Our Struggles

strugglesOur struggles. Not always fun, but necessary… or we would never grow, develop and evolve into what we could eventually become.

It is within our greatest struggles that our greatest growth is realized. We find a way…. simply… because we have to. It is our nature to do so.

But….. thank goodness for the good and easy times! It’s funny…. when we are experiencing those times, we think they will last forever. I mean, how could life get any better than when we are having those beautiful moments? In those moments… they couldn’t.

Unfortunately, there are other moments too. These are the moments of struggle. Sometimes… we think those times will last forever too! And sometimes we are certain that they will!

The experience of our personal and collective development here on Earth, is based on Growth, then Glide, Growth, then Glide. I’m thinking… I like the Glide much better! But… how could we get to such high places and learn what they teach us without visiting the low ones…. at least ….once in a while? We just couldn’t.  So really, in one way you could say we exist in the Earthly school of Yo-yo experiences. You know, up… then down. Calmness… then chaos….. struggling, resisting and trying to navigate our way through it all in once piece.

I was wondering…… what would happen….. and what would be possible if we could take our “blissful moment” experience and bring it into the previously “not so blissful” experience of our new struggle? And …. would it still be called a struggle?

I know, I know…. easier said than done. But what if we could outsmart the “struggle attitude” that the “Growth” part has to offer us, and develop and evolve into some sort of “Eye of the Hurricane” type being that is impervious to having a negative attitude about it. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Everywhere you go, everything you do, and whatever is happening, your whole experience of life is viewed from the perspective of the eye… or I, within the hurricane. Or even better……  the eternal stillness that trusts the outcome of everything! Maybe this is really all there is to learn.

Just a thought!


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