Love Never Dies

In a series of after-death communication dream visitations, Sadgunnan convinces Sanjita that he is alive, well and still continues to watch over his best friend.

Sanjita writes:

Sanjita's best friend, Sadgunnan

Sanjita’s best friend, Sadgunnan

“It’s been a year and 7 months since my best friend, Sadgunnan, passed away. I had known him for the past 8 years. We hung out and were there for each other always. Besides God, he always protected me in many ways. We did have ups and downs, unlike other friendships, but despite the situations, we somehow got back in contact with each other.”

“It’s was a few months back in 2013, that we both got busy with our lives and hardly met up with each other, called or even texted. There was a time he wanted to meet me, but I was so caught up with my work that I couldn’t meet him. My answer was always “next time”… and when the next time came that I wanted to tell him, “we’ll meet up”, I received a phone call from his good friend telling me that Sadgunnan met with an accident, was in coma for a week and had passed away. I was deeply shocked. I could not believe or accept his death. I wasn’t able to attend his funeral, as well and had thoughts in my mind like, “That’s it!! I have lost him and will not get the chance to meet him again”. I thought of him and our memories, cried myself to sleep a lot, and blamed myself for not seeing him when he was alive.”

“A friend of mine, K, advised me to forget Sadgunnan completely, saying that he is there for me, to take his place, and my best friend is gone to be with God, so I shouldn’t cry anymore. As days and months passed, I begin to accept Sadgunnan’s death and move on with my life with God’s grace. I hardly thought of him as I kept myself busy. After a year of his death, Sadgunnan appeared in my dreams. In my first dream I saw his image/face in my dreams. He looked the usual him and there were no bruise marks on his head or body. He was fine and healthy. As I was sleeping on the couch, I woke up in shock and was sweating. I thought to myself, “It’s just a dream.”

“As days passed, I had another dream of Sadgunnan. This time he was sitting and I could see anger in him. I could see him, but he didn’t talk. His messages came through as expressions and thoughts. In my dreams, I saw him showing me how he feels and what trouble is about to come to me. He showed me the thoughts of my friend, K, who took his place and had intentions to hurt me in life later on. Once waking up, I didn’t wake up in peace. I was troubled deep inside. I was confused, but later I learned that Sangunnan was protecting me from harm, like he use to do before. After sometime later, I also cut off my friendship with K because of it.”

“This was a time in my life that I felt hurt, lonely and sad within me. I hardly talked to anyone about it, except God. I remember the night when I cried to God to comfort me and fell asleep. Sadgunnan came into my dreams again. He was wearing a shirt and jeans; looking at me with a smile. I was so happy to see him. He just wrapped his arms around me tightly. I was sleeping, but I actually felt it for real. It felt so comforting. When I was about to wake up, we walked and I held his hand and told him I missed him and not to go, but he kept looking at me and I saw him fading slowly as I woke up.”

“Whenever I was down during that period of time from Nov 2014 to March 2015, Sadgunnan appeared in my dreams to comfort me. He also commented in my Facebook pictures some time back when he was still here, but I saw his comment recently in Feb 2015, and I cried. He said, “Do not worry. I’m somewhere in a corner. Whenever you think of me, anytime, I’m always with you.”

“I had another dream after that, in reality, I know that he’s no longer with me as in flesh. I spoke to him saying, “In my dreams, it feels real and I see you, but once I wake up, I know you are no longer here with me in flesh.” He communicates with me through his thoughts. He says that he is not dead. “Look at me in your dreams. I’m alive and real. Why are you worried? I’m not dead. I am alive.” I can see myself in my dreams that I’m confused with his reply and I keep thinking about it. To make me to forget my confusion, we had a good time together. We went cycling, and was teasing me like he use to do, we went walking and then I was driving him to someplace which I’m not familiar with, all I can remember the place was beautiful and we were having so much fun like the little children. Once, I woke up from my dream and sleep, I couldn’t get up as my body felt heavy and tired. It’s like my legs and body needed some rest.”

“The last dream I had of Sadgunnan was in April 2015, I was sitting and having fun, chit-chatting with my colleagues. I saw exactly what Sadgunnan told me in his Facebook comment; I saw him in a corner of a room looking at me with a smile on his face. Then, he walked passed me and disappeared. I woke with a smile on my face. I finally realized it’s not just a dream! My friendship with him doesn’t end with his death. Death doesn’t mean an end to the love you have shared. Sadgunnan just wanted me to know that he’s there and that he is alive in spirit. He’s not gone forever. In the Bible, God said: Love never dies. I know he is living in a new place, a different reality. I thank God for the opportunity that He has given me; such sweet dreams with my best friend. I believe he is still with me in a different way and I know he’s happy.”

Commentary- In life, although Sanjita and Sadgunnan had their “ups and downs” and lost contact with each other for a little while, they reunited again, not only showing the strength of their friendship, but the special bond between them as soul mates.

Then, when Sanjita got busy, as people often do, there was no reason to think she couldn’t meet up with Sadgunnan at another time, I mean, they were young and had the rest of their lives ahead of them, right? Surely there would be time to get together. Well, that’s just the thing. That’s how humans think. Everyday of our lives we operate as though there is a “next time” or a “later on.” And, there is when there is, but there isn’t when there’s not. The deal is… we never know, and youth does not necessarily equate with a long and healthy life, chock-full of tomorrows. These early and unexpected deaths are some of the toughest ones to deal with.

