Mimi’s Heaven

Before Lisa’s mother, Mimi, passes through the veil to the “other side”, she promises her daughter that she will comfort her by showing her where she is in heaven. In this after-death communication and out-of-body experience, this promise is made manifest.

“When my mother, Mimi, passed away, my entire world was ripped away from me. As I left the hospital for the last time and followed her wishes to go home to be with my son, Kevin, I remember that I literally felt her leave this Earth. Crushed by the realization that she was gone, time stopped for me. Everything seemed like a blur. It was just as though I’d fallen into a black hole and was falling into the darkness below me. I had no will to even try to grab the sides to stop myself. I was so lost, and felt so alone in this world without her. I had no sense of time; not whether it was night or day.”

“I remember only fragments- like my son, Kevin, speaking softly on the phone to my dad, saying things like, “No, she’s not eating anything” or “I haven’t seen her sleep at all yet.” I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I’d never see her again. I remember being with her and sitting with her as we talked for hours. My son told me to record her, so I would have a recording of her voice, forever, but I couldn’t bring myself to play it back and listen to us together for the last time. It was too sad.”


“Kevin kissed me goodnight that night. I remember my boyfriend, David, did, as well. When everyone went home, all was so quiet in the house and for some reason, I became more aware at this time. When all was still, dark and late, it was then, I came out of the fog. At first, I got little bits and pieces of memories of her; flashes of things we did or said. I could see her face, see her smile and thought about how I missed my best friend so much. It was then that it hit me. I remembered being with her at the hospital for the last time. I recalled her voice I caught on tape at the time, saying, “Lisa, my precious daughter. I will never leave you. When I get to heaven, I’m going to be a pain in the butt! I’m going to beg God to hold my hand and lead me out over heaven, so I can show you where I am. I will show you, so you can go on with your life and know that I’ll always be watching over you. I promise you this.” These were the words my mother last said, as she held me next to her in the hospital bed.”

“After her passing, I was desperate to sleep, with only 20 minutes of it at a time. I knew if there was any chance for her to keep her promise to show me her heavenly location, it would most likely occur in my dreams. So one night as I drifted off into twilight, what started off as an average dream; flashes of things, disjointed scenes and foggy memory of anyone or thing I was dreaming about, soon begin to change scene. I got the distinct impression something was coming. Then, memories of my mom gave way to a lucid reality. The next thing I knew, Kevin, David and I were following my mother. She was walking in front of us. Although I knew she had passed, I remember stopping to look at her in my dream; I actually gasped when I saw her! I was conscious that this was my first dream visitation of her. She turned to say, “I’m going to show you something and you have to pay attention.”

“Kevin, David and I followed her. We saw a destroyed and crumpled city. Ash piles of smoke and ruin laid this a wasteland of white and black. It was as if civilization was over and it was the end of the world. No one else was around, just us. There was a  building which was partially collapsed. Next, we found ourselves in, what used to be a parking garage. There was a metal door. We walked in, the place was a buzz with people wearing hazmat suits behind thick glass, almost as though it was a laboratory where they were studying things on tables. I had feelings of peacefulness, not danger; somehow this was about safety and security. The objects on the table were small and square and looked like colorful credit cards, but were not. It was something else I did not know. Whatever it was, there was a back piece that connected to a front piece which made a design that fit together in a specific way of various shapes and sizes. When the shape matched up, she said we were allowed to pass through to the next place.”

“We went down a hall. My mother slid in the flat card with an iridescent teardrop on it, as an access to the top of the building. A light flashed in recognition of her authority to enter. The door slid open and we stepped through to find ourselves on the roof of a skyscraper. You could look out and see all that was destroyed and in rubbles. She hugged and kissed Kevin and David, and told them, “This part is for Lisa. You must not come any further.” Mimi held out her hand for me alone, to come. She said, “You have to listen to what I tell you to do.”

