“Hi Honey! See You Soon.”

In this after-death communication, Tina receives a strange, but comforting voicemail message from her deceased boyfriend, Bob.

Tina writes:
“Can a spirit go inside my dog? Can a spirit call from their old cell phone with no minutes on it?”

Tina's Boyfriend, Bob“My boyfriend, Bob, passed away on March 11th, 2015 from lung cancer. The other day, I received a new voice message on my phone. It was from Bob’s phone that had no minutes! Bob’s cell phone was through “straight talk.” He bought a card every month at Wal-Mart.”

“On my phone, the message said, “Hi honey. I am on my way to see you soon, baby doll.” I also noticed that my dog, Sophia, was acting strange; sitting there and staring at me. It felt like the spirit of my boyfriend was inside my dog. I am sure of this! When I said, “Bob, I am okay”, Sophia stopped staring at me and laid down. She is very protective of me too.”

Commentary- The day before I got Tina’s after-death communication email, I was remembering a time shortly after my mother passed. I was thirteen years old at the time. Although I didn’t know much about the subject of after-death communications at the time, I remember strongly sensing my mother’s spirit and the essence of her personality through my cat, Kitty. At the time, I thought I might be imagining it, but it was a strong enough presence that it could not be ignored. I even dared to tell my older sister of this.

This went on for some time. Then, psychically again, I sensed that my mother knew I would be okay, and one day she left my cat. Then… my cat was just my cat. As I was thinking about this I wondered if anyone out there has had this experience. Then, there came Tina’s email! Having experienced this myself, I know what Tina is saying is true. Although spirits can appear in a temporary form in flying animals such as birds, humming birds, dragonflies and butterflies, for I’ve written about all of these, they can indeed, exist in other animals. I guess it’s just what they are able to manifest at the time.

Tina wondered if it is possible for Bob to call her to leave a message from a phone with no minutes left. I must say, I had to chuckle a little at Tina’s cute question. Like, if Bob had minutes left, would it be any different? Tina got a brand new message on her phone from Bob’s phone! Whether it had minutes or not is a mute point. To me, it’s almost miraculous that this sort of thing even happens at all.

Here’s the thing- spirits do not necessarily follow the same laws that we do in the physical world, but they often communicate like they do. Spirits no longer have to be in compliance with their cell phone provider’s rules and regulations. How fun would that be? While spirits use energy to make these things occur, it can be completely independent of what we are used to. This is what Tina experienced and why she was confused. 

Many have experienced a dead phone ringing in the drawer for no reason, a deceased loved one calling from a previously owned number that is no longer theirs. Or perhaps a phone call message left from a caller who no longer lives in the physical realm and/or the phone that rings and when caller id is checked and it is their deceased loved one, they are too startled to pick up the phone. So yes, Tina. These things are not only possible, but they happened to you! WhooHoo! 

In Bob’s message to Tina, he tells her that he is going to be seeing her soon. What this may mean is for Tina to prepare herself, instead of him just seeing her… he might be preparing her that she might be seeing him too! This sort of thing could happen at any moment and It takes some special adjustments in one’s thinking for one to not be completely freaked out when it does!

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4 thoughts on ““Hi Honey! See You Soon.”

  1. What a great communication. I can’t imagine how it felt to hear his voice and feel his presence through your dog. Such a clear message that he is still there for you. Touching and very cool. And very cool how the timing of this message worked out for you Jade. Thanks for sharing.

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