer!”

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  1. I’m so happy for you Marian, I can’t even imagine how you felt, but I’m new to the group and I’ve been keeping up and praying for everyone. I think we chatted last month , that’s when my sister passed away. Anyway I’m very happy for you and God bless all of you and especially Jade she has that special touch to bring you up when you feel like you’ll never be normal again. Today is actually 1 month my sister Sherri has been gone, feels like a lifetime. My sister Dee is having a hard time and my heart aches for her Jade.. I cry for her and myself, we’re just lost. So I told her about you and how everyone welcomes you and their hearts go out to you and you end up talking to others and grieving with others. Wonderful people, so I’m hoping my sister Dee gets in touch. Thank you again for everything, God Bless, Suzanne

  2. I am so glad for Marian. It must have been such a comfort to her to have her husband contact her like that. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh Jade. You are a beautiful writer. Thanks so much. I’ve had another powerful experience. I’ll tell you soon.
    My tears flowed and I can hardly see to write you.
    Dick is not doing well. He has many health issues. I talked to him yesterday.
    Hugs and love to you and Keith

    • Yes, please tell me about it. I’m so excited to hear about it. 🙂 Glad you like this post. Hugs and love to you too, my dear friend.

  4. What a cute story. It just goes to show that there may be a lot of communications staring us in the face, that we miss in the middle of our day-to-day normal life.

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