My latest after-death communication from Christian occurs in the form of a “sighting.” Lynda and Shubhika share their sightings too.


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It was around Christmas that I had an unexpected surprise while riding in the passenger seat of a car headed to the store. As we drove en route to one store, passing by another one, it happened. It was dark outside but I just happened to casually glance out the car window into the well-lit store and saw Christian at the register! It really was Christian!

Clearly, I saw him. He was at the front of the store, talking and smiling. Christian was so friendly, he spoke and smiled at everyone.

As if perfectly preserved in time, for that very unexpected moment when I would casually glance in his direction, there he was and the shock of it was startling! He looked exactly how I remembered him. I recognized the clothes he used to wear, his hair, his face, his big beaming smile and his tall and slender body. Everything about him was right.

Naturally, I did a double take because I was so surprised. Almost 7 years after his passing, I was not expecting to see him… especially at the checkout counter. (I mean, it’s not like he would be buying anything at Ross for Less, right?) Quickly, as this sighting registered in my brain, I blurted out to the driver of the car, “I just saw Christian!” He was as solid as he could be at approximately 30 feet away.

When I shouted this, both of us thought to turn back to get a closer look, for we both knew him well. But something stopped us. For sure, he would have been headed out the door by then and we could have gotten a better look, just to prove or even disprove my sighting. Or… maybe, just as we would have turned around, the winter night fog might have swallowed him up, making it impossible to see. But… I didn’t need to check. I am long passed the days of needing the proof. I knew what I saw… and it made me smile at the sighting of him.

In other accounts, Lynda and Shubhika have written to tell me of some sightings of their own.
While Lynda was at the first hockey game for the co-ed team that she and her husband once played on together before his passing, she spotted her beloved, Jason, skating on the ice. Something he loved to do! Wondering about what she saw, she says, “I’m not sure if this could be classified as a sighting or my imagination. He wasn’t solid, but it was definitely him!”

Shubhika lost her best friend in April of 2015. She had fallen from a 2nd floor of her house. She was in a coma for a year before she passed. Shubhika recalls about seeing her best friend, “Sometimes I see her while traveling in the metro, sometimes in the market, sometimes while crossing the road, in college. But when I go near and see if it’s her, it is someone else.. Every time I see her my heartbeat is so fast and I go in a flashback of memories with her. So many times it happens. And, strangely, it did not happen right after her death, but started 2-3 months after. I miss her terribly. Am I hallucinating or imagining things because I’m missing her? OR is it that she is trying to communicate with me??

Commentary- While I’m not going to rule out that hallucinations are completely possible, what I am going to say is that it is possible for spirits to materialize. Although this might seem strange to some, there are records of these mysterious manifestations happening throughout history, letting us know that we are never alone. (Oh, and by the way… spirits can create hallucinations for us too).

Some sightings are as solid as can be, as in Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s experience, and some are rather transparent. In either case, such manifestation are considered to be caused by higher vibration entities slowing vibration down enough to be seen through materialization.

Physical beings experience their world within a certain range of frequency. Within this range, we hear, see, and use the rest of our five senses that give our life and world its meaning. When a non-physical being breaches our physical realm, it’s because they temporarily are dwelling in our frequency and we are able to witness it. 

Now, having said this, it is possible to see the non-physical beings through the lens of our spiritual eyes. But this is mostly about those who are experiencing it, for they themselves have gone beyond their 5 sense world.

There are many stories of sightings. The interesting thing is that although people wonder about their imaginations, they know what they saw, it’s just that the human brain doesn’t always know how to make sense of it. But the great thing here is that, even if your sighting is hallucination, imagination, actual or spiritual in nature, it doesn’t matter. Believe your experience. It happened and it’s not always up to us to say what form it should take.

The important thing is… if the sighting is comforting, soothing and brings a smile to one’s face, than it’s more than likely an actual or symbolic visit from your loved one, who has come to remind you that they are still with you, and involved with your life.

14 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. Dear Jade,

    I have subscribed to your newsletter and have been reading the posts. I would like to know if we meet our loved ones when our time comes.

    with warm regards,


  2. Christian was a beautiful soul and I miss him lots. It’s nice to know he is till around and smiling.
    Thank you all for sharing your stories.

      • One hundred per cent. It would save an awful lot of grief, sadness and worrying if we were allowed to know – maybe that will come in more incarnations 🙂

        • Here’s a secret for everyone. It can come at any time we choose to know. Many incarnations later, or even right now, this only happens when we say. Cause in the end, and when it does happen… it’s us who comes to that conclusion. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the sightings, Jade. A few days before you posted this I saw my uncle in a car about to cross through and intersection. Didn’t think much about it but it is a nice reminder that they are always with us.

  4. Hi Jade, what a fantastic surprise to see Christian! I’m so happy for you! I as well saw my brother walking along the pavement as I was driving the other day. My brother (Neil) passed away 20 years ago this year. He cut a very distinct tall figure, walked with a particular gait; had crinkly mousy hair. Think Gordon Lightfoot. I have never before seen anyone, even vaguely resemble him & It was him! I felt so mesmerised by the whole experience!

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