Experiencing Is Believing

In this after-death communication and out-of-body experience, Linda becomes a believer in the “afterlife” when her son, Erik, meets his mother in another dimension to reassure her of his continued love AND life.

Linda writes-
“Let me first say that before I had this experience, I would not have believed it truly could happen. I had really never heard of such a thing before this.”

Erik and Camaro“My 24 year-old son, Erik, passed away over 2 years ago. Not long after he died, when my husband and I were deeply grieving, Erik came to me in a dream. I saw him standing there and held out my arms to him expecting him to disappear, but he didn’t!  I told him I love him so much and hugged him. It felt like I was actually hugging him! There was a light around him as if he was standing in a soft spotlight. We talked for a short time, but unfortunately, I am not sure of our exact words, although it felt comforting, I do remember that as we were talking, I was rubbing my thumb softly against his cheek and I still remember the sensation of it. He then said he had to go. Before he disappeared, I asked him if it was nice where he was. He smiled a little smile, as if he knew something I didn’t,  and said, “Yes, it’s nice. It’s very nice.” Then the dream was over.”

“My experience was so vivid and so “un-dreamlike.” He looked so healthy and he was wearing clothing I knew so well. I don’t really understand why I cannot recall what we talked about, because everything else was so vivid, but maybe I was not meant to remember that part. I felt comforted, so I know it was nothing bad.”

Erik and Oreo“I had not had a chance to say goodbye before Erik died. Since then I had been worried that he didn’t know how much I love him. I had also been worried about where his soul had gone. This dream relieved both of those worries for me. I will never forget it and I will never again believe that such a thing is not possible. I know I will see him again.”

Commentary- In this after-death communication, Linda becomes a believer in the afterlife when Erik meets her in a very vivid dream. But it wasn’t only the fact that their reunion appeared so real that struck this grieving mother, it was how he appeared.  

From the moment I opened the images of Erik on my laptop, I could feel the sadness of a young man whose life was cut short. I could feel the sorrow Erik felt for leaving his loved ones in such a state. And as if Erik and angels were pleading his case to the world, I could hear the words, “He is innocent. I am innocent.” And I could feel that he was.

Not knowing yet, the circumstances surrounding his passing, I was fairly certain that this was a death by suicide. When I asked about this, Linda replied, “Well, it is a true tragedy (as I suppose they all are) because he was such a sweet, happy, funny, good hearted and musically talented person that everyone liked.  To make a long story short, he met the wrong friends and became addicted to drugs before we knew what was happening. We were devastated and shocked because we knew he was not that person. He tried off
and on to rid himself of it for about 3 years. I think he ended up believing there was no way out for him and so in despair, at 24, he took his own life. That is why I was so worried that he didn’t know how much I love him and where his soul had gone.”

So here it is. Suicide. One of a parents worst nightmares. But not only dealing with all of the reasons of why and how this happened, often very painful questions begin to arise. “Does my child still exist?” “Where is my child?” “Is my child peaceful and happy now?” “Does my child know how much I/we love them?” It was in Linda’s visitation that all these questions were so mercifully answered, which served to bring her some well-needed peace.

Linda received many things from her out-of-this-world experience. She got to tell her son of her love for him. She got to know this love was reciprocated. Linda got to see that Erik was standing in the light; which means that he is safe and sound in Heaven’s care. Erik was wearing his familiar clothes, meaning he had not changed (both literally and metaphorically). He is still the sweet, good-hearted child his mother had always known him to be, who, for whatever reasons had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd and was in way over his head, in a situation that he could neither control nor survive. Linda got to know that Erik is the angel that he always was in life, before addiction claimed his life and made his decisions for him.

In her meeting with Erik, Linda got to hold her son; affectionately touch his cheek. But if that wasn’t enough for a grieving mother to witness, she got a peak into the afterlife with Erik’s sharing that Heaven is a “very nice” place. His smile said it all!

Linda mentions that she and Erik talked about some things that she cannot fully recall. This happens a lot. It is because our loved ones sometimes talk to the deepest part of us; our souls. In Linda’s case, there were some things that her soul needed to know, for her to be able to heal. Perhaps she was ministered to by angels. Perhaps Erik needed to say some things to her soul, so both he, and his mother could eventually heal and move on from this trauma. But aside from all these things, to give her a reason to live, perhaps she was reminded of her deepest purpose here in this life. That in time and with proper healing, she would eventually begin to remember, and cause to come forth. I know all of this to be true for Linda.

Sometimes we will wake up in the morning and not remember anything, but have the strong feeling that we were with our deceased loved one. I’m sure it’s utterly irresistible for our loved ones to not kidnap us from our sleep and spend time with us. And after spending time with the deepest part of us, they drop our astral bodies off safely to our sleeping physical bodies, some time before morning… and just before waking.

You know those times when you wake up and feel like you were doing stuff all night long, yet you can’t remember what? Or that you still feel the essence of a loved one still lingering in the room, even though you can’t see them? Or you remember you were with them, yet there’s this amnesia fog thing going on? Take comfort. It happens much more than we realize.

Still, somewhere in the darkness, Linda is convalescing her many wounds. But the Grief Process is an extraordinary thing that has the tremendous power to mend and fully heal broken hearts and lives again. With over two years behind her, although Linda is still on her healing journey, she has begun to see some flickers of light at the end of a very dark tunnel. In the darkness of her journey, her purpose is beginning to rise as she begins to reorganize and make sense of this terrible and overwhelming tragedy. She is ready now. She is waiting for the purpose that will claim her to itself. And it will… just as soon as it does. 

blue- pixabay imageBut for now, Linda, an experiencer of the afterlife, is a believer! She takes comfort in knowing that some day, she will be reunited with her son, Erik. And boy, will there be some stories to tell! 

13 thoughts on “Experiencing Is Believing

  1. Linda: I cannot imagine your grief. I’m so sorry the dark forces of this earthly world got the better of your son. Thank you for sharing your story. You are yourself healed by counseling with Jade. You are also helping others who may be going through a similar grief and/or situation. We aren’t going to know the all mysteries of this universe until we cross over to be with our loved ones. God Bless You.

    • Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. In my communications with Jade, it is very apparent that she is a very compassionate person and I do feel healing from her. As you say, one day we will know all the mysteries. It will be then that all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

  2. Thank you Linda for sharing such a touching moment with your son. Wishing you healing and peace. And thanks to Jade for your hopeful comments.

  3. Wow – this really hits home as I lost my 23 year old son, I didn’t get to say goodbye and the cause of his passing is the same. What a wonderful experience you had. How very comforting it must have been for you. Many thanks for sharing.

    • I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son also, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can’t imagine a pain that is worse than what we have both experienced, losing a child. Although it is hard to do some days, I just try to look forward to the coming joy of our reunion, rather than backwards to the pain of the loss.

      Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

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