“Mimi, who had always been afraid of heights, hung her toes off of the building as she smiled proudly at me. “I’ll show you where I am. You’ll see. Please Lisa. Understand that you will be tempted to follow me. You must not. You have to stay here. I will see you again, stay there. Now watch.” Mimi stood at the very edge, looking over the destruction of the city. Mimi reached out her hand and waved it slightly. The grey dull color of the sky changed and a bright white light flashed. I could feel air pressure and wind gusting up against me. Next, this planet sized orb rose up in front of her. It was huge and round. I could only see the top of it; the rest was below. The orb had come from the sky and positioned itself in front of her and up against the skyscraper. It hovered. It was clear in color like a giant bubble floating. It was swirling colors on the outside, like the bubbles I blew as a child. She touched it and put her hand inside of it. Through this bubble, I could see her hand. As she pulled her hand out, it opened up and the air pressure changed. I could feel the air coming out of the opening, just as if she pushed a hole into a giant soap bubble. I could smell the air as it blew against me. The only way I can describe it was, the air smelled like the essence of life itself; all things from the beginning of creation. That is exactly what I thought as I smelled it. The scent was sweet like the flowers, trees and grass. I could feel a soft warm wind, welcoming me in. It smelled like hope and faith. I deeply took the experience inside of my being, not ever wanting to forget that scent or what was happening. I remembered thinking that I have to remember this. It was so incredible.”

“My mother stepped off the roof and into the bubble and floated there. The second she stepped into it, I felt a powerful energy that I never knew, but somehow understood, and I welcomed it. The hole stayed open. All this happened in a second when a flash of light and a surge of some unforeseen force propelled me into the bubble with her. There were colors of purple and dark blue. I was swirling upwards in a corkscrew tube where I could see masses of stars. I was in deep space and on some transit system. I saw groups of planets, then, still twirling upward, a worm hole flashing lights all around. I saw nebula stars being born in deep dark colors of green, red, blue, pink and gold, as I was pulled upwards. Then, I stopped alone with force, but was not afraid. I was weightless and floating. It was peaceful beyond belief. I knew my mother was close.”

“There was a golden white light, brightness with energy and power behind it. I was punched upward into it, where I floated through the beautiful colors, which was some kind of mass. I passed through it and up ahead were blue sky and clouds. I floated again. From there I could see the brightest whitest light shining behind the clouds, and a mist came and fell down in front of me and swirled around like fog. I was so curious. I could make out shadows and sensed there was something I was supposed to see. There were human figures dressed in white robes in the distance. I could feel such peace, love and warmth from it all. I could feel a kindred-like family connection. I recognized it in my heart. With my mother, stood the matriarchs of my family; my Aunt Beverly, my Grandmother and my Great Aunt Winnie. This was to show me that Mimi was reunited with family, and I could rest assured, she was not alone.”

“The light pulsated with life! Mimi spoke with her hands stretched out, saying, “This is where you will find me. This is where I am. This is heaven. This is where God is. We are here with God. And, here he is now.” Then I woke up with my hands to my face, smelling my hands and trying to make strong, my memory of this beautiful vision and dream.”

“From the moment of the bubble to this time, it was so welcoming, but only occurred within seconds. I saw angels of all who had already passed there and was in awe, and I knew this was heaven. My mother had showed me heaven.”

Commentary- Lisa had quite an experience, being led to the very entrance of heaven. Her after-death communication/out-of-body experience is very detailed. What made this experience so powerful was the combination of the two, for sure. It helped that Lisa, being intuitive already, was open enough to believe her mother in the first place. Also, that her mother, who was always fiercely protective with Lisa her whole life, and persistent, as evidenced by her saying, “When I get to heaven, I’m going to be a pain in the butt! I’m going to beg God to hold my hand and lead me out over heaven, so I can show you where I am. I will show you, so you can go on with your life and know that I’ll always be watching over you. I promise you this.” And because of her persistence, she was able to deliver on her promise. This indicates that personalities remain consistent and intact after one passes on.

