Higher-Self Communication

There are times in our lives when we want or need to talk to a particular person in order to complete something of importance, BUT, actually doing so… may seem too difficult for us, if even impossible. Reasons for this lack of communication may include:

  • Not knowing the person well enough, so approaching them could be awkward or even embarrassing.
  • We speak different languages.
  • We’ve lost contact, with no way of locating them.
  • This person may live too far away, and maybe, even so far away that they are no longer on this planet.
  • The person we want or need to speak to isn’t in a good position to be contacted by us, or… if we did contact them, perhaps they would refuse to speak to us, or hear our message.
  • Or maybe… it is even our own pride that prevents us from speaking with them.

But, it’s possible that this is the most difficult one of all…

  • It could be that the issues between the two are so sticky, that every attempt to sort things through leaves those involved with an attitude of defensiveness and frustration, causing both to walk away while throwing their arms up in the air in sheer resignation!

You may have experienced this before. Completely discouraged by the many attempts to communicate, but to no avail, and now… you’ve finally given up the thought and hope that this issue between the two of you, could ever be rectified.

But… whatever the circumstances are, it ends the same; you are left with the sense of the incompletion that continually hangs over your head, just begging to be resolved and put to rest.

More than likely, what you really wanted or needed to tell this person was something that you never got a chance to say; for example: to give an apology, to ask or accept forgiveness, to straighten something out, to make a request or to give them your love and/or blessings? Or maybe, you just wanted to be heard and were uncertain that you ever were in the past.

Many years ago, out of necessity, I learned that if I ever wanted or needed to get a message to someone, no matter how near or far, I could do so. I just had to remember what I had discovered for myself all those years ago, and how effective it always was.

Of course, while actually talking to this particular person might be the first and most obvious choice, this “Higher-Self Communication” method really works well, and maybe even a whole lot better then actually talking to them, when things have become too rough.

Communication with their Higher Self-

  • Sit quietly with eyes closed with the intention of communication with this person. Give yourself a few minutes to settle into an inner peaceful state of mind by listening to your breath.
  • Now, focus on this person’s energy field. This is the way they feel to you when they are around. Allow yourself to rise above the limitations and constraints of your physical self until you feel like you have located and connected to their energy. Imagine they are sitting before you.
  • When you’ve made this connection, with your higher and wiser self, give their higher and wiser self the message you wish them to hear. It is important that you trust in your message’s delivery and reception.

You don’t need to worry about repeating it many times, or having some big ritual about it. In this peaceful state of higher connection, just give them your message and listen. Sometimes… you can even hear a communication back from their higher self! All this is taking place on a much higher level than the level of physicality, on which we exist at the time. Of course, it needs to be said that the higher and wiser self is beyond the petty things of this world, so messages given, would be given with love.

Higher-self communication is heard on an intuitive level, which filters down from the higher, wiser self, to the lower, physical self. Since this is an effective form of telepathic communication, don’t be surprised if you see subtle to drastic changes in your relationships immediately or over time. Don’t be surprised if someone calls you out of the blue, or you coincidentally run into them. These messages are direct and powerful, and with them, bring completion, which can bring about profound peacefulness.

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Here’s a cute picture to inspire you!
He’s communicating with the cat he
always had issues with.

3 thoughts on “Higher-Self Communication

  1. I had a dream of my father looking in a mirror at himself and he passed in June of this year on my birthday I wonder why on my birthday and what the dream means ? Also I’d like to communicate with him that it’s ok for him too move on

    • It was probably a premonition to you that he was soon going to face another part of himself on the other side. We rarely look at it this way, but death is like birth. It is a sacred time for us to be born and enter into a new realm.

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