Free as a Bird

Rose Marie was with her father at the hospital as he was about to die. But before his death, his deceased parents appeared at his hospital bed just in time to take him home. Shortly after his passing, Rose Marie received two after-death communications showing her that her father is still very much alive!

It was a snowy Christmas day when Rose Marie arrived at the hospital with a gift for her dying father. She draped the new sweater around her father’s shoulders to keep him warm as he lay in his bed. After a long struggle with lung cancer, his time on Earth was almost complete.

He looked at the foot of the bed where his deceased mother and father stood waiting for him to exit his mortal shell. Clenching tightly to his daughter’s hand, he said, “I cannot leave you here. You have to come with me. I must go soon, my mother and father are here to pick me up.”

Thinking of the implications, Rose Marie asserted, “No. I’ve got my kids here. I must stay.” Then, without much more notice, Rose Marie’s father left this world.

Later that afternoon when Rose Marie was at home, sadly, she stared out the glass door at the back of her house. Gazing far off, as if in a trance, she thought about losing her father and how much she already missed him. In deep thought, she spoke to herself, “I don’t know why my dad left me. He was the closest person to me.”

Suddenly, an image came into view about 15 to 20 feet ahead. There, in the white snow, was a man walking away from her. Just as she recognized him as her father, he turned around to wave to her, then, turning back again, faded away as he walked on.

Rose Marie could hardly believe her eyes! Here it was; broad daylight and she saw her father! He even acknowledged her! Of course, excited by her sighting, she ran to tell her husband who shook his head as he told her that it was only her imagination. Sadly, having heard this from her husband and being the only witness to her sighting, Rose Marie began to question herself. Maybe it was only wishful thinking.

Early the next morning, Rose Marie looked out that same magical glass door she looked through to see her father, just a day before. But instead of seeing her father, she saw a big beautiful white dove flying right toward her. It looked her in the eyes as it flew closer to her, until it had to fly off to avoid hitting the house.
In this after-death communication, Rose Marie got a second witness that what she saw the first time was no imagination, but was real.
The gift of the dove gave her well-deserved relief and peace of mind. Rose Marie’s father did not want to leave her behind wondering if he had peacefully made it to the “other side.” Released from the heaviness and density of the physical body, and the chains of his disease, he sent the message to his beloved daughter, “All is well. I am as free as a bird now!”

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  1. your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. your blog posts are superb. please keep them coming. greets!!!

  2. I recently lost my Dad two weeks ago and I went searching for ADC stories as I had one a week after my fathers passing. When scrolling through this site, this title caught my eye “Free as a Bird”, Manu is the New Zealand Maori word for Bird, this is my Dads name. Reading it made me cry because similar incidents happened with our family. Mum was by his side holding his hand when he took his last breath, she said he was looking at his deceased mother who was waiting at the end of the bed. My Dad also suffered from lung cancer. My experience from Dad was at a clothes store that we regularly went to. I could smell my Dad so clearly, it was the smell of him when he was laying in state. It was amazing and beautiful. I believe reading this story was another sign sent from my Dad. Thank you so much for sharing this

    • Hi Aroha. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing about your father. I’m sure he is always with you, if even just a thought away. 🙂 May you and all who miss your Dad, heal well. xo

  3. Thank you for that. It gives me renewed hope for my husband…he passed away 2 weeks ago after battling liver disease. I have had several ADCs since the day we walked up the steps of the hospice on the last night of his life, and I saw an image of his face and shoulders, suspended in front of me…it lasted only a second, but it was at that point I knew he was about to leave this world…it was like he was waiting for us to come one last time. At his funeral, as I read his eulogy, I was suddenly bathed in light as the sun broke through the clouds and shone through the skylight. I felt his soul pass through me. Since then and in between, a box has mysteriously flown off the back of the toilet…I’ve felt his presence…I think I felt him playing with my hair…found symbols in songs, store displays, et al. I’ve experienced static on the TV, which has never happened before. The title of this post is what really got me…’Free as a Bird’…the first song my husband ever played for me was Lynard Skynard’s ‘Freebird’…the day we met at a beach on a sunny August afternoon.
    This site has been very inspiring and helpful to me…thank you.

    • Thank you for visiting this site, but especially, for sharing yourself. 🙂 How wonderful that you have had these experiences.
      May I please offer my condolences and a big hug of support. May you heal well, my friend.

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