Kevin’s Journey into the Light

Last night as I was waiting to drift off to sleep, there Kevin was, smiling at me in my mind’s eye. Apparently, Kevin wants me to share his story with you, as he keeps pushing his way up into the forefront of my thoughts. So, I will tell it to you.

It must have been1986 when we met. He was a costumer in an Italian restaurant I worked at. I was a single mother of two small children when we became friends. Kevin was a kind and loving soul. Besides being a great guy, Kevin was a pilot too.

Once, in a small plane, Kevin took me up into the night sky above our city. It was a warm and clear night. The lights below and above were most beautiful!

After that, I would see him on occasion, but gradually, with me getting married and both of us moving around, we eventually lost contact.

Later, I heard through the grapevine that Kevin met a special young woman with a child and they got married. A bachelor for a while, Kevin was delighted to have found his lovely wife and child, with which to start a beautiful new life. They were all very happy together.

Next time I heard about Kevin was in 1992 when I picked up the ringing phone. It was a mutual friend of ours. I could hardly believe the news! Kevin and two others had died in an airplane crash. Apparently the weather was stormy and foggy the day Kevin took 2 film crew workers from Moab to their destination. Except… they never made it. Their plane accidentally crashed into the mountain area called the Book Cliffs. They didn’t have a chance as they died on impact.

It was a cold November morning when we stood in the long line waiting to get into the building where Kevin’s memorial was. My daughter, Jill, was with me. Being intuitive, I remembered thinking how strange the place felt. Like Kevin was there, but… that he wasn’t at the same time. I remember saying something about this to Jill, but then forgot about this feeling soon after I left the funeral.

On Sunday afternoon, a few days later, I fell into a deep sleep. Well, I guess it was a deep sleep. In what seemed to be a vivid dream I found myself in a large room. It greatly resembled a giant school cafeteria … like the one I had when I was in High School. There were shiny floors, fluorescent lights and those really long tables with the seats attached to them.

There I was, sitting at one of the tables. There was no one else in the room… except Kevin. He was sitting at the table next to me. Although I noticed him and wondered, “What on Earth is he here for?” He didn’t seem to notice me. He seemed to be in a world all his own.

I remembered vacillating to myself, “Should I say something to him or not? This is odd, he’s not supposed to be here among the living. He’s dead now.”

After a while, I got the courage up to draw his attention to me, saying to him, “Hi Kevin! You’re here!” He looked at me as though I was stating the obvious. “Kevin. Do you remember?” A very puzzled look came over his face. Again, I continued, “Kevin, you don’t belong here now. Remember? You crashed in a plane wreck!” Although he was in strong denial and was getting ready to launch a vigorous defense, I somehow knew that my purpose in all this was to wake him up to his new beautiful “next” reality. So I persevered.

Thinking about the circumstances of how quickly he died. How could he had known what had hit him? He hadn’t even realized it yet!

He began with his defense of denial- trying to convince me that what I was saying was very wrong. Thinking of something to convince this stubborn spirit of the truth of his situation, I reminded him of his funeral. I reminded him of his lovely wife, child, and the people who loved him crying over his memory. But.. I think the actual clincher was when I reminded him of the songs someone sang for him on their guitar. One of them was The Dance by Garth Brooks.

Slowly, I could see the scales of denial beginning to fall from his eyes. I could see him remembering something important…as though it were coming into focus from a foggy vague dream. Then… a moment of sudden realization. The fog had cleared! I could see it in his countenance. He had been lost and wandering in this perpetual fog; unable to make any sense out of his recent situation. Can you imagine?

Then, without remembering why or even how I knew to say it at the time, I said to him, “Kevin… Go to the light. Go into the light!” And with that he was gone! And so was I, as I began to wake up from this realm we both shared together … one last time.

I love you Kevin! Until we meet again, I hope you have found peace, comfort and sheer bliss within the light.


