Near Death Experience

A near-death experience is a spiritual phenomenon that happens when the spirit leaves the physical body. A NDE falls under the umbrella of out-of-body experiences (OBE’s).

Upon separation from the body, a lighter version of us is whisked from the density of this world into the lightness of another… or at least it seems this way.

Usually, this is a good experience, where peace, acceptance and unconditional love rule supreme. It is common to experience the presence of a loving light. Some people see Jesus, or other powerful spiritual figures. Some people see angels. Some people have guides. For many, deceased relatives and friends are there to welcome them home. Experiences vary greatly, so not every NDE is exactly the same.

A NDE most commonly occurs when a person is either close to death, or has been dead for a matter of minutes before being brought back to life again. However, a NDE can also occur even when no threat to physical life is present.
Here are some common experiences of a NDE:

  • A sense of weightlessness as one rises from the physical body
  • Being free of pain and discomfort
  • Hovering over your body, and having the awareness that you are dead
  • Wondering why you are hovering over your body, and not knowing you are dead
  • Observing resuscitation being performed on your body
  • Having a “tunnel experience”
  • Being drawn into a powerful and loving light
  • Encountering “Beings of Light”
  • Telepathic communication
  • A Life review
  • A life preview showing you what is available if you go back to your body
  • An intense feeling of love and acceptance
  • Being greeted by deceased friends and family
  • Being given a choice to stay or go back
  • Not being given a choice to stay and really wanting to

I’ve included information on near death experiences because it gives hope and peace to those in sorrow.
Even though we have been left behind for now, we will see our loved ones again someday. May we be inspired to live better lives in the meantime.
But most importantly, NDE’s teach us that we, as infinite souls, can never die.

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