Life’s Unusual Circumstances

When Elisa and Nancy separately make investments in the same stock, at around the same time, Elisa suspects that Eric is guiding them from beyond.

Elisa writes:
“I dreamt of Eric last night, after so long. It was in an office setting, but not my old office. When I arrived, I saw that he was in his office and I went to mine, waiting for him to call, as I saw that he was busy writing. But he looked at me and his face was so clear and vivid.”

“Then, he came to my office, kissed my head and left.”


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“About 10 days ago, I made some investments in two places. Then, on sms, Nancy told me she also made investments in those same two places!”

“We met up two days ago to attend an investment talk and she said she dreamt of him. She was very happy and so was I, for her.”

“I think he was behind the investments, guiding us. The timing, the same investments. He was into investments and also a top accountant, too. And both of us dreaming of him at about the same time? He is still with us. Nancy and I both followed our gut instinct (or Eric’s prompting) and put our money in those two investments without each of us telling the other.”

“I am so happy. I was wondering why I had nada (no communication) from him for quite a while. I won’t question anymore.”

“I told Nancy about my dream, she said he kissed her too, before he left. He really does still watch over us both. Even in my dream, I remember how excited I felt at seeing him. Wow!”

“Even though Nancy still does not know about he and I, Eric once said, “a man can love two women equally… that is the nature of a man.” Of course it is not something a woman wants to hear but when he was with me, I forgot all that.”

Commentary- When Elisa saw Eric in her dream, it was in the context of an office setting they once shared, meaning… something familiar and that things haven’t changed much as their business together is still being conducted, even if it is from a heavenly office setting where Eric has a greater perspective. 

Eric’s break from his business to affectionately kiss Elisa and Nancy on the head in their perspective dreams, symbolizes acknowledgement- that he sees them, cares for them, and has their best interests in mind, as he continues to labor from beyond for those he loves.

Having the strong provider instinct that Eric always had in life, he wants his loved ones to do well. Appearing in both dreams, he wanted his two ladies to know that he is still active in their lives and influencing them from the other side. Hearing Nancy’s dream and investment experience was another validation that Eric was involved behind the scenes.

If you read, Grieving in Secret, you know that both Elisa and Nancy, unbeknownst to each other, were girlfriends to Eric, a married man. Life’s unusual  circumstances can seem strange at times- what happens, why things happen the way they do, what is there for us to learn, and how we will or won’t grow from it all. Although some people reading about this may have opinions about the circumstances of this situation, it is unwise for us to think we know better as to what and how this was supposed to happen, and what there was to learn and grow from, as all this leads us on our pathway in life.

Eric did tell Elisa that he was capable of loving more than one woman at a time. Apparently… he did and still does as he continues to take care of them and those he left behind. Good for them.

But despite the gift of insider-trading that Eric has helped his loved ones with, one of the greater gifts he has left behind for Elisa and Nancy is the gift of each other. Supporting each other in their shared loss has caused them to become best friends now, which, by itself, almost qualifies as a miracle. Elisa and Nancy are going on vacations together now. They have booked their first holiday for the upcoming new year.

Now, Elisa describes her loss as bittersweet, but healing as opposed to the excruciating pain from before. Life can be strange. You can never know what will happen, what there is to learn from life’s unusual circumstances, how you will grow and where your path may lead from there.

Our life's path

Our life’s path- Image courtesy of Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Life’s Unusual Circumstances

  1. I think that it is sweet that these two women have been brought together as friends, through thier Love for this man.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Amazing set of circumstances. It’s beautiful to see the power of Love and how it can connect us in unexpected ways.

  3. It shows me, that, in life,there is a reason for everything.We might not see it at the time,but nevertheless it’s there.I just found this site.Lost my husband & best friend of 23 years in Dec.,also, have friends that have recently suffered a loss.Just sent them this site.It has given me some comfort.I believe I was contacted the night he left our world!

    • Hi MaryLee. I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs. You’re right. There is a reason for everything. Sometimes it just takes enough time and an open mind to see it.
      Thank you for referring my site. I care greatly for those who find themselves on this painful path. Having been there myself, I know the terrible pain death can bring. I also know that the grief process is amazing and with time, we can heal completely, although it doesn’t seem possible. I also know that our departed ones are still with us too, just in a different way now. I am interested to hear your experience the night your husband left this world, if you would like to share it with me here or privately on, please do. It might help.
      My best to you, MaryLee.

  4. Yes, I am learning that I can never know what will happen in my life exactly as you said.
    I am growing and taking a day at a time. I don’t know where my path will lead but I have faith that it will be for the good. AGA

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