Love Continues On…

After the tragic accident and eventual passing of her beloved boyfriend, Ardit, 19-year-old Albana, is comforted when she receives several messages from Ardit, in a dream.

It was mid August when Albana contacted me with her dream visitation and a question. The email read in part: “I saw a dream last night. I was in my grandparents’ room with my mum. In the bed, there was a little baby of 3 months. The baby was talking to us, and said our name.” Surprised by this, Albana suddenly asked, “Who are you?” The baby answered, saying, “I am Ardit!” (Ardit was her boyfriend who died 3 weeks earlier!)

Then, Albana asked me, “Is this a dream or real sign from him? During the time since his death, I have seen him in other dreams, saying to me that he loves me, he is fine, and begged me to forgive him. Help me to understand please.”

(In a reply to Albana, I write, in part)
“Hello Albana,
I’m sorry for your loss. It sounds like this is a sign. There may be some symbolism involved also. I would need more background information to determine what symbolism was being used. Like for example, the 3-month-old baby saying he was your boyfriend that died 3 weeks ago. If the death time would have been longer than 3 weeks, I would consider reincarnation, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It seems very valid that Ardit would come to you to reassure you, in any way he could. I would consider this a real sign from him. He will come to you again, most likely. Be receptive. I’m sure he is with you. Just listen for him in everything you see, hear and do. This will make it easier for him to connect with you… Jade”

The next day, Albana writes, “Tonight I saw Ardit again. He kissed me. I told him, “Please beg God to come and visit me more frequently.” His response was, “I can’t come so frequently because I have other jobs, where I am now.” Then, Ardit disappeared, and a lady appeared. She said to me, “Ardit will return, Albana. Maybe not as the person he was, but he will return!”

(With a request from me, Albana recounts the events of that tragic day, in her own words)
“Ardit was 20 years old, and I, 19. We met 2 years ago and fell deeply in love with each other. We were everything for each other!

We were on vacation: Ardit, my best friend, Nancy and me. Nancy and I were playing cards near the sea. Ardit went in the water and started swimming. He climbed on top of a high rock in the ocean, where people jump for fun. Ardit was a heavy weight and the water wasn’t so deep. He jumped. After he landed, I saw his body floating on top of the water. I was terrified! I ran toward him. Some people helped by pulling him out of the water and onto the shore.

He had hit his head hard! Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said, “Albana. I can’t feel my whole body! I am scared! Please call my mom!”

I called his mom to tell her what happened. She started crying. The beach was 6 hours away from our capital city, Tirana, so we needed a helicopter to transport Ardit, which arrived within one hour.

During that time, Ardit asked, “Will I be okay? Albana, I am scared! I can’t move my body! Don’t leave me alone!”

My answer to Ardit was, “You will be okay, my love, trust me!”

When the helicopter arrived, I went with Ardit. When we arrived in Tirana, his last words to me in the hospital, that same day, were, “Thank you, Albana! I love you!” And, to his mother, “I’m sorry mum!”

“The next day he entered into a coma. It was five days later, on July 28, 2013, that Ardit passed away. Those five days were the most terrible days of my life!”

Albana then, recalls another dream that occurred one day before Ardit’s death. “In the dream, a woman appeared to me and said these words: “Albana. You have to be strong because you will pass through a difficult time.” It was on the next day that Ardit died.”

Albana goes on to say, “I cried a lot at first, but since the moment that we buried him, I can’t cry anymore. I am like a stone; my heart is exploding, but I can’t cry!” I feel Ardit so near to me. I don’t know why, I love him more than myself! When he was in the hospital, I prayed to God to give to him my life, instead of his.”

Commentary- Tragic is the experience of an inconceivable death. Love would rather sacrifice itself, then to risk the life of another, as Albana fervently pleaded for her beloved’s life. But this was not to be.

In the first dream mentioned, the baby spoke to say his name was Ardit, and the woman, who appeared in the following dream to tell Albana, in essence, that Ardit could never be lost, and even if she were referring to a reincarnation, Albana would forever be linked to the Ardit she once knew.

It is interesting to note that, in his dream visitations, Ardit covers, what is considered to be, the main concerns of those who have lost a loved one to death. For example: “I am okay, I still exist. I love you! And… I’m sorry for what happened and what you will have to go through now that I am gone.”

In a subsequent dream, the setting appears to be calmer. Ardit kisses her, as if to say it all; “Hello again. I am here” and “I love you!” He knows he has already addressed Albana’s main concerns, but more importantly… that she has heard them. Now, he can give her additional insight into what he is doing now, which is the reason she may not always see or feel him around. He is in another world or dimension now, where he has other responsibilities to focus on.

The woman who appeared in Albana’s dreams is most likely one of her closest Guardian Angels. Her function is to love, watch over, guide and protect Albana. She has come on both occasions to assist Albana by reassuring her and mercifully preparing her for the worst to come.

In their final dialogue, it is plain to see the depth and beauty of Ardit and Albana’s love, as they look to each other for strength, courage and comfort.

In those final moments before death, there are really only 3 things worth saying. “Thank you, I love you and I’m sorry, please forgive me.” These sentiments happen to be called Ho’Oponopono, and are the most valuable and healing words that can ever be heard and spoken.

Albana tries to describe her emotional state, but, unfortunately, sometimes the stages of grief don’t make much sense. Shock and denial can cause mental and emotional processes to back up, get stuck or even remain frozen for a while. That’s why it’s so important to be patient and gentle with one’s self during a crisis such as this.

Was Ardit’s death supposed to happened that fateful day, in that horrific way? Or was it a complete accident? These are the questions that pass through one’s mind, after the fact. If he went in the water, just one minute earlier or later… would this still have happened? These are the thoughts that can drive one crazy. A wise Albana, will take everything with a positive meaning, and use as much as she can from the ashes of her sorrow. She will use her experience to rise to the fullness of her human potential and to deepen the depths of her infinite soul. Death has a funny way of allowing for that kind of growth. She will be clear about what matters in life, and not waste her time on what doesn’t, for life is short, and we never know what lies ahead of us. Albana knows this all too well.

One day, when Albana and Ardit are reunited again, perspective will be their friend, for they will have a broader understanding for what happened… and why. But for now… Albana will painstakingly sift through the broken pieces of the puzzle, trying to find some reason for such an inconceivable event, until, gradually… her grief cycle comes to a close. Then, it won’t matter… only that they had each other for the time, and still do.

In the end, it is important to say, that it is LOVE, the most powerful force in heaven and on earth, that binds us together. Albana feels Ardit nearby. That’s because he is. Would love cease to care anymore? Would love cease to love? Of course not! Love can only love, as Ardit’s soul still loves Albana, beyond the grave, as their love continues on…

A2 628

A^2 628 in the sand is our matching tattoo. A^2 is for our names Albana & Ardit. 6 is for our birthdays. His birthday on February 6, mine on June 6. 28 is the day we got in a relationship and, as a coincidence, the day he passed away.


Key to my Heart

The second photo is a gift from him for our anniversary. I had the heart neckless and he had the key.




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