“It’s Safe to Believe”

Experiencing life as agnostic, Rob’s views begin to change when he receives one after-death communication after another, leaving him more of a believer in the afterlife.

Rob writes:
“I was raised by a single parent, my mom, who was a very spiritual and religious woman (Roman Catholic). I am writing this because I lost my mom, December 20, 2015, and begged for a sign… which I got!”

“As a child, my religious background was Roman Catholic. When I was 16 years-old, my views changed to agnostic. That being said, let me share a few of my experiences with the dead.”

Rob's mom and Uncles

Rob’s mom and Uncles

“The following are a few experiences that have occurred over the last 10 years.”
“A dear Uncle passed away about 9 years ago. On the day after his passing, I was leaving for Newark, New Jersey International Airport at 4:30 am, for a 6:30 am flight. I was locking my apartment door with no one else in an empty hallway, when I got a slight shove on my left shoulder from behind. I just smiled and thanked my Uncle for thinking of me. I knew it was him! When I got to Florida, 2 days later, both my wife and I, got tapped on our shoulders while laying in bed. Funny thing was- that we each thought the other person did the tapping.”

“My second and most unusual after-death communication was when my second Uncle passed away, about 4 years ago. My wife was away on business. I was watching TV late into the night when I felt someone breathing heavy behind me on my bed. It was 2:20 am, I was so fascinated that I questioned whether it was really happening. I first held my breath and still heard the breathing and felt a presence behind me. Then, I muted my TV and kept hearing the breathing. I shifted my body a bit with the muted TV and still heard the breathing. I then, proceeded to thank that Uncle for coming to visit. Ten minutes later, it all stopped. Throughout the entire experience, I felt no fear, but only curiosity and astonishment.”

“Now, to my most precious moment, which was the death of my beloved Mother on December 20th, 2015. I was so grief stricken. I have to admit, I did have dreams about her; something I very, very rarely had while she was alive. On the 23rd of December, she was cremated. I cried most of the night and begged her for a sign that she was ok, and to help me deal with my grief. On the 24th of December, it was 70 degrees in NYC. On that day, my wife felt heat on the side of her arm while walking in our house, twice, in two parts of the house! 2 light bulbs burned out in two different places that day, a smoke alarm chirped 3 times, then stopped, and, I saw two flashes of bright red lights in the house that were unexplained.”

“A few days ago, I was getting up to go to the toilet, when I heard in the downstairs, the sound of boxes being dropped, then being picked up, then being dropped again. Not big thuds, but light thuds. I heard these thuds 4 times. I haven’t heard them since.”

“Lastly, I was away with my wife at a hotel. I was watching TV into the wee hours of the morning (about 4 am), when I felt someone pressing down on the mattress ever so lightly (kneading). I kept hearing the rustling of the sheets and the continual pressing. This went on for about 10-15 minutes, then stopped.”

“Ever since I have received the signs from my Mom, I have felt a sense of peace in my soul. It has eased my grief of her passing away.”

“Anyhow, I’m glad I’m sharing this with you and it gives me a hope to some sort of afterlife….something I had questioned much in my earlier years.””

Commentary- It’s true, after-death communications can come in all tactile forms. It’s clear that if Rob had felt this gentle shoving on the Subway or in a crowded room, he probably wouldn’t think twice about it. But… being totally alone in the hall of his apartment at 4:30 am, and on the day of his Uncle’s passing, it was a hard one for him to miss.

As for the tapping on the shoulders of Rob and his wife, this Uncle must have had a funny sense of humor to make each one think it was the other that did the tapping, only for them to find out that both of them had experienced the same thing. Naturally, a few days after his first experience in the hallway, Rob was able to put it together pretty fast that this was still his Uncle just having some fun with his newfound spirit body interacting in the physical world.

The breathing Rob was fascinated by while watching the TV, which he muted to see if it lingered, is not so common, but it does happen. If this were a negative energy, Rob would have automatically been “creeped out”, however, Rob felt no threat or fear. Apparently Rob is more intuitive than he might think, as he has quite an awareness. Rob had his metaphorical “antennae” out to catch the subtlety of something as faint as this breathing which lasted for quite some time.

Light bulbs going out, alarms chirping and other electrical disturbances that manifest for no apparent reason, are all common ways that serve to get our attention. But two flashes of unexplained red lights? Now that’s a pretty cool trick! Someone went above and beyond the call of duty on that one! What an attention-getter! 

Another after-death communication that is not so common, but still involves the feeling of being touched; the noticeable heat Rob’s wife felt on the side of her body on a cool day in New York. Often, we hear that Earthbound spirits are experienced in a tactile way, as cold spots or pockets of energy in an otherwise warm area. While this may be true, it’s probably a good sign that she experienced warmth in a cool area, instead. And besides… it was a cool day, so thanks for the warmth!

Yes, although it could seem to be a little unnerving, spirits can move things. How? The manipulation of energy, of course!  Hey, if I were a new spirit with newfound abilities, I’d be trying out all sorts of things. Wouldn’t you? I would maybe even… NO, being the humorous soul that I already am in life, I would definitely throw in some practical jokes on my loved ones, just to be clear that they knew I was there. I wouldn’t be able to resist! Hey, those spirits who have made it to the “other side” deserve to, right? After all, does life/death really have to be so serious? We know we live on, so what’s there to sweat. We will all live on and we will see each other once again. And, now that they are on the “other side”… this is EXACTLY, what they want us to know. 

Now, for the matter of the kneading mattress. Are we beginning to notice a pattern here. In at least half of Rob’s after-death experiences, they happen late into the night… or in the “wee hours of morning” as Rob likes to put it. This is because it is really quiet. But not only is it quiet in the external world; it is also quiet in the internal world, as well. With nothing more than some mindless TV, good hearing, awareness and really good attention skills, Rob has easily been able to hone in on these anomalies, which have been nothing short of amazing and healing for Rob.

So while Rob’s Uncles have passed on throughout the years, and currently now, his Mom, Rob has found peace and comfort in all of these experiences. What occurs strongly to me, is that Rob is being sent a clear message from those who love him best, that, “There is no doubt, Rob… there really is a life after death! It is safe to believe. And… we will see each other again someday, on the “other side” of life.”


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  1. Rob, I was like you – lost in all belief of an after-life being an agnostic/atheist…but after Joanna’s passing there is something after our physical deaths. Thank you for sharing!

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