“Life’s Going to be Alright!”

Rebecca receives an after-death communication from her son, Kenny, after a long time of waiting for one. His message to her? “Life’s going to be alright!”

KennyRebecca writes:
“It’s been a long while since I’ve dreamt of Ken, other than him being a part of my dream in the background and such. No dreams as of late where I’ve spoken directly to him. The other night, I actually was staring at a candle and asked him to please come in my dreams.”

“Voila! I dreamt that my family was on a plane- the entire family, including Kenny’s dad, his wife and their daughter. ​We had made it to Nepal and we were traveling to a resort destination. Suddenly, the military police were on the plane and found pot on the pilot so they demanded us to land. We landed in a jungle area and there were a lot of men carrying guns and yelling at us to get on a bus – that the plane would be leaving and we had to travel by bus. They were shouting in English and a different language also. I remember feeling as if I was going to do the wrong thing and being very protective of Nate and Kayla. I didn’t want us to get shot.  As we all sat in our seats on the bus, I watched the plane take off and followed it until it was high up in the sky. All of a sudden, I saw the plane pause and start spiraling down and crash into a shopping mall. The gunmen started to laugh at us ‘americans’ and told us that we were lucky to have gotten off the plane before the ‘terrorist attack.”

“The bus started moving forward and I noticed that a person was coming down the aisle of the bus so I looked up. It was Kenny! I stood up quickly and he stood there looking at me and I at him. I knew in my dream that he couldn’t possibly be there. It was a sense of bewilderment coupled with excitement. I said ‘hey you! What are you doing here’? He grabbed me by the shoulders and we both stood there staring at each other for what seemed like several minutes. He said “It’s going to be alright” and I said “what’s going to be alright, Ken”? He said “Life, you silly goose. Life is going to be alright, don’t you know that?”  He stared at me with the biggest grin on his face, looking so …colorful…I don’t actually know the word to describe it – pure? white? bright? We both just stared at each other, me trying to capture all of him feeling ‘if he goes away, I won’t see him again’.  He took his seat on the bus and I sat in my seat and suddenly the bus stopped. One of the military men said ‘this is where your family gets off’. I panicked and looked back and Ken was still there and I said “Ken, please come with me. We are getting off here and I want you to come”.  He casually replied “Nah mom, I’m going to stay and travel on…I’m going to Kathmandu”. I felt panicked, but also glad that he was still traveling (he loved to travel) and then I woke up.”

“It took me over a day to come to grips that he wasn’t really traveling and thought it odd that I dreamt we were in Nepal and he was going to Kathmandu as I’ve never even thought about traveling to these places.  I had no idea if they were even in the same region (I’m geographically inept) and was repeating the dream to Nathan, my younger son, when he told me that Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal! Where in the world would that have come from? I’m still thinking of the events in the dream and what the meaning is and I came up with…”

“Perhaps us not being on the plane when it crashed was his way of telling me it’s not our time yet. Telling me ‘it’s going to be alright’ obviously is in relation to how I see my life without him. The fact that I had no idea Nepal and Kathmandu were close in proximity is perhaps a way to let me know it was a real visit?”

“I did spend a good amount of time being very sad that it wasn’t real in that he isn’t really here and I wondered too if this is why I don’t see him in my dreams – maybe his soul knows that it is hard to separate dream from reality and I get so very sad when I realize he isn’t here to share things with me any longer. Because he loved to travel, I would like to believe that his spirit continues to do just that.”

Commentary- This after-death communication is largely metaphorical, as many of them are. Rebecca and her whole family, even Ken’s father, his wife and their child are headed for this destination. These particular people in Ken’s life represent his intimate family unit; the main people that Kenny loves and is closest too. They were traveling in Nepal, or in other words, they were on a spiritual journey to a place considered by many spiritual seekers to be a holy and spiritual place to find peace.

But because of some nonsense (human shenanigans) with the pilot, they couldn’t make their destination in the sky just yet and needed to make an adjustment in their travel accommodations. Ken’s family found themselves in the primitive jungle of life where confusion, chaos and survival were ever-present and so foreign to where they were going, but it was representative of daily life on planet Earth.

When they were placed on a regular bus, this represented a different mode of transportation. In other words… you have to travel this Earth first before you can fly into these spiritual realms. The plane even crashed to let them realize that this was not their destiny. They were not supposed to be on that plane. The sky was not their destination at the time.

On the bus, Kenny appeared. The bus represented a realm where Kenny could intersect two worlds, to be with his mother again… as was the dream she had, another dimension where they could meet. Rebecca could hardly believe her eyes when she recognized him in her lucid dream because she knew that Kenny now lives on another plane or dimension. Shocked but delighted, she asked, “What are you doing here?” Rebecca realized that she was out of body and that this was no longer ‘just a dream.’ She recognized the fact that she was actually with her son again!

It’s always interesting to me just how nonchalant our deceased family and friends act about their passing and the condition that is left. Our losses are so difficult for us to handle. Yet many times, our departed look at us like we are being so damn dramatic, and will you please just chill out a little bit? Like it’s not such a big deal. To emphasize this, Kenny firmly and deliberately placed his hands squarely on his mother’s shoulders as if to say, “Now listen carefully mom. I want you to really get this.” Then he plainly spoke, “It’s going to be alright!” A confused Rebecca asked, “What’s going to be alright?” And just like it’s a no-brainer, Kenny tells his mother, “Silly Goose” (A name he used to call her) “Life’s going to be alright!” And just to leave a lasting impression on her, Heavenly light effortlessly emanated from his very being. You don’t see this everyday!

When they took their seats on the bus, Rebecca panicked again as she checked to see if her son had vanished before her, as he had at least one other time before in a parting vision. Kenny’s passing was very traumatic for Rebecca, to say the least. We see that the disruptive and disturbing events which create post traumatic stress, after a tragedy, do not leave us easily. Fortunately, Rebecca saw Kenny was still present in his seat. Rebecca sighed in relief. Thank God he was still there!

When the bus stopped and Kenny’s family was directed to exit the bus at their destination, Rebecca turned and invited Kenny to come along with his family. But knowing he could not join them in his former capacity, he tells his mom that he will stay on the bus and continue on. Although this is bittersweet, Rebecca understands, Kenny was always a free spirit anyway and she knows of Kenny’s love of travel. And, you may notice, the place Kenny is traveling to is Kathmandu, which is the capital… or headquarters… of Nepal; which might represent the holy and spiritual place called Heaven.

So now Kenny leaves Rebecca’s lucid dream to travel back to the heavenly realms again. For Heaven is his home now. And while Rebecca and her family carry on with their day-to-day lives, Kenny lovingly watches over them with caring concern. You see, like many others who have crossed over, they know that, in the face of forever… this life we are living right now, is very, very short. Life will pass by and in hardly any time, all will be reunited once again and we will understand. You see, it’s apparent that, from Kenny’s new point of view, he knows this simple truth. His nonchalance says it all when he so ardently urges his mother saying, “It’s going to be alright.” “Silly Goose. Life’s going to be alright!” 

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Kenny and brother

Kenny and brother

Kenny's mom, brother and sister

Brother, Mom, Ken and sister








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7 thoughts on ““Life’s Going to be Alright!”

  1. Fascinating dream and interesting interpretations. It’s nice you had the chance to visit with your son and even get to know where he was headed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow Jade! You have so much insight! I didn’t know that Nepal was a spiritual place! You always explain things to me that make so much sense. I thank you so much for your generosity in explaining these visits. You have a completely kind heart and such a gift! I appreciate all that you do. 🙂 I hope my dream visits can help someone as much as reading others experiences has helped me. Thank you so much! 🙂

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