After Sadgunnan’s passing, Sanjita experienced blame and regret for the missed opportunity of seeing her beloved friend. That’s natural. No matter what the circumstances, when it comes to the finality of this situation, we think we could have always done something different or better. As humans, again we are forced to deal with our imperfect nature; something we need to accept about ourselves. How could anyone possibly know for sure?

When Sanjita started having dreams with Sadgunnan in them, she noticed he was fine, healthy and free of the marks and bruises from injury. This is common of those who have crossed over. For sure, crossing over to the light has the power to heal and restore all things as new. Even with this amazing witness, she still brushed this visitation off as “just a dream.” This is common also. Sometimes it takes a few times to realize the implications of our dream visitations.

Sadgunnan had always played a protective role in Sanjita’s life, so when K later arrived on the scene with impure intentions, Sadgunnan continued to play a protective role, even after passing from this realm, suggesting that he is the same in the after-life as he was in this life. In this dream, Sanjita was able to receive Sadgunnan’s telepathic transmissions about K’s thoughts and intentions, warning her of future pain and unhappiness caused by him. Sadgunnan’s warning was so strong, and it caused such unrest in her that she broke off the relationship with K because of it. No doubt, Sadgunnan saved Sanjita a lot of heartache later on.

On another occasion, Sanjita felt Sadgunnan give her a hug in her dream. She said it felt like a ‘real hug.’ While a spirit can try to hug a person in a physical body, because of the denseness of our lower vibration compared to the frequency of the spirit in a higher vibration, we might not be able to detect it. And if we did, we might just pass it off as something we only thought we felt. However, spirit bodies can hug one another. How is this so? I mean, aren’t they invisible and made of thin air or something? Everything that exists is energy. To the physical being operating within the parameter of a specific frequency, it would be difficult to hug a spiritual being of a higher frequency that is completely outside the physical range. But, in my experience, I have learned that energetic frequency is relative. Beings of the same frequency can be easily seen, felt and heard amongst each other. It’s like tuning into a radio frequency. You can only experience what’s in that range.

At the end of this particular dream of hugging, walking and talking together and upon Sanjita’s waking, Sadgunnan faded away as she returned to her own dimension for the day. Unable to enjoy the same physical frequency together anymore, they meet in dream-state, like many of us do but may or may not remember.

Sanjita mentions an old Facebook message written by Sadgunnan that was rediscovered after his passing, and she cried. It’s important to not dismiss yesterday’s words as today’s messages. Many times, words written in the past by our lost loved ones are really meant to be read in the future, at a time when they could comfort us the most. When Sadgunnan wrote, “Don’t worry, I’m somewhere in a corner. Whenever you think of me, anytime, I’m always with you” and she experienced this in a lucid dream, Sadgunnan meant it as a comfort to her. He also wanted her to know his past words stand as today’s message.

In the last dream, Sanjita tries to understand the difference between their worlds. As plain as Sadgunnan came make it, he tries to silence Sanjita’s doubts and confusion by saying that he is not dead, but alive and real in another dimension. What more could anyone say than that? What more do we need to know? And knowing that human brains have trouble comprehending such a thing, Sadgunnan occupied their time together cycling, walking, teasing and spending time in this beautiful playground somewhere… just outside the frequency of this physical world.  When Sanjita woke up, she felt tired and her body felt heavy; a sign that she had been away. 

Sanjita is right. Love never dies. And the passing of a loved one doesn’t mean the relationship is over; it’s just that things are a little or a lot different now, and, to be peaceful and happy, we need to adjust our thinking as such. This will take some time, but that’s all part of the healing process that creates such powerful transformation in the evolution of our souls.

Recent follow up from Sanjita-
Hi Jade, I just want to share with you that in that story I mentioned about a friend of mine, K. Just two days ago, K messaged me saying he was sorry for the hurt that he had caused me. I forgave him.

And… I realized that Sadgunnan is around me and that I shouldn’t cry or chase him. Yes, sometimes as a human, I do miss him but I have learned to let go, knowing that he’s around, watching over me. The more we chase, it will run away from us, but if we just let go, and be still and continue with our lives, the energy will chase us. 🙂

And with the following of Sanjita’s wise words… we certainly will be much more peaceful, as well.


4 thoughts on “Love Never Dies

  1. Cool story. That’s a great thing to stay mindful of. We never know how much time there is left. It’s easy to assume that our life is chock-full of tomorrows.

  2. Sweet story. It is beautiful the ways in which we all touch the lives of those around us. I am happy for the healing Sanjita has found and for the ways Sadgunnan continues to be a beacon of love and hope for her.

  3. Since my son’s death in a tragic accident on a SuperYacht in 2013 I have had hundreds of instances of him showing me he is here. They led me to investigate his death and discover what really happened, that the captain was to blame. His inquest was a fortnight ago and Michael turned up by sending a bizarre sign all of us could see in court, just as he had at the yacht and at his funeral. His arrival is always at the point when I am upset or busy on his behalf or talk to him. He replies so instantly it takes my breath away and stops me in my tracks. No more sadness, in fact his signs usually make me laugh. I couldn’t have coped without them all . One day I will write a book. One of the latest messages was via someone who didn’t know Michael or me. She relayed the details of Michael’s actual death and state of mind and body that only those who had been there or seen the autopsy report could have known. Michael died alone x

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