Running With the Bulls

On a recent trip to my dentist, Dr. Clint told me about an experience he had, just a few weeks earlier.

Having been on the “bucket list” of one of Dr. Clint’s old High School friends, his buddy suggested that he, Dr. Clint and another High School friend go on an adventure to Spain.

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So now, in their mid 40’s, Dr. Clint and two old best friends took the plunge, when they flew out to Spain in July to go “Running with the bulls!”

All dressed in the appropriate “bull-running” attire, Dr. Clint and his two friends waited on the narrow street for the bulls to catch up to them, so they could have the harrowing experience of running along side of these ferocious beasts… that is… if they didn’t get maimed by one or more!

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Although the whole run, with over 100 participants and 12 bulls, lasted only 4 minutes, Dr. Clint said it was the most terrifying, but best 4 minutes of his life! By the time they ran down the narrow street that corralled them into an arena, Dr. Clint and his friends thought they were finally “out of the woods”… or “streets”, should I say, and wanted to hop the fence to leave, but both police and Spaniards alike, shoed any participants wanting to get out, off the fence, and back into the arena!

That wouldn’t have been so bad, I guess, except the bulls had also been let into the arena too, and as one of Dr. Clint’s friends glanced over, he found the eyes of a bull locked upon him. Having had enough, at this point, Dr. Clint started to panic and hopped the fence anyway, while his two other friends took their chances in the arena with the bulls for a little while longer.

Knowing how adventurous I can be, Dr. Clint knew he could tell me about his adventure with the bulls, and more importantly… that I would “get” it. “But”, Dr. Clint added, “There were many people, who wondered out loud. Don’t you see how dangerous this is? People have gotten seriously injured. Why would you willingly choose do this?”
Why would anyone choose to do this? Perhaps they would have to be right out of their mind!
That’s right, it’s true! Too often we go through life doing our normal daily routine. So routine, in fact, that we don’t even have to be present anymore… let alone conscious!!!! With our automatic pilot set in the “on” position, we drift through the days, weeks, months and years of our lives without actually being present in our lives, until something out of the ordinary happens… and we are forced into a conscious awakening, at least for a little while… I’ll tell you more about that in a minute…
But… as Dr. Clint was telling me his story, I couldn’t help but see the excitement on his face, as he completely recreated the event, right before my eyes! There was new life in his countenance as he tried to explain how this experience had already transformed him in ways he could not yet, completely comprehend. He only knew enough to say that he was very much alive again, and glad to be present to the miracle of LIFE!
When we follow our day to day, “business as usual” routine, we develop a very strong pattern for how we experience life. It’s actually called a “brain pattern.” When we live inside this limited version of what we already know in our own heads, life, and the people living in it become very predictable. So predictable, that we could practically navigate our environment, along with the folks in it, very easily, while half or completely asleep! So it is, that our usual habits, beliefs and preferences give us “our life”,  only… it is “our life” inside our brain, and to us… everything outside our brain pattern is some version of weird, wrong and/or scary!
But what makes us think we are really living?
If you were paying attention, you would know that our brain patterns dictate our experience in life! In other words… our brain pattern determines the perspective we have on life! Did you get that? Our brain pattern gives us the experience of our lives!!!! The sad thing is that many people disregard most everything else out there, (outside their brain pattern, that is) and don’t even know the fullness of a world that actually can exist, and that life is simply and irrevocably a living miracle that we will never completely comprehend or appreciate.
So, when asking if Dr. Clint was out of his mind to be dabbling outside of his own brain pattern? I say, “YES!!! He certainly was when he was transformed by this experience that made him feel more alive, than he had in years!” In fact, he was so out of his mind, that the others who were in their mind at the time, could not even begin to understand why he would ever do such a thing!
So, for awhile, Dr. Clint and his two friends were able to escape the confines of the “same old, same old”, that we call the human brain pattern, for awhile. From doing so, their experience of life has become richer and more expanded. But… even though their brains had never experienced anything of the like before, it will only be a matter of time until this real-time 3D experience will integrate into their brains to become nothing more than just a mere memory of something that once happened to them.
Sad, isn’t it?
Well, not really. The new transformation that had been so foreign to the understanding of Dr. Clint and his friends, at the time, will eventually and literally become an actual part of him… his brain pattern… so nothing is ever really lost.
If life is Ho Hum, and you are in a rut… you might consider venturing out for some magic. What I’m really talking about is getting out of the safe predictability of your head for a while! Get out there and shake it up a little bit! You may come away with a whole new expanded view of life, yourself and others! And,… if you’re lucky… you may become present to your life as a continuous stream of miracles!
Have a wonderful adventure!
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  1. Love this story! So true~ getting out of your brain pattern and experiencing something entirely new can be quite a magical experience! Thanks for the reminder Jade! xox

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