“See How You Are?”

Many years ago, my dear friend Kevin used to say to me… in a non-judgmental way, of course, “See how you are?” I think Kevin was trying to point out how I was being at the time, as well as trying to get me to be present long enough to see from a new perspective. Of course, it could have been something he said to everyone. Though it was probably that I was being annoying in some way at the time and he wanted me to notice so I could do something different. But, it did cause me to pause long enough to see how I was being in the moment; thus, creating some new awareness.

Since Kevin’s sudden passing, close to 30 years ago, Kevin’s Journey to the Light, I have always remembered that saying. He was the only person I ever heard say it. I liked it so much I started saying it as well, causing others to pause while looking at themselves too. Of course, it is always possible that they didn’t… but instead… just wondered about me or the question itself. That’s good too, even that may have created a new perspective and more awareness in the world.

Recently, I was thinking about near-death “life reviews” or… Kevin’s comment, “See how you are?” I’m not sure which came first, but the important part of this story is that I made an important connection between the two. I realized that the “Life Review” many people have during a near-death experience, where your life flashes in front of you, is actually the ultimate “See how you are?” moment, in which we get to pause for a look to see how we’ve been being in our lives. We get perspective and being confronted with this reality, we probably gain a whole new awareness. Nothing reveals us more completely than an objective look in life’s mirror.

While hearing and reading about these near-death “life reviews” throughout my life, I’ve noticed that, as with the non-judgmental tone that Kevin took with me, these reviews do not seem to be presented in a judgmental or punitive way. But these “life reviews” do seem to have an important purpose, as the scenes of our lives and the positive and negative impact we’ve had on others, play out before our spiritual eyes revealing ourselves to ourselves as we watch. Like I said before, maybe it is only given for us to notice. Maybe it is just about perspective. Either way, IT IS about gaining awareness. One thing I’ve noticed; it does seem to measure something or why would it exist? What would be it’s purpose?

Perhaps this ultimate “See how you are?” moment serves more as some sort of awakening… like an awareness we are brought to that allows us to know whether we will reincarnate to Earth life again – for more soul development and lesson learning… OR whether we are ready to move beyond it to the next great adventure. Just a thought. I mean… eternity is a long time. What else would we be doing with ourselves?

“See how you are?” Pause to take a look… and maybe even gain some new awareness. You just might want to try something different NOW. Because when that time finally comes, and it is your “life review”, you’ll get to experience the ultimate “See how you are?” when you see how you’ve been. It’s not a bad thing, we just don’t want any Earth shattering surprises from not having looked yet, do we?

We’ll see when the time comes. But you might as well be prepared.

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3 thoughts on ““See How You Are?”

  1. I love this and you are 100% right! Since my mom passed I’ve had a lot of those “see how you are” moments! She was a person with a huge heart and love for everyone. To bad I didn’t realize her gift until after she passed. After listening to stories from people she had helped through the years I was truly amazed! I kept thinking, I had no idea… This caused me to look at my life and question how I could be like that, how I could pay it forward as she had done her whole life. When I started thinking about who I was, where I had been, what I had done I realized that I wasn’t even living life. I was just doing what I had to do to get by. For once in my life I had finally woke up and realized there is so much more I need to do to be a good person like her. All of a sudden I started noticing nature, paying attention to the small things that I had never noticed before. I didn’t even realize night air had such a wonderful smell! Who was I? I was a person who slid by life, bitter, selfish and sometimes unkind. Unlike the pure spirit woman who raised me. Who am I now? I am a daughter who wants to love, I am a mom who wants my children to experience a mother as I had, i am a human being who realizes that everyone has something good in them. I am also a person who has discovered my own soul and realize that you need to let your soul lead the way to happiness. A broken soul sees and feels everything and sometimes it takes a broken soul to realize what life is really about.

    • Hi Keshia,
      Thank you. 🙂
      What you are now experiencing is an awakening and the possibility of being your greatest self. Many times the death of someone causes this in us. This is one of the gifts our loved ones leave behind for us. And, it is the greatest gift they can possibly give to us. That’s awesome, Keshia.

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