Private Online Sessions


Welcome! These are the private online therapeutic sessions I offer:

  • Grief Recovery Facilitation for grief recovery work
  • Empowerment Life Coaching for overcoming non-grief issues
  • Spiritual Guidance Counseling for spiritual growth
  • Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing for stress reduction and healing

Private one-on-one Sessions vary from 60-minute “support and consulting” sessions, to the 90-minute “deep” sessions for deep issues and deep work. *Private therapeutic sessions are conducted by phone or by online method, such as Skype. 

Cost for Private Sessions-

60 minute “support and consulting” session- $50
These sessions are mainly for supporting, consulting and advising and may require several sessions.

90 minute “deep” session- $85
These sessions are for deep work on deep issues which take more time and may require several sessions. Therapeutic modalities included, as well as detailed email follow-up. Deep sessions are for individuals who are stuck, suffering, and struggling in life.

Note- For medical or psychiatric issues, please contact the appropriate practitioner. If you are in crisis or suicidal, please contact a crisis hotline. 

Please email me at for questions about sessions OR to schedule an appointment. Important: In the subject heading of your email, make sure to put “Question” or “Appointment” in the subject line. Please make sure this is an email that you regularly check. 

Thank you! I look forward to working with you. Together, we got this!