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    • Hi jade,
      Question? My mothers son passed away recently! She told me her son came into her dream and asked for some money to buy some cigarettes! He also stated he was in the dark! It was dark! Mum told him to get the bedside lamp from her spare bedroom! Stated she woke from dream crying! Could you explain what this means please???

      Thank you

      • It could be that he has not gone to the light yet. He is still craving cigarettes, which symbolizes that he is still earthbound. Tell her not to worry. He will find his way. He might not even realize he has crossed over yet. Tell him to go to the light.

  1. I love your stories. I do have a lot of stories to tell about the communication I am having with my deceased boyfriend who passed away 3 months ago..

    • Eva please tell us your stories about your deceased boyfriends messages, I just lost my father on 3.5.16 and I feel he wakes me up like clockwork every night at 2:00 or a little after. I cared for him the previous 3 weeks until his last breath. I miss him so dearly and my heart is shattered in a million pieces but I take great comfort in these messages for example tonight I woke again at 2am and I went into my sons room to check on him and give him a kiss (he is 17yrs old and also my daddy’s favorite grand baby because my hubby and I were teen parents and my father pretty much helped me raise him the first 5 years of his life, hence being his favorite grand baby.) As soon as I kiss my little boy he goes mom, oyyyy (we are Laotian/Thai descent and my son is half Vietnamese) which is an expression of annoyance lol because I was disturbing his sleep due to my kisses. Well my father whom passed from bile duct cancer in his last days I’d wash his dear face with a warm wash cloth and feed him water by hand would also exclaim the same thing OYYYY because I’d waken him up from his rest and I would giggle “sorry daddy, I’m just cleaning your face.” I couldn’t believe my son said the exact same thing 1. He speaks strictly English and fluentlyunderstands my language but rarely speaks it. 2. He said it just like my daddy! I mean I was blown away! This happened less than hour ago it’s 3:18 now. I feel my daddy’s presence, it’s a warm loving vibe all around me.

      • I have had the same thing happen; that is, waking up at the same time every night and feeling a presence. 🙂 Also, that probably was your father coming through your son, letting you know that he is made from the same “fabric”- so to speak. Perhaps, not only to say that he is still with you, but that he lives through your son. 🙂 Sorry for your loss. Hugs.

  2. I lost my mother on the 18/11/2015, after a long time of her suffering from different diseases. She was coming to my dreams telling me why am I doing all this to myself like crying and not accepting her death. I even lost faith didn’t know where she was, if she’s just dead and buried or her soul is really in heaven. On the other hand, my sister couldn’t see her in her dreams she was frustrated crying wondering why she doesn’t come to see her. The same night I stayed over the night in my sister place at 3 o’clock in the morning I and my sister woke up on my mother’s foot step- we had both of us our eyes open Listening 2 her footsteps for a minute, we were in shock crying calling her name but nothing came back. How do u explain that?

    • Hi Anahid. Thanks for writing. Sorry about your mother.
      When one crosses over to the “other side,” they gain a whole new perspective. From where they experience things, they know we will be together again, and they know that they are always with us, so many times, like in your experience, they try to calm us down. While your mother was able to connect with you, for some reason, she was not able to connect with your sister. It could be that she was trying to connect with your sister and your sister didn’t recognize it as such.
      It is not uncommon to hear footsteps. The fact that you both were awake and heard your mother’s footsteps together should tell you that your mother was trying to connect with both of you, and apparently she did. 🙂 There is a lot that we can’t understand in our present state, as we are limited as humans. But, your mother is not so limited anymore and can find a way to do these things. Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. I too lost a parent on 18 November 2015, my lovely Dad lost his battle with cancer. We had many signs from him in the time after, lights flickering, doors opening, the tv being on when it was definitely off when my mum left the room. My mum and I have both seen him, and two of his grandchildren have seen him too. My niece simply looked up from playing waved to the corner and said Hi Grandad and went back playing. My mom and brother were the only two in the room with her. When I saw him it was fleeting, out of the corner of my eye and when I went to focus on it it was gone. I have only had one dream where he visited, and in the dream he died in my arms again but this time I knew what was happening and was kind of prepared for it in a way, we talked and said a lot of things and as he passed I awoke in floods of tears.