These types of comprehensive experiences don’t just happen all of the time, but, we see that it is possible to have them. Having witnessed this amazing experience has made a tremendous difference for Lisa, to know that her mother is alive and well, in such a beautiful heavenly realm. Lisa is comforted to know that she will go there too, to be reunited with her mother and those who have passed before her. Lisa, excited to share her amazing visitation, wants you to know this, as well.

When one is so fortunate to have visited heaven, either in a vision or an out-of-body experience, not everyone returns with the exact same view. Some views are more simple and concrete, while others are complex and abstract. Some aspects of the experience are actual, while some aspects are merely metaphorical. For example, the dark world in Lisa’s experience may have represented our world in comparison to the heavenly world. The pass that was scanned may imply that one has to have permission to enter certain places. There may be a limit to where you can go, before becoming a permanent residence there. But, whatever the experience is, It is up to the experiencer to determine which is which, and what it all means. Usually though, the experiencer just knows the truth of it; if not right away, eventually, when the time is right.

As with differing heavens, not everyone has the exact same experience of God, or source of life. Some experience a Christian God, while some experience a Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or some other representative of God. Through all my research, what makes it fascinating is that the experiencer’s religion and beliefs or lack thereof, are not necessarily correlate to what they experience; an atheist can see Christ and a Christian can see a non-Christian deity. Some experience God as energy and life, while some experience God as light and intelligence, or some combination thereof. Some experience something, while others experience the nothingness of the void. Because we are all different in our ways, our perception is different too. Nevertheless, although this may be hard to understand why this is, with our finite brain, someday, we will find out all the answers with our infinite mind.

The difference between a regular dream, and an after-death communication within a dream, is that it’s lucid. Our deceased loved ones talk to us… and we answer back. We are awake in our dream. Regular dreaming requires no thought. We just lay behind closed eyes and passively watch the scenes go by. Lucid dreaming is interactive, in which we find ourselves thinking silently or out loud. Lisa was very aware in her dream. She knew if she were to remember her all important visitation and vision, she would have to ground her ethereal experience to the reality of this Earthly realm. She would have to bring it back with her, and this is what she did. This is why she concentrated so much to bring the memory of her experience back with her through the many veils that separate our worlds, and it’s not often easy.

Lisa noted that it was at night, when it was silent and still, that she was more in tune with her spiritual nature. This is often very true. With the world quiet, we are less distracted and perhaps, more likely to get a connection. Many of these after-death communications happen while we sleep or in the twilight hours of our day. I believe this is because we are in a brain wave that makes it more possible.

We see that Mimi, who was afraid of heights in life, was not in the after-life. Given her perspective, this shows that she knows that she can never die. Mimi tells Lisa she might be tempted to follow her into her beautiful heavenly realm, since her Earth life pales by comparison. Having had the heavenly perspective through an out-of-body or near-death experience and being exposed to the over-abundance of blissful love and beauty that exists there, it tends to leave the experiencer who remains behind, feeling depressed and left out, for everyone seeks that kind of love. But, it is for us who remain on Earth to live the life we are meant to live before we move on. So we may as well do it with some fun, at least!

After Mimi’s passing, Lisa wanted to honor her mother’s memory by giving of herself. This was something Mimi was so lovingly known for during her lifetime; from volunteering in soup kitchens to her work, for all those years, in a nursing home, she was a great advocate for caring and compassion. To accomplish this, Lisa went to school to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. Now she works with elderly people and says she gets back 10 times what she gives. As she has taken this on, she gets the opportunity to give and receive the love from the amazing people around her. This is helping Lisa heal the void created by the loss of her mother and claims that it really feeds her soul.

Lisa and MimiLisa has had the experience of a lifetime. There’s no doubt that this experience will carry her through her life until she is finally reunited again with her beloved Mother in Mimi’s Heaven.

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