Ho’oponopono… an Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice of mental cleansing that focuses on forgiveness and reconciliation. Also known as the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness, it is believed that when you forgive another, you are actually forgiving yourself. When you forgive, you are set free from the painful emotional states that fuel thoughts and feelings of darkness. But mostly, you are set free from the past. Ho’oponopono means, “to put right.”

In many Polynesian cultures, the belief is held that a person’s errors (sins) can create negative energy in the form of illness and pain. Thus, as soon as an issue arises, it must be dealt with immediately to avoid attracting malevolent energies.

Anciently, specific rites were performed in familial groups, by spiritual leaders called Kahunas, for the purpose of atoning for errors made, thereby, releasing the accumulation of negative karma. Included in this rite were prayer, discussion from every point of view, and confessing the error, thus, enabling truth to set negative energies free.

This is not a new practice. Some form of confession can be found all over the world. It is simply called, “restoring integrity” or in other words, “telling the truth.” Even though it sounds so simple, not everyone is willing to step into this high vibration. Even Alcoholics Anonymous have the saying “Your secrets make you sick.”  AA advocates that to become well, one must admit that which is hidden.

In a world where people are so quick to “be right” and blame others, it has become a habitual response, and even a reflex, to barely accept any responsibility, let alone, 100% of it!! But this is the practice, and it is said to completely clean and clear out old programs and negative karma that have been handed down through the ancestors of the past, thereby, restoring order, peace and harmony.

In 1976, this simple and effective self-transformational technique was modified and taught by a Kahuna, Morrnah Nalamuku Simeona, who, like her mother, was an amazing healer, a great facilitator of peace and an asset to the many people she touched through this work.

In 1982, one particularly curious student, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, enrolled into one of Simeona’s seminars. Although skeptical, this doctor would become a true believer in the practice of Ho’oponopono, and would also go forth to transform the lives of many.

Dr. Hew Len learned from Morrnah Nalamuku Simeona, until she passed away in 1992. Having listened closely to her teaching and practices, Dr. Hew Len was able to further simplify and improve the Ho’oponopono process, and make it even more powerful to those who used it.

For three years, while Dr. Hew Len worked as a staff psychologist for Hawaii State Hospital, he was able to practice Ho’oponopono on the files of the male patients where he worked. In this high security psychiatric housing facility, rapist, murderers and other violent offenders lived together. In fact, it was common for patients to practice violence against each other and staff members on a regular basis.

After three years, the violence had mostly ceased, with the exception of some of the newest patients. Eventually, the whole unit was closed because there was no longer a need to keep it open. Patients were healed and released, or moved into other non-violent units. All of this was documented and corroborated by many witnesses and personnel.

Ho’oponopono might still be largely unknown, had it not been for a man named Joe Vitale, who tracked Dr. Hew Len down to get the full story. Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale have co-written a book titled “Zero Limits.”

When Joe asked Dr. Hew Len, “How did you heal these violent patients without seeing each one in person?” Dr. Hew Len replied, “I didn’t heal them. I healed part of myself that created them.” Dr. Hew Len makes no claims to be a Kahuna.

The Ho’oponopono Practice

To effectively practice Ho’oponopono, you have to be willing to be 100% responsible for everything!!! That’s right! It is believed that this state of being has so much integrity, that it can actually erase errors and misunderstandings of the past. I’m talking… throughout generations. With this high state of accountability and power, you are stepping forward to acknowledge, correct and atone for the mistakes that exist in the world. Sounding familiar?  Although Kahuna, Morrnah Nalamuku Simeona was largely influenced by Christianity, she also integrated teachings from India, China and Edgar Cayce.

To some, it may seem weak and victim-like to accept 100% of responsibility for everything, especially if you think it’s not your fault. This is only true if it is done in a powerless way. But actually, this practice comes from a very high perspective. Heaven?

Many may still subscribe to the old model of blaming something or someone else. While this “outer world” viewpoint is a common perspective to experience, it is not a powerful one. This perspective comes from a belief that one can be a victim. Oh, what? You didn’t know you don’t have to be a victim of yourself, other people, circumstances and situations? Well, it is convenient to be a victim, I guess, but it’s not empowering or necessary, and besides that, it’s probably not consistent with the true nature of who you really are.

