Free from the Past!

With all our personal history behind us, sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are not our past. We feel it so completely; the same old thoughts, the same old emotions, and just like the rigidity of DNA programming, the same old relentless stories from the past dictating who we are or need to be. Now, this is not so much an issue if your past is informing you of how good and powerful you are. BUT, if the messages from the past are negative and destructive to your growth, development and happiness, then it’s time to cut the cords and be set free!

Hmmm… you may be wondering how to do this. You see, the stories of this old programming will remain with you as a constant companion as long as you don’t ask any questions of them, like… is this story true?

Usually when some horrible thought, feeling or memory crops up to torment us, we would do anything to get away from it, when really, what you want to do is to stand fearless (or at least pretend to), and face your demons from the past. If you fiercely face this pain with the pure light of awareness, the messages behind these painful thoughts and feelings will begin to fade away… and sometimes even run for their lives! It’s true! Lies cannot stand up to the light of consciousness without falling apart.

Yes, I know, many can understand how this might work on a conceptual level, but understanding does not stop the pain of the past. What stops the pain of the past programming is to directly challenge it by being your own courageous champion. When you are in action on this, you will be healing the past on an experiential level, which is much more powerful and effective!

If it is your commitment to finally cut the painful cords of the past, then do it now. This is your time to be set free and start living your life NOW.

Coincidentally or not, I had been working on this blog when a dear friend of mine, Jack, who also happens to be a Priest in the Gnostic Church, wrote this beautiful heartfelt piece to me that was a perfect demonstration for my message. With his permission, this is what Jack wrote about this powerful realization,

“Remember you are not your history, you are not who you have been in the past.  No matter how long and grievous our past may be, it does not define us.  When we realize we are children of God it is incumbent upon us to let go of whatever roles we have played in the past and stand fast with who and what we are in the Heart of God.

I have come to the conclusion that the material realm is over-shadowed, colored, buried in memory.  We live, not by the Divine and Eternal Life, but by memory of what we have known in the past.  We place our faith in what has been, to such an extent that we are unable to perceive the Ever Present and the New. Of course I have been cynical.  Even the memory of good things mock the present lack, and the present lacks because I am looking to the past instead of awakening to the Glorious Divine Presence which I can only behold in the present.

We think we are in the present, but our psyche is bound with our ancient animal experience.  Even matter itself bares its history. While, of course these things can also be viewed as a rich treasure when they unfold and awaken in the infinite, they can also be prisons, which deny infinite possibility and declare that the future can only reflect the past.

Whether you know the past or not you are condemned to repeat it unless you have access to the Infinite and Eternal Life, the Life of God.

Awaken to the Divine and Ever Present One who is Ever Shining in the Center of your Soul.

The one who says….

From out of myself
And enjoy myself
To be.”

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