Just Beyond this Realm

Paula shares some after-death communications from her recently departed son, James. As it turns out, James has not gone, he is with his family; helping them, comforting them and teaching them that he still lives, just beyond this realm.

“My dear son, James, passed away seven weeks ago tomorrow and since his passing our family have had several experiences that we believe are ADC’s.”

“A few days after my son passed, his younger brother (my younger son), had a vivid dream; in the dream, James told his brother he could keep his musical equipment and to look after his health.”

“James was an excellent musician and a couple of years ago he filmed some blues guitar tutorials which he initially put out on YouTube.  He then took them down so that they could only be viewed by him on his private YouTube account.  His lovely wife and myself were desperate to find these videos of him singing, talking and playing his guitar, but alas, we did not know his password and had all but given up.  My daughter was using my laptop a couple of weeks ago and needed to go online; like me, she always uses google chrome, however, on this occasion, without even thinking she clicked on internet explorer and began to access google mail.  In doing so James’ google email account appeared and when she clicked on it, she immediately got access to his gmail account (James was never in the habit of saving his passwords).  As we looked through his emails, there were only two senders; a free online learning site which he subscribed to and emails from YouTube.  When we opened one of the emails from YouTube, it said something about his account and there was a link.  I clicked on the link and a message came up saying this was a private account and could only be accessed by the account holder.  Nevertheless, I clicked on the black YouTube box (after all, what had I got to lose) and to my amazement, I found a total of 21 videos that my son had recorded.  I felt that I had discovered a treasure chest and felt strongly that James had given us a gift.”

“Both myself and my daughter have had quite a few occasions (independently) when we could smell James very strongly.  This usually happens at night when we are very relaxed or asleep.”

“My daughter saw a bright elongated light dance across her kitchen.  She then said to her brother, ‘if that’s you then give me a sign’.  A few seconds later an orb appeared.”

“I also had a very vivid  dream last week.  In the dream I was in a beautiful grassy recreational area; the grass was very vivid green and the sky a vivid blue with very fluffy clouds.  In the dream I watched James smile and laugh; he was surrounded by lots of other young people.  There was such a strong sense of joy and happiness.”

“Four days before he passed on, he was in a deep coma and we all had a sense that he had already left his physical body.  James was deeply interested in the universe and how how the earth and all its inhabitants came to be.  He strongly believed in a creator although none of the world religions gave him the answer he was looking for.  I have no doubt that he has now found the answer to many things.”

Commentary- When receiving an after-death communication in a dream, one of the greatest hallmarks of an ADC is that the dream is vivid and seemingly clearer than life itself. Many people say it occurs as more “real.” 

James appeared to his brother in this dream to let him know with surety, that his beloved musical instruments were endowed to him. James knew they would be in good hands and this would be comforting to him, as well. If James’s younger brother is already a musician, perhaps he will be able to channel some of James’s influence and vibe in the playing of his own music. If he is not a musician, he could learn to play his brother’s instruments. Perhaps, through music, this could keep their brotherly connection more alive than ever.

Passwords are tricky. In this case, Paula and her daughter magically found it. Sometimes, after the asking, the answer is given to us, but if we are not paying attention, or we over-think it, we might actually lock ourselves out of the way to finding the passwords our deceased loved ones are so desperately trying to give us. Thankfully, they were able to access James’s password and have possession of his beautiful music again. What a gift! Forget gift, a whole treasure, just like Paula said.

When James showed up as a bright elongated light for his sister, and then her request to verify it was him, he responded next by turning into an orb, proving it was him. Orbs, lights, sparks, halo’s, rainbows are among the many signs of light given to us as evidence that our loves ones are not far from us. And please know that our loved ones can hear our thoughts and feel our feelings, so talk to them like his sister did. You just might get a result of some kind.

In another vivid dream, Paula is able to visit her son in a heavenly realm. Whether it was actually heaven or somewhere else, is yet to be known for sure, but there are many dimensions where we can go “out of body” to meet up with our lost loved ones without waiting for them to come to us. It takes a lot of practice and even then, it may or may not happen. But sometimes, when we are not trying, as in Paula’s dream, it just spontaneously happens when we least expect it; and there we are together with them, and haven’t the slightest clue how it even happened in the first place. But, what we find when we connect with our lost loved ones is that they are not lost after all. They are peaceful and accepting of their fate, even though the change may have be jarring for them originally, they seem to acclimate. Also, they seem to understand far more than those of us left behind because they are privy to a greater view of the total picture.

In this case, James was seen in a beautiful place with vivid colors that were almost supernatural. He was surrounded by those like him, youthful, happy and free from the pain of this world. James wanted his mother to know that he was not alone, but surrounded by friends like he is now; still alive in another realm and very aware of those he still loves deeply. James is peaceful because he understands that life of Earth does not last forever. He knows that the time will come when he will be reunited with his beloved family again. I can’t say this enough; LOVE is the bond that holds us together. I believe that love is the strongest power in the Universe. Perhaps this is why many people believe that at the end of it all, God IS LOVE.

Paula mentions that James was in a coma. She and her family had a strong feeling that James had already left his body. Although in some cases, physical consciousness stays with the body while in a coma, in other cases, the physical consciousness leaves the body. This can happen when one is in severe pain, when one has already gone to the “other side”because it was their time to go or when one in the coma has left their body, for whatever reason and has forgotten they were ever in a body in the first place. It’s quite likely that for those people, it becomes similar to a dream we sometimes have when it is almost impossible to tell our “real” life from the vivid dream reality. Many “out of body” adventures could become indistinguishable as to which reality they belong.  It is possible for some in a coma for a long period of time, to forget about themselves as a being with a body; for it is most natural for them to experience themselves as spirit; their true essence. 

An old movie comes to mind, Creator, in which the young girl is in a coma and has lost all physical consciousness. She is fading far away, fast. Instructed by the brilliant doctor, her young lover is given the assignment of entertaining her day and night; reading to her, telling her stories, reciting jokes, anything that can bring consciousness to her physical brain and body. In the movie it worked and she made a full recovery, but in real life, what happens is supposed to happen. Everything we do or do not know to do, to help our loved one NOT pass on, is perfect. We must think this way or we would go crazy, for what’s common in grief is to think we could have done something that could have made a difference in them living. 

James is at peace as he watches over the family he loves so much. He is very conscious and is helping his loved ones adjust to the devastating change of him being gone from the physical plane… and it’s difficult, for sure. It’s true, James, who was always interested in the Universe, its origins and the origins of man, no doubt, has access to mysteries that lie beyond our physical knowledge. And it is also possible that as we understand the bigger picture, as the eternities unfold, we will find that there are even many more mysteries to realize. But for now, until we meet again, our loved ones are just beyond this realm, loving us and watching over us and helping us to develop our souls. 

eagle-nebula (Image from Pixabay)

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  1. How wonderful that the you tube videos were found of James and that his family is able to stay connected with him in many ways! Beautiful story~thanks for sharing! Xo

  2. Can I second Eric’s post? I love reading these stories and seeing the ways we are all connected in life and death. It is awesome how James in his physical absence is still very much touching the lives of his family. Thanks for sharing.

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