No matter what has happened to you, no matter what they did, being a victim is really just a state of mind. It is a perspective. And even though it may seem difficult to not fall into that victim trap, you get to choose what perspective to come from. Will you be the one to rise above it all, or the victim?

The most powerful perspective takes a lot of courage, strength and spiritual maturity. It is the perspective that says, “Whatever this issue is, I am responsible for it, even though it’s not my fault and I’m not to blame!!” To stand in the creation of an issue is the most powerful place to stand. You are not the victim, but you are at the source of true power. If you take 100% responsibility, and then feel guilty for it, you are being a victim. Remember? That doesn’t work because you are now faulting and blaming your self. It is not about guilt and blame. It is about love, charity and grace.

If you notice you are getting hung up on this information being right or wrong, true or false, please remember, this is only a perspective. But it’s a perspective that works!

Coming from this perspective, you not only demonstrate true strength and undaunted courage, but the purity of one who is so committed to peace and healing in the world, that you would so generously lay down your own “Ego” to have it.

When this process is complete, you have allowed the Divine to work with and through you. Your true nature is restored and you are made whole. In your innocence and humility, new life, light, love, grace and inspiration will open up to you, because there will be a clean and clear space for this to happen.

Ho’oponopono Process (cleaning and clearing)

  • Immediately, when an error has occurred, do the Ho’oponopono process.
  • Think of the person, place, circumstance, event or situation. Have it in your mind. Since this is coming from a higher perspective, some people like to view the situation from a higher perspective. In other words, the person, place, etc. is on a stage below (the stage of life) and you are above watching it all.
  • Take 100% responsibility for everything (every error in thought, word and deed that is needing to be cleansed and cleared)
  • Repeat as a Mantra with empowerment-   

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
This can be in any order, as long as you mean it. Make sure you are doing this out of a place of strength and power, not weakness and disempowerment, because that perspective does not have the power to restore integrity or complete the past.

  • Continue process with consistency until all negative charge has been cleared.  When you clean and cleanse your inner world, you clean and cleanse your outer one too, and visa versa. You can’t lose!
  • End with, “And it is done.” Trusting that the Divine will handle the rest.

To be willing to be 100% responsible for all errors is an extremely high state to participate in to make a positive difference. Errors may include: relationships, financial problems, old programming, past life karma, illness, addictions, problems, pain and suffering, negative and undesirable emotional states, stress, and many other issues. Dr. Hew Len calls it a profound gift to be able to do this work, and as a result experience complete freedom from the past, thereby, joining the Divine.

 Aloha! (affection, peace, compassion, mercy)

14 thoughts on “Ho’oponopono… an Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique

  1. Thanks. Lovely post.
    Being 100% responsible is a great way to live,
    and the process is simple, so it is easy to remember and practice.
    I Love You
    I’m Sorry
    Please Forgive Me
    Thank You

  2. you have done a marvellous job by providing this post. it will help a lot the people who are searching for information. thanks for sharing.

  3. I am.practicing Hoponopnopo daily for 51 or 108 times at a stretch.

    Please confirm for each sentence we have to add “And it is done” if chanting 108 times.


    • Hi there! Thanks for writing! You just say it after the whole group of sentences is said. You can also chant it 1 million times and say, “And it is done” at the very end of that. It is not so much how you do it, as that you do it, that works. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the reply. I am constantly repeating the ho’oponopono mantra, but still unable to get rid of past life mistakes from my mind and thoughts and fear still there.


    • Sure. 🙂 Something came to mind for me to tell you about. If you go to the home page, you will find, “tools” on the navigation bar. Click on that and read EFT, Higher self communication, Mantras, but especially this one for you to read- http://griefandmourning.com/overcoming-fear-facing-inner-demons It sounds like what you are dealing with. I hope you can find some comfort and peace for yourself. Many blessings for them to you.

  5. I was reminded of this when one of my client’s recently told me about how effective this practice has been for her own healing. It was recommended to her by a friend and she has found amazing peace in this practice over the past few weeks. Seeing her yesterday I could see the difference in her. It has profoundly helped her PTSD; more than any other therapy she has tried in the past several months. And it is so simple. I am hoping to see continued peace for her moving forward. Thanks for sharing information about this practice.
    “I love you
    I am sorry
    I forgive you
    Thank you”

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