I’m Closer Than Ever, Mom

In this post, Bridgette writes in to share a few of her after-death communications from her son, Benny Durell, who was murdered in a double homicide. You will see that Durell has neither lost his aliveness nor his ability to communicate in a special way with his mom.

Bridgette writes:
“Hi Jade , my name is Bridgette Booker. I’d like to share my after-death communication . I actually have several and a question about one I believe to be an adc as well, but this is one that I will share now.” Durell's arm in the photo

“My son was killed in a double homicide on Jan 26th, 2015. A couple of weeks after he was buried, I was sitting on my bed taking pictures of my dog. In every picture I took, there was a bright light in it. (I’m still kicking myself because I wasn’t thinking) I would take a picture and there would be a bright light, I would delete it, adjusted the settings, I turned flash on/off, etc. I even adjusted the lamp shade (as you’ll see in this pic). Then, I got up and went to other side of bed, took another picture and the same thing happened! I was aggravated! I threw my phone on bed and went to kitchen to get some iced tea. When I came back, I picked up the phone and took another pic and it was perfect!”

“I went back in gallery to see if by chance there was one I didn’t delete, just trying to figure out what the problem was. And, still… not thinking and thank God, I had only one left I hadn’t deleted. This is it. I believe it’s my son. I see an arm, a hand and shoulder. I’m still kicking myself for all the ones I deleted. Had to be anywhere from 9-12 pictures.”

Benny Durell“The next pic is my son, his name is Benny Durell Booker. He was 29 . He’s my 2nd son to be murdered. Tim was my 1st son. Both of them were murdered in their 20’s; both murdered in month of Jan and both on a Monday. I buried Durell on Feb 3rd of this year. Tim was born Feb 5th, their dad born Feb 12, and I was born Feb 18. I don’t know what the dates mean, I know it’s not a coincidence though. All I can do is pray and ask for understanding.”

“The adc question I have is about a dream I had several weeks ago. I dreamt that I saw Durell standing in front of me. Then, we were flying; soaring through the clouds. I can still feel the wind, the lightness and I still see us side by side. He was doing the driving and I was just riding with him. He would even go fast at times and make sudden turns; as if we were on a roller-coaster! It was so real. When I woke up, I still felt the experience of flying and I can still feel it now.”

“Durell and I didn’t have a close relationship, but I know he loved me and I know, he knew that I loved him. What bothers me is when I first saw him in my dream, he wasn’t smiling. But I can’t say he was frowning either. Although, I can feel myself smiling in the dream, I not once saw Durell smile, which hurt me and still hurts. Do you think I experienced an adc or just a dream? It was sooo real and when I think of it… I still feel the experience of flying with my son.”

Commentary- This was definitely an after-death communication. And… this is also an out of body experience, meaning that Bridgette was actually there flying with her son, with her subtle body! He was able to manage this experience with his mom, which showed her that her son was still connected to her. Although he lost his life in this Earthly realm, he is closer than ever; even able to treat her to a exhilarating ride through the heavens!  

When the visit with your loved one feels and seems vividly real, when you are thinking in your dream AND when you wake up feeling that you have been with them, somewhere other than in your sleeping body… YOU HAVE! Another way to put it is… a lucid dream is usually an out of body experience. When it involves a lost loved one, it also becomes an after-death visitation/communication.

As in Bridgette’s case with Durell, sometimes our deceased loved ones don’t smile like we think they should. After all, we smile because we are so glad to see them, right? It may have been a long time for us. Aren’t they just as glad to see us? Of course they are, but they probably have already seen us many times since their passing. They’ve seen us in shock, in denial, crying, angry, sad, despondent and confused. In other words… They’ve seen us A LOT! So when it finally happens and we finally see them in a dream or otherwise, they probably don’t think it is as big a deal as we do. To us… actually seeing them is a mind-bending experience that appears to be miraculous. For them, the miraculous is just a way of life and even a no-brainer, given the greater and grander view of it all.  

Even though Bridgette said that she didn’t actually see Durell smiling, she FELT him smiling. So… he WAS smiling from within! Maybe that’s more important than smiling from without.

And although Durell and his mother were not very close when he was alive, as Bridgette mentions, it sure didn’t stop him from coming to see her after the fact. Maybe it’s even a little easier to hang out now, than when he was living in this dimension… and it certainly takes less travel time! Right?

Since Durell’s passing, Bridgette has been able to capture his spirit many times on camera. She is becoming quite good at this. It’s a good thing that she finally realized the bright light in the picture was actually her son and not a malfunction of the camera. Even though she got exasperated with the strange images on her camera, Durell was relentless as he didn’t give up on her noticing. Thank goodness she was able to keep at least one image of him!

Bridgette mentions the coincidence in the dates of family members. Some people also see re-occurring numbers that represent something symbolic about their loved one or important times and dates. Remember that everything within the context of language has a connection to math, as numbers are a form of intelligent communication. The hard part can be in trying to figure it all out.

So now, Bridgette has successfully found some other ways to communicate with her son, as they have made some powerful connections. In future posts, I will share more of her findings. But for now… Everyone can have a connection with their lost loved one. As with the difficulties that come with communicating with people in life, you just have to find a style which works with those in the other realm. These experiences have helped Bridgette to know that her son, Durell, is closer than ever.

Also see Bridgette’s other adc, “Durell’s Here!”

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  1. Hi, I lost a Son as well (in June 2015). I asked him for a dream one night. I heard him whisper “Ok.” It was the most amazing dream I ever had. I had expected a message type dream, but no it was a flying dream. In the dream I was flying with a male spirit (I believe must have been my Son). We morphed to Spirit form and part of my Spirit turned into various, vibrant colors and as we flew I spun. I also had a dream he visited me in and he wasn’t smiling at the time either. I was thinking that day I wish I could stroke his head again, and in the dream I spoke to him; and I stroked the top of his head and he let me. I think he was letting me fulfill my wish.

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