Flying Formation

In this after-death communication, Todd gets a visit from the heavens, via a hawk, flying formation, as his recently passed father-in-law, Colonel Gordon William Addy.

After Amy had an after-death communication from her father, who appeared as a Quail in his garage that allowed her to hold him, as recorded in the post, “Hold Me Again“, he visited Amy’s husband, too, as a low flying hawk flying in formation with his truck.

Todd’s experience-
“I was on my way home in my pickup.  I was on a rural road and then turned right onto our paved street. It was fully dark, about 8:00 pm, so my headlights were on. As I made the turn – I saw motion to the right and looked at the motion. Something was heading towards the truck. A larger than average hawk flew from the side of the road and in front of the truck. He flew directly in front of me, but just above the hood of my truck. He flew with me approximately 1/4 mile until we got to the house.”

“I just thought it was strange that a hawk was flying formation with me that low and at night. I definitely took notice.”

Addy Korea Amy reflects on her father and Todd’s relationship-
“Todd had a great deal of respect for my dad. I know as Dad got older and was limited in what he could do around the house – Todd would climb ladders and fix things for him. Also if there was a particular electronic or battery or a “guy item” that Dad needed. Todd would shop for those for him.”“Dad was a great story teller. We all loved to hear his humorous stories about his flying days and the characters he met in the military. I never tired of hearing those stories because he told them so well. He could even imitate the voices of these men and also, some of the women in our family. The Addy family is definitely a very colorful and fun bunch.””The Hawk, I believe was Dad’s way of thanking Todd.
I spent a lot of time at Dad’s house the last three months of his time here on earth. During those three months, Todd held down things at our home. Todd was also the one to drive me to Dad’s house during a couple ice storms – when Dad’s caregivers were not able to get there.”

On a side note, Amy continues, “Right after Dad passed, I was expecting to see him in the form of a Road-runner; a local bird that he was fond of. So all week after he passed, I was looking for a Road-runner. They eat snakes so usually you will see them in rocky areas or areas with tall grass. So I kept an eye out when I was in the right terrain.”

“I have never seen one out where we live -as it’s fairly flat. Last Saturday as I was going to town, I saw a Road-runner on the side of the road! I couldn’t slow down much as I had a car coming behind me. On my way back home, I went by the same way hoping to get a look at him again – and there he was!  He even ran parallel to my car for a bit.”

“I parked my car and went to look for him. I found him perched on a log and he is a big fellow! This is the first time I’ve seen a Road-runner in the town we live in. Attached are a couple of pictures. This is close to an area where I walk, so I plan to go visit him again.”

Todd's hawkCommentary- As mentioned in Amy’s after-death communication post, “Hold Me Again“, her father, Colonel Gordon William Addy, was a pilot for the United States Air Force. He even taught others how to fly. So naturally, a great animal for a pilot to temporarily inhabit, is a flying one or an animal of powerful speed and precision.

Korea AirbornTodd’s experience occurred slightly after Amy experienced her father’s materialization as the Blue Gamble Quail. Todd, having that already on his radar, must have wondered about his own unusual experience with the winged one that appeared to him. This is how it happens though. Many times, we notice something a little odd, but don’t connect the dots until more of the puzzle pieces start falling into place. (In this case, we have a strong bird theme going on here). Then it starts to click that our loved one has been visiting and appearing in many different ways to give us the message that they are alive, well and they want us to know it! 

It was obvious to Todd that something was up when this Hawk decided to fly formation with Todd and his truck. That does not usually happen. To me, this was Colonel Addy’s special way of showing his appreciation and ultimate respect and honor for the man, Todd, who had become his son, and husband to his precious daughter. This was a father saying, “Thank you. I salute you.”

Crop-RoadrunnerIMG_0368Although the Road-runner is not known as flying bird, they can fly; just short distances because of their design. However, the Road-runner is an animal that Amy’s father loved. So seeing him as this animal totem, an Earthbound creature that is capable of great power and speed, would make sense too. Road-runners or Road-flyers, as they sometimes call them, are fascinating creatures that can run at extraordinarily fast speeds, in effect, cruising at low altitudes. When Colonel Addy flew in front of Todd’s truck and quickly ran next to Amy’s car, it was as if to demonstrate, that he is free from the body that, with time + gravity = age, became his eventual limitation. Now… he can fly through the air and run like the wind. He is doing what he loved so much to do. He is soaring once again!

Addy KoreaF-80 Korea Circa 1953




Cheryl, Amy and Dad

Colonel Gordon William Addy, 11/3/1928 to 3/20/2015, with niece, Cheryl and daughter, Amy.

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  1. Great story. I caught myself imagining how awesome that would be to have a hawk fly with you like that, very cool.

  2. Wanted to let you know that we still see our “Night Hawk” on occasion. He flies around our place at night – checking in us. 🙂

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