Dustin’s Batting a Thousand

Dustin’s ‘batting a thousand’ in the after-death communication and sign department, as he makes those he regularly visits smile. 

Pat writes:
“Dustin showed up the