Music As a Medium

Music is a common message medium from beyond. As Kathy looks for a sign, she receives these after-death transmissions from her beloved husband, Rich.

Kathy writes:
“In October of 2016 I was taking a class offered by Jade on “Becoming Your Own Medium”. The course was on a Friday night via conference call. I was sitting in bed with candles, phone, and ready for the class call. I remember one of the class participants saying that once in awhile she would ask for a sign from her loved one. So I thought, why not, and asked Rich, my deceased husband, to join us, as I had not received a sign in awhile. I fell asleep during the end of the class hypnosis.”

Rich and Kathy

Rich and Kathy

“At 3:31 a.m. I heard music coming from my bathroom. By the time I got there the “banjo like” music had stopped. Both my android phone and I-pad were on chargers there. Neither of them were lit up. The next night it happened again at 3:31 but with different music. This went on for a number of weeks at 3:31 a.m., but with no rhyme or reason as to what days of the week or how often.”

“I had one of my friends who works with computers check the phone and I-pad for alarms or notifications. There were none that were found, and no music loaded to either device. In fact, I would never load banjo music, as that is not my taste. However, my Rich used to play the banjo when we first got married. I then took the phone and I-pad to the Verizon store and asked them to check for any alarms, notifications, or music loaded, since these are the whiz kids on these devices. None to be found. They could not find a reason this was going on.”

“Then, I got the bright idea to move the chargers to my bedroom so I could at least see which device was going off. It was the I-pad. I took the I-pad with me to my brother’s house 4 hours away, and yes, at 3:31 a.m, it went off there. Of course, only I heard it.”

“The next day, I met my best girlfriend for a long weekend at Blue Ridge, Georgia. The music went off at 4:31 a.m. (Eastern time), and yes, my friend Jan heard it. That was November 3rd, and I have not heard the music since. However, just last week, my phone alarm with music went off at 6:18 a.m., then again at 6:28, and 6:48. I don’t wake up that early and had nothing scheduled that I needed to get up early for. I checked the phone and it was set at 6:18 a.m.I did not set it. As a matter-of-fact, it took me awhile to even find where the alarm setting was, as I have never set an alarm on my phone. So far, that was a one time occurrence.”

“I was trying to analyze the significance of the times. The only thing I could think of for the 3:31, is that our address is 331 Jamaica Way. Clueless on the other alarm at 6:18. However, I know that Rich was visiting.

Commentary- After-death communications happen all the time, but often we just don’t recognize them because we don’t see a connection. In Kathy’s case, if banjo music would have started playing at 3:31 a.m., without her asking for a sign the night before, she might not have been sure that it was Rich, although she probably would have wondered about it. But Kathy didn’t need to wonder because there was a strong connection tying Kathy’s asking with Rich’s answering.

Rich not only associated the music coming from her phone with the banjo he played when they first met, he also associated it with the street address where he and Kathy once lived their lovely life together. Both banjo and street address are strong identifying clues that link Kathy to Rich’s communication to her.

Kathy and Rich

Kathy and Rich

Music is a common medium for our departed loved ones to get our attention. Sometimes it’s the message in the words. Sometimes it’s a familiar song that takes us back to better times when all was well. Sometimes it is a song of particular significance, such as a date, time, theme or message. And… sometimes it’s just the fact that music is suddenly playing for no particular reason and with no recognizable connection that is the clue. In this case, it is difficult to say whether there was an actual connection or a coincidence. 



As Kathy lit her candle with the intention of attracting Rich’s attention, she asked him for a sign that evening before she retired to bed. Then, Kathy fell asleep during the hypnosis part of the class, only to be awakened by strange banjo music playing in the other room at 3:31 a.m., while half the world slept. Apparently Rich heard Kathy’s request!

A few things stand out about Kathy’s experience of getting a sign from Rich. First, she set the intention of getting a sign from her husband. Direct and focused intention goes a long way because of the clarity they provide. Secondly, although she wanted to hear from him, as it had been awhile, she was neither desperate for nor attached to the result. 

