Knock It Off!

Cassie’s Grandfather shows up in many small ways to say he is with her and supports her from beyond, but says, “Knock it off with the family fighting!”

Cassie's Grandfather

Cassie’s Grandfather

Cassie writes:
“I recently lost my Grandfather in October of 2016. But, the last time I spoke to my Grandfather was June 19th, 2016, which was the day after my wedding. He stood up for my father, who abused all of his children. I tried to reach out to him during the summer and he refused to talk to me.”

“My sister’s 21st birthday was October 18th. Her cell phone quit working so I called my Grandfather and he actually spoke to me for the first time in months! He said that he loved me and that I would talk to him later. On October 23rd my siblings and I took some family pictures that we were going to send to my grandfather, along with all my wedding pictures. The morning of October 24th, I took my husband to work and came home. I called in sick and felt something was off. I fell back asleep for a few hours, then got up. I received a phone call from my sister saying that our Grandfather had passed away.”

“Since his passing, a lot of family issues have come up. A lot of family issues and fighting. The first experience I had that something strange was happening was that the door would be locked and it shouldn’t have been. The next thing was our Christmas lights. My Grandfather lived for Christmas. I turned them off and my husband said they were off. The next morning they were on. No possible way for them to be on.”

“Since then, little things have been off with things misplaced. Last night was the most recent one. My Grandfather would have been 71 years old at the end of this month. I was telling my husband a quote that my grandfather would say when I was little. A few minutes later, my blocks in my kitchen saying, “Family”, fell down to only one block. I heard it back in our bedroom. No possible way for it to fall down unless pushed.”

Commentary- When strange things happen after a passing, especially when we have recently been thinking or talking about our departed loved one, it is a sign that our loved one is trying to tell us that they are still with us. This type of communication is in order to “touch base” and comfort, so we know that our loved one’s existence has not really ended. Think of it as a spirit’s way of saying, “Hello. I’m here.”

When this happens, some people think there could be a more detailed message that their loved one is trying to convey, and are frantically trying to figure out what this ominous message is. For instance, that there is something wrong or something needs to be done immediately. Although this is completely possible, it is unlikely because mainly, our loved ones exist in a state of peacefulness now. For the departed, experiencing the bigger picture of things tends to calm and relax, not agitate.

Now, in Cassie’s case, giving the current issues and fighting that were driven to the surface after his death, Cassie’s Grandfather could have been trying to say, “Knock it off! Stop the family fighting!” You see that in Cassie’s last example, the “family” blocks were all but knocked off. But… the main point of these mysterious events and visits are intended to get our attention so we know that we have not truly “lost” them. They are usually just letting you know they are still around.

A continuous urgent prompting, usually experienced as a nagging feeling or a reoccurring dream or nightmare, could be a sign that our loved one is trying to tell or warn us of something. Having said that, anxiety is a state of fear that can also produce that kind of nagging effect as well as repetitive dreams and nightmares. Having worked with many anxious people who are going through a great loss and because of the instability from their loss, it is not uncommon for imaginations to run wild with fear. It’s when these urgent promptings, dreams and nightmares happen when one is calm and anxiety free, this is the time to take such promptings into special consideration. Given our departed loved one’s new perspective, generally they are peaceful and free from concern… even though they might sometimes take the opportunity to tell us to “knock it off!”

In life, Cassie’s Grandfather was conflicted between supporting his son against abuse allegations or his three grandchildren who were actually taken away from him, due to their father’s abuse. While trying to stick up for the grandkids, it was his own kid who he also wanted to protect. As a parent, perhaps he felt guilty about the reality of how his son had turned out and what he did. Being a reflection of himself, Cassie’s Grandpa may have even felt that he had something to do with it. Sadly, this is common. But in the end with all the abuse going on, you can see that each of the people in Cassie’s family have, in their own way, been victims of something. Hopefully time and perspective can heal this very unfortunate and common dynamic.

Although Cassie’s Grandfather was caught up in a sticky situation with those he loved in life, and did not know how to manage the abuse concerning his son and grandchildren since he lived across the United States, it is clear that with his recent spiritual visits, Cassie’s Grandfather is letting her know that he still loves her, is watching over her, and is supporting her from beyond, now.

4 thoughts on “Knock It Off!

  1. I find the incident of your “Family” blocks being knocked over except one block to be interesting. What letter was left? As to Jade’s suggestion that your Grandfather is trying to intervene in the Family fight. If the letter left was the last letter, “Y”, he could be asking “why” the fighting? Just a thought.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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