Spirit Sensitivity: Gift or Curse?

In this after-death communication, Celynda is warmly greeted at the cemetery by her Grandmother, only after to be coldly greeted by something else. This post explores how to handle unwanted entities.


Celynda’s Grandma

Celynda writes:
“I had an experience while visiting my Grandmother’s grave at the cemetery. First, I stopped to see my Grandfather who passed October 1, 2006. Afterward, I visited my Grandmother who passed more recently, September 19, 2012. As I was standing over my Grandmother’s grave, I felt a strong presence holding me. It was the most beautiful, warm and amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life! It felt like she was trying to tell me something or that she knew just how much I needed her…  as lately I’ve been under a lot of stress. She always made me feel so important and would brag to all her friends about how successful I am and how I’m going to be a Doctor.”

“I got in my car after I felt her stop hugging me. I was so happy. Then, while still sitting there while I was getting ready to leave, I saw something dark quickly pass by on the outside of the passenger side of my car. Then, it passed by on my side. I left after that. I’ve always been sensitive and would see things while I was growing up.”

“During my pregnancy, (my daughter is now a one-year-old), I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a white shadow (cloudy image) that looked like one of my Grandparents. I asked, “Who are you? What do you want?” Then, it faded away. I didn’t feel threatened; it was definitely a peaceful presence.”

“More recently, my daughter woke up in the night, screaming at 12:00 am. So I walked around with her a little until she fell asleep. As I laid next to her, I could feel a bad presence in the room. When I looked around, I could see a dark shadow. All of the sudden, it felt like something was holding me down. The pressure was mostly on my head and I could hardly move my hands. I screamed for my mom and her fiancé because I was spending the night at their house. I banged on the wall. The crazy part of this is that their room is next to mine, but they couldn’t hear me. Sometimes, I feel that being this sensitive is a gift. Other times, I feel it is a curse.”

Commentary- Although Celynda met her Grandmother in the cemetery, over her grave, she could have just as easily met her anywhere. There is a long time tradition of burying our dead in the ground for a variety of different reasons. Some of them include; respect, burial rites, dust to dust traditions, and religious beliefs that one’s soul could better reach the afterlife of the underworld by being buried in the ground, and are therefore; part way there. Then, there are some people’s belief that one’s eventual ashes could reconstitute in original physical form, to rise up in a resurrection of an afterlife that happens to exist in the other direction, known as the heavens.

Whatever the rites, beliefs, traditions listed above, or the many other scenarios not covered here, the fact that remains is, the physical body once laid to rest in that grave, will eventually become, as they say, “dust to dust.” The good news is that our loved one’s souls and spirits do not actually rest in their graves, our loved one’s souls and spirits now rest with us.


Celynda with Grandma

It’s true, a quiet gravesite makes an excellent place to get away from the distracted world of the living, to pay our respects to our lost loved ones. And, because it is a peaceful place, dedicated to the peaceful pondering of our thoughts and feelings about them, it can be a great place to receive a visitation from our loved one, too. And in this case, Celynda was able to connect with her Grandma with an energetic hug in a way that completely rocked her world! She called it, “the most beautiful, warm and amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life!” That’s something noteworthy, for sure, and something Celynda will never forget.

Shortly, after this extraordinary light-filled experience, Celynda experienced the darkness. As I have said many times before, we live in a dualistic world. In this place where learning is achieved through contrast, there are light and dark, good and bad, peace and despair, love and hate, trust and fear, and so on. In this world of opposites, opposition exists. Just as there are light beings, there are also dark beings, as well as everything in between.

If you are a person who is energetically sensitive, like Celynda, it doesn’t take much to be aware of all kinds of things that others cannot even begin to perceive. Whether or not you want to, you are apt to notice this wide range along the light/no light spectrum. Celynda mentions that she has always been aware of both and that; sometimes it’s a blessing, then, at other times… it’s a curse. 

At some point, for someone like Celynda, it may not be a question of how to handle the light ones, it will be a matter of how to handle the “dark ones.” Believe me, unwittingly having had my own experiences with dark entities in the past, I know first hand that they exist. And while I don’t even like talking about the subject, it is important to address here, because it can happen. Although there exists both extremes in our reality, what you focus on matters. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to avoid the “dark ones.”

