“I Got Hurt, But I’m Alright”

In the after-death communication and out-of-body experience, Cynthia receives a visit from Jordan, a former neighborhood boy who was shot and killed.

Cynthia writes:
“One of the neighborhood kids, Jordan, was murdered in September of 2015. He was murdered just days after he came to visit us, and we had not seen him in years. He moved away when he was around 11 years old. When he came to visit he was 17. His murder was talked about on the news and while we were trying to piece the puzzle together to see if it was really him, we were shocked to find out it was!”

“I am not 100% on the details of his murder. I just know that he was shot hanging a round guys much older than him and who knows what they were doing? Growing up, his mom was a single working mom and he and his brother were pretty much raising themselves. They were mischievous kids and I am sure it transcended into their teen years also.”

“A couple days after I heard the news report and knew this was Jordan, I had a very vivid and comforting dream. Jordan came to our house in the same manner he last visited. He was wearing all white and sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was parked on the street in front of our house. When I came out the door and saw him, I said, “Jordan what are you doing here?” Jordan replied, “I’m alright, I got a little hurt, but I am alright.” He then waived his arm in the air, showing me his hand was bandaged. I said back to him, “Oh, you’re alright!” Immediately, after I was elated and could not wait to give everyone the good news when I woke up, until I realized it was just a dream.”

Commentary- This dream was not only an after-death communication from Jordan, but an out-of-body experience too!

Although Jordan had just visited Cynthia’s family, (perhaps something deep inside of him wanted to see them one last time and tell them a final goodbye), he even visited after he passed, as well. Both of these visitations tell me that Jordan was strongly connected to this family. Perhaps they offered him the structure and consistency that his home life did not. Perhaps they were the family Jordan wished he had. Perhaps the visit was his way of saying thanks. And while Jordan’s mother did her best to provide a home for her boys, unfortunately, some children left alone are forced to fend for themselves in other ways.

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Jordan appeared in the same way that he did before; sitting in the passenger seat of a car that is going somewhere, but stopping long enough to acknowledge this neighborhood mother. (Let’s hear it for neighborhood moms! Who, by the way, are very important in helping to raise a village.)

Although we don’t have the full story, he might have stopped at his own house too, or even made other stops in different ways, but we only know about this one. In this case, he must have known of the concerns Cynthia and her family were feeling and wanted to bring comfort to them.

Jordan was wearing white, which symbolizes that he is on the “other side” of life, as if to say, not to worry about him for another second. The fact that, Cynthia saw Jordan in her dream and already knew he had passed, tells me that this was not just an ordinary dream. This was an out-of-body experience, as well. Or in other words… a real visitation! Awareness is the key here.

Jordan knew of Cynthia’s concern with her puzzled look. Although Jordan had been shot, he didn’t show up that way. That would have been way too unsettling and definitely not a good look. Instead, Jordan was waving his bandaged arm in the air to tell her that although he got a little hurt, (as in lost his life in this realm, prematurely), he can never ever be hurt enough to die in the broader sense. He literally appeared to give peace and comfort to a concerned mother, (Bless her heart), to show that he is alright in his non-physical body and in the safety of the light. 

When this visit with Jordan was over, filled with joy and elation, Cynthia couldn’t wait to tell everyone the good news. And then she realized that she had been asleep and dreaming. 

You see, that’s the thing about a visitation. It can seem so real that you can actually lose track of which world you belong to for a short amount of time. Somewhere out there, between this world and the next… well actually, it was only a dimension away… Jordan came for a visit and through this mother, eased a family’s mind.

In cases like these, the question always arises, “Should I talk to his mother about this?” That’s a very difficult question to answer. It is as individual to each person as it is sensitive. Some mothers who have not heard from their child would be very relieved, while other mothers might take this as an affront, which brings with it a whole host of insecurities about why someone else received the visit and not them.

It is possible that Jordan has visited his mother, as well. In this case, this might validate his continued existence and she might really appreciate that her experience was not the imagination of a grieving mother’s mind. 

My hunch is that if you are sensitive enough to have one of these experiences, you are probably sensitive enough to know what to do or not do with it, and when or not to do it.

As for Jordan’s bandaged arm. It wasn’t really hurt, not anymore in the afterlife, I mean. This was for Cynthia’s benefit only. It served as a symbol suggesting to Cynthia’s mind that, although he was injured in a fatal incident, that cut his life short, and although he would have to adjust to this fact, even something as seemingly final as death, could never really end a life.

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  1. This is a pretty incredible communication. Very cool him coming to give some reassurance that he is okay. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for sharing. I have a question; what kind of white clothing was he wearing? Was it pants or robe?? Curious here.

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