    These past few weeks I have been feeling very disconnected from him, just feeling numb and tonight I found your website and it’s like a weight has lifted. I felt my grandmothers presence very strongly, I think he is there too I am just not tuned in right now but I will keep sending him my love and I hope to get another sign from him when he can connect. I realised this evening I have never seen our garden so full of robins this year all year, he used to tell my girls the robins would whisper to him if they weren’t eating their breakfast etc so robins have always been his birds in our house.

    Thank you Jade for the work you do keep it up 😉

    • Thank you. And your welcome.😃 Glad this has helped.
      Sorry for the loss of your Dad. And I’m so glad you have received signs from him. I know it helps so much toward healing. Thanks for sharing.😃

  4. Hi,

    I am missing my mother. It is her 3rd death anniversary in two days time. I don’t feel her presence but some times hear her calling me. Whenever, I meet any friend’s mother I feel very good and very sad at the same time. They remind me of her (strange things like the way they would smile, the tensed expressions due to constant worry, the one or two white hair peeping out), so in some sense I feel like I am with my mother and then miss her terribly. I don’t know what to do. There are days I miss her so badly. But yes with a full time job and having two kids at home keep me busy. I know she would love me to be happy and successful and not behave the way I do (being short tempered, not exercising, not thinking positive thoughts). But I cannot help it. I envisaged her in everything in my life. I miss every moment that she is not with her grand children, the cute things they do and that they will never know their grandma.

    Today I heard a crow cawing while at work. By the time I heard it and looked it, it flew away. Maybe she is trying to contact me and maybe it was just wishful thinking. My aunt saw her in her dream shortly after she died where she told her that she was fine and was reborn as this beautiful happy baby girl.

    How do I overcome this grief? I know if I grieve like this and if she is there, she would not like it all. But I can’t be the person I used to be.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kristina. No, you will never be the same person you were before, but… after healing this, you can be even stronger and wiser than you ever were. You are still in your process. Sometimes it takes awhile. Please be patient and kind to yourself as you are doing the best that you can. It’s hard to lose someone you are so connected to. Our loved ones visit us and many times we don’t even recognize it because we spend so much time thinking it was our imagination or just wishful thinking. The crow, for example. Just know that she is always with you and she does know her grandchildren, although they have not met her yet. Just allow yourself to freely feel your grief without any resistance and you will heal more quickly. My best to you and your family. Hugs.

      • Hi Jade,

        Thank you for your kind words. I think I grieve freely but no longer feel like sharing my emotions with others around me. I know it would hurt them as they are also very attached to her. I ache to see her in my dreams and when I do, it’s the best thing. I do hope I can continue on the path that made my mum proud of me. I feel terrible thinking that I am a pale reflection of the daughter and person she knew I was. I am trying but am full of negativity. To see such a bad end (cancer) come to a person whose biggest and only flaw was she cared a bit too much about everyone around her, makes me question the meaning of life and why bad happens to people who are full of kindness, love and generosity.

        I hope I can overcome but I need to see a ray of hope. I know it is trying to come out.

        Thank you for the love.

        • Many times, people misunderstand what this life is all about. Basically, this is the world of opposition. Therefore; although it doesn’t seem right, bad things can happen to good people. We often make the mistake of thinking that being “good” is our insurance against cancer and many other unfortunate experiences. But the thing is… we are here to experience the world of both good and bad. Surely, bad will rear its ugly head at times.
          Your mother’s goodness was not lost on this world as, for all who were fortunate enough to know her, she leaves a road map to follow. She was a great example of how to be in a world where the worst stuff can happen. You mother was and still is an angel of light. She leaves her light with you.
          It totally sucks that she had cancer and passed away, but she is always with you. Even now. 🙂 Could love do anything else?

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