NDE Submission Form


Hello and welcome to the Near Death Experience [NDE] submission form page!


So you want to share your amazing experience on Griefandmourning.com, to be read by many, for years to come? Well, it’s easy. Here is how to do it.

Send the following information to jade@griefandmourning.com

Make sure to write: NDE (Near-Death Experience) in the subject line, so I don’t miss it through the spam.

  • Next, please include the following information in your submission:
    1- Your first name
    2- When and where did this experience occur?
    3- Who was involved in the experience? Please give first names, along with their           relationship to each other.
    4- What is your experience?
    5- How did this experience affect you, and/or others?
    6- What thoughts and feelings are you left with from the experience?

Images to go along with your experience are always welcome and completely add to the impact of the story. If possible, please submit images along with your experience. Images might include the person who this experience happened to, and/or proof, places, animals or other persons involved in this event.

While not changing the content, your story could be edited for grammar, punctuation and spelling, if needed. For the purpose of teaching people about these amazing spiritual experiences, I include a commentary with your experiencefree of cost, that may provide many interesting insights.

Once your experience is submitted, you are giving www.GriefandMourning.com permission to publish your amazing experience out in the world.

Thank you for your submission. We never know how our experiences will make a difference in the assistance and service to others. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.