The two ways of being that can halt communication in a hurry are those of desperation and attachment. The reason is mainly because each of these ways of being stem from the fear of scarcity. And one thing many of us know through experience is… if there isn’t enough of something, there probably isn’t enough for us. If we find ourselves looking from the lens of scarcity, because it is a very small and narrow view, it is also very limited too, leaving a lot for us to miss.

Although one could understand the need and desire for an after-death communication or sign from our departed loved one, to provide relief from the devastating pain left in the wake such tragedy, unfortunately… it doesn’t always happen on cue or according to our time table. 

There is an attitude out there, by some, who would take the most painful approach to extort a sign or after-death communication from their loved one. The method is one of demanding. Demanding our departed ones to respond to our needs in the moment of our choosing can fast become a manipulative power struggle. And… manipulation and power struggles are born out of fear and scarcity. Very limited in both cause and effect.

Although we may be in a hurry to get some relief or some sort of answer, if this approach is used, it is soon discovered that a stand-off from the living with the departed doesn’t usually turn out well and can be most devastating when our demands are not met exactly how we expect them to be. You can see that this approach is neither one of patience or grace, as it leaves one with additional injury added to an already huge gaping sore that is trying to heal.

And… of course… if you have already tried this, there is nothing wrong. It’s just human nature to think an answer or relief is owed us for our troubles. That’s the least they could do, right? The thing is… it doesn’t work.

What works better than that is this. Even though this seems like an impossible thing to have to go through, grief is not unique to only the one experiencing it. All beings experience some sort of grief with loss. A reverent approach is important here. Having a calm, confident, patient and humble demeanor is the least painful way to go through the unimaginable. Calm- that although this horrid tragedy has just rocked your world in a bad way, things will eventually calm down. Confident- that the love between you and your beloved is strong enough to stand the test of time and space. Patience- trusting things to unfold in the time that wisdom choses. Lastly, humility- knowing that you don’t know the big picture or purpose of what should happened or what should happen now.

These four ways of being add up to GRACE as a way of being. Being gracious is the most beneficial way to get through the painful experience of loss and grief. This is because grace is allowing, bountiful and expansive. Can you feel the difference? Can you feel how much more open that approach is?

In looking through the lens of grace, abundance is what can be seen. Well… you might not always see it with just your eyes, but your mind, heart and soul, too. Through the lens of grace, your view suddenly becomes so much better as you gain a much larger perspective.

Rich and Kathy

Rich and Kathy

As Kathy reverently took a chance on asking for a sign from Rich without desperation or unnecessary attachment, she got many of them! All of them through the medium of music.

Even though she knew it was Rich who sent her signs, she had to investigate her devices to know for sure. And knowing for certain, she absolutely does!

Rich and Kathy

Rich and Kathy




7 thoughts on “Music As a Medium

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Love how the music came through multiple nights and so glad you were present and open to recognize when his message came through.

    • Thank you Crystal. I was so very blessed to have that communication with Rich, and I feel he is watching over me, and waiting for me.

  2. How do they (Our departed loved ones) do that? I feel like the new complicated technology may give them something new that they can affect.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting and amusing story.

  3. Hi Kathy and Jade,

    Thank you for sharing this experiance with us. It is not only ourselves who miss our loved ones, they also go through the same. It is the pain of unseen and unlistened . So they try their best to communicate . This is where we need to be open to recieve their communications.

    Kathy, kudos to you for being open to this communication. Yes, Rich is always with you and if he away anytime, he is just a thought away from you .

    Just a thought regarding 6:18, if any of your memorable dates refers to 309(3/09) or 206(2/06) or 103(1/03) ( thinking of multiples 🙂 ) .

    Sending you love and hugs.

    Hi Rich,

    Please say my hello to Raj, my deceased boy friend.

    Love you all

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