  • Don’t give your energy to what you don’t want in your life. If at all possible, avoid derogatory people who have nothing to contribute but their negativity. How many times, after being with such a person, do we walk away feeling disempowered? Many times, we can instantly recognize these folks by their demeaning attitudes and demeanors. They simply cannot hide it. And, while these people have the right to be this way, (given the light and dark thing), it doesn’t mean that they don’t attract dark energy around them. They certainly don’t attract light energy to them! Just love them from a far!
  • Watch out for energy vampires.  Although they are actual people, and many times, benign, they have an uncanny method of sucking the energy (life force), right out of a person, leaving one physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically weak, confused and/or depressed. The result can be unprotected areas for negative thought forms and entities to make their home.
  • Avoid negative thoughts and actions. A thought form is just that; a repetitive thought brought to life by focused attention. Negative thought forms are products of our own creation and, without ever realizing it, they mostly affect the one creating them and the people closest to them.
  • Don’t entertain what you don’t want in your life. When one is at the point of entertaining something, an invitation has already been extended. If one doesn’t want dark energy to enter their personal sphere, they must avoid things with dark energy attached. This could include- disturbing shows, movies and images. Also, dark thoughts, feelings and disrespectful or demeaning conversations about one’s self and others. You have the power to un-invite anything through your will and your words. Make sure you say it like you mean it!
  • Don’t act like prey. Some of these darker entities look for weaknesses to exploit, such as dependencies, addictions, fear, low self esteem, mental/emotional pain, as well as depression and/or other oppressive diseases, imbalances, moods, attitudes and emotions that leave one feeling helpless, hopeless, out of control and wide open for destructive exploitation and abuse. Living life as a victim is a sure fire way to attract dark and oppressive energies our way. Many times, in all our efforts to repeatedly try and fail in life, we have given up our own power and will, because we have become tired, beaten down, resigned and cynical. Remember, in a world of opposition, in order for there to be a victim in this world, there has has to be a perpetrator or “evil doer,” as well. And… it’s a good thing that, with time and awareness, we are able to change our perspective about the way we see things.
  • Despite the pain and ugliness that exists in this world, don’t give up. There are horrible atrocities that go on in our world on a daily basis. Some of us, or our loved ones, have been exposed to horrible people and/or things that would make any ordinary person, living an ordinary life, cringe in fear and disgust to know that these atrocities even exist. Yet, they do exist. Unfortunately, this too, is a part of our world; the ugliness, as well as the beauty, the pain, as well as the pleasure. And, this is the nature of this dualistic world to which we belong, as we attempt to live within the opposites of this opposition.  In the face of the helplessness and hopelessness of one’s fear and pain, we could easily relinquish our power, and get sucked into the darkness, only to be consumed by it. Or… we can become an agent of light, and one who serves to illuminate the darkness with the light. Although it may not seem like it, at the time of our greatest hardships, there is always a choice about who we will be in the face of it, and which we will serve; the dark or light. Viktor Frankl is a great example of this. Viktor Frankl was a Neurologist/Psychiatrist who, for a period in the 1940’s, was imprisoned in Auschwitz concentration camp. Viktor learned the importance and power of finding meaning in every form of existence, even unbearable ones. Amazingly, instead of allowing himself to be victimized, he looked at every situation as something that he could learn from, thus, not giving up, but making life a reason to continue living.
  • If it’s light you want, engage only with the light. Consciously give your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy to the light. Meditation, prayer, spiritual practices that raise your vibration, uplifting and positive thoughts and conversations are important, as are compassionate service to others and self. At some point, even find a way to make peace with a painful past; what you did or did not do; what was done to you or wasn’t done for you. In doing these things, you will begin to feel much lighter. Why would a dark entity want to hang around the light when it might be exposed? Although it is possible that darkness could change and move in the direction toward light at some point, it probably wouldn’t be a sudden change… unless it occurs in the form of spontaneous enlightenment.
  • Fill yourself with light and love. Visualizing and imaging white light filling you up and circling around your body like a bubble is a great way to start. Add some love in there for good measure. You can even practice “being” the embodiment of love and light itself. “Fake it ’til you make it!” There are much worse things a person could do with their time on this Earth.
  • Live in the light. Being honest, truthful, transparent, having personal integrity by making amends to yourself and others. Although forgiveness for wrong doings committed against one’s self or one’s loved ones can seem unacceptable and unthinkable, taking vengeance is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.
  • Practice love and trust, over fear. Surround one’s self with good and positive people, things and thoughts. Don’t let the dark beings scare or intimidate. Our fear is their food. If something uninvited shows up, don’t entertain it. “White light” yourself, or whatever you do to raise your vibration, and move on if possible.

As with physical people on this planet, there will always be extreme examples of those who are living in the “light” versus those who are living in the “darkness.” There is also the possibility of everything in the range between. Some neutral life forms may be rather curious about one’s light. An example of these beings could be “inter-dimensional beings.” Many of these beings are benign. One probably wouldn’t even notice them. There are those on the darker side that see an opening and just want to mess with someone, or worse; to exploit them in some way or live vicariously through them. This is the reason for many addictions that are difficult to break. Then, there are the worst ones of all. Those unhappy nasty beings that would ruin lives. If this is a serious problem, one might need to get some outside support and strength for assistance. This may include a number of ways that serve to un-invite, and actually “boot out” dark entities. No doubt, your belief system, (religious, spiritual or otherwise), may play an important part in the success of this.

Whether it’s the “light ones” we love, the “neutral ones” we may not notice, or the “darker ones” which we may notice and sure wish we didn’t, it’s important to realize that these beings have always been here in some way, shape or form. Like anything else we’ve lived side-by-side with in the physical world, and may have liked or not liked, (Think: annoying mosquito, no see um bugs and yellow jackets), these other-dimensional/inter-dimensional beings have always existed in the non-physical, too.

So while Celynda is sensitive enough to experience both extremes of the spectrum, and I’ll admit, that last experience at her mom’s house must have been terrifying to her, STILL… it’s amazing that she felt her Grandmother’s love and support in the form of an energetic hug, which she badly needed at the time. And… on top of that, it also rocked her world!

So spirit sensitivity: gift or curse? All things considered, I’d say it’s a gift to even be able to be aware of such things. The nature of reality is a fascinating subject to explore. One thing is certain to all who have experienced these things… it sure sheds a whole new perspective on reality.

At the very end of it, I tend to be the optimistic and say that it’s all about the LOVE and LIGHT! Why? Because even fear and darkness have the potential of changing their minds to become such. It is only a matter of choice, because it is always a matter of which perspective you are choosing to look from; dark or light. And with this possibility… enlightenment could occur at any moment.

And, as always… May the Force be with YOU!

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  1. i went to visit a friends grave as i was standing there i felt being hold with a strong force can you explain this to me who was it

    • Hi Carl. I am really busy on the site, but I can answer a few of your quick questions on email. Jade@griefandmourning.com is my email and an appropriate place to ask these questions. If you want to talk to me at length though, you will have to book a session with me for my time. A lot of the questions people want to ask me are already written about in my posts. I would refer you there, first. 🙂

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