“Hi” From Heaven

In this after-death communication, Liz’s father says “hi” from the heavens, as her name is literally written in the sky.

Liz writes:
“On a weekend last November, my partner and I were walking up the road. It was 11 am on a beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky. I looked up and saw just one tiny white cloud. Across the sky to my right there was another one – it had formed the name Liz, which is my name. I looked to see what was coming next as I immediately thought it was an airplane sign-writing in the making. (We have a few of these here with people proposing marriage in grand ways). 

“But, when I realized there was no plane and it was literally just a cloud, I quickly said to my partner, “Look up there, that cloud has formed in my name.” By then… it was too late as I’d waited too long to tell him, and the upper winds had started breaking the clouds up. By the time he looked up it was just a wisp of a cloud. I’m not sure if that’s possible for a spirit to do that. I like to remain optimistic and that it was a message from my Dad letting me know he was thinking of me.”

Commentary- It sure is possible, although it doesn’t happen often enough. Perhaps it is only because we are not always focused on the sky. Experiencers have seen their name, written messages and even images of their loved ones face in the clouds that frame the heavens. 

You’ll notice that, to come up with a possible explanation for the lettering she was seeing in the sky, at first, Liz thought it could only be a man-made invention created by a plane. This is common when we see something that is out of the ordinary because we want things to make sense. But when she realized that there was no plane? Now that’s a different story!

Yes Liz, even though your partner wasn’t able to see it before the cloud began to change course, you did… at the most perfect moment! That is what’s important, as this message was intended just for you to see. Trust yourself. When these images and messages happen out of the literal “clear blue sky,” you can believe you eyes. Your Dad said, “Hi” from heaven and his message to you is that he is watching over you from on high.

Love from Heaven

Love from Heaven

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  1. Thanks so much Jade for writing that for me, you wrote it so beautifully. What I forgot to add, was that it was a day or so later that I realized the writing wasn’t as a plane would have written it anyway. The I and Z were not like a plane would have done them as in capitals, they were lower case as in running writing. Only just remembered that now.

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