Hector’s Healing Dream

By nature, Hector had always been a skeptic of the supernatural, until his mind was changed during a profound after-death communication, that occurred in a dream, which was just as real as life itself!

While Grandma was near death in a Mexican hospital, with her husband and some of her children by her side, Hector, her grandson, was at an aunt’s home in the United States, where family had gathered together to await the impending news. It was on that summer evening, late in July of 2011, that it came. The phone rang and, through tears of sorrow, it was announced that Grandma had passed away.

The next day, Hector and his cousin arrived at the airport to board the flight that would deliver them to their destination in Mexico, where their Grandma’s funeral was to be held. The only problem was… as they were ready to board the flight, it was announced that the plane would be delayed, because it had broken down, and another flight out would not be available until the next day.

Considering the bad news, Hector and his cousin realized that even if they took that next flight offered by the airlines, they would have arrived too late to attend their Grandma’s funeral. With this in mind, two very sad grandson’s decided to turn back.

During the three months that followed Grandma’s death, Hector began to experience some very disturbing mental states. What started out as a general uneasiness, quickly developed into a tormenting depression. Racked with guilt, Hector blamed himself for not being able to see his Grandma, to say his last goodbyes.

In the weeks that followed, the scenario of the airport mishap played in his head and the strange circumstances that prevented him from saying goodbye. But how could it have gone differently? Nevertheless, Hector’s mind would not let him off the hook for this.

He thought about all of the times while she was living, that he could have called to say “hello” … but didn’t! With time, the inner demons became louder, saying, “You knew she was sick, why couldn’t you have called her? You could have shared your love with her while she was alive! It’s your fault and you are to blame for this!” As Hector’s guilt increased, so did his depression.

It was in the third month that Hector finally experienced a very welcome dream. In it, he was sitting alone on a bed in his Grandparent’s home. Hector looked up as his still-living Grandpa walked through the bedroom door, coming in to say, “Hello and welcome.” In the dream, this seemed quite natural to Hector at the time. It was what happened next, that shocked him.

Following behind Grandpa was Hector’s deceased Grandma! She entered the room with a smile, as she set her eyes upon a very confused grandson. Knowing that she had crossed over just months earlier, Hector said with surprise, “Grandma, you’re here! You’re not supposed to be here!” Grandma, smiling kindly assured Hector, “No, I’m here! I’m with you!” Then, realizing that he was actually in his Grandma’s presence again, Hector began sobbing with relief, for he was so happy to see her again.

Still, in the back of his mind, Hector was wondering how this could even be possible, for he not only saw and heard his Grandma, but actually felt her sitting down next to him on the bed too! With all the tenderness of a Grandma, she turned to Hector to say, “I just want to let you know that I love you!” As she reached out to give him a hug, he truly felt his Grandma’s embrace too, and with that, Hector woke up from his dream, still sobbing and feeling himself surrounded by the presence of Grandma’s love, even though he could no longer see her.

Ever since Hector’s powerful reunion with his Grandma, Hector’s life has been profoundly impacted! In that one experience of connection and love with his Grandma, Hector was completely healed from the painful burden of guilt he had been carrying around and his depression completely vanished too! Today, Hector will tell you that what he experienced that night occurred as miraculous; for that single experience completely altered the trajectory of his life! Hector greatly appreciates the peacefulness and closure that this beautiful experience has blessed him with, allowing him to move forward in his life.

Commentary- How is it that Hector was healed in a dream? What created the condition for this miracle to occur? 

For this healing to have occurred in his dream, Hector had to be aware of two important pieces of awareness. Being conscious of even having a dream is the first. The second piece is being aware inside the dream he was having. For example, it’s clear that he didn’t find anything unusual about being in his Grandparent’s house in his dream, or even seeing his Grandpa walk into the bedroom. To him, this could be a very normal dream. A higher awareness began when he noticed something unusual among the usual; his deceased Grandma was present when she shouldn’t have been. In that moment, you see that Hector was not only dreaming, but becoming interactive with his Grandma in his dream. This shows up as thinking within his dream. He notices the dilemma in his perception, so he points it out to her by saying, “Grandma, you’re here! You’re not supposed to be here!” She addressed his perception directly and firmly as she confirmed that this was not his imagination, then proceeded to give him a powerful message that was appropriate to his concerns. In this context, the dream they interacted in became a special meeting place, somewhere between their two worlds.

With Hector being a skeptic of such things, the role his Grandpa played in the dream was interesting. Perhaps, Hector’s Grandpa walking in first, made it a little easier for Hector’s mind to, not only be okay with being outside of his own bedroom in the United States, but be in a room in his Grandparent’s home, all the way in Mexico. In other words, to him it was plausible that he was just dreaming, but it was this that got him to the place between worlds where his Grandma then visited him. And, it was here where Hector received his healing.

But why did this happen in the Grandparent’s home in Mexico? The Grandparent’s home in Mexico makes sense, since he would be able to fulfill his once thwarted wish, to travel there to see her, express his love and say goodbye. This time, he just traveled there without the complications of an airplane.

What was it that healed Hector? Given this second chance, and with the assurance and validation of Hector’s Grandma’s unconditional love for her grandson, Hector was instantaneously healed. It was in that timeless moment spent between two worlds and in the pure presence of their love for each other, that the miracle occurred that set Hector free! 

Although, Hector can’t quite explain what happened, why or how it did, he knows that it happened; he has seen the results! And now, despite his nature… Hector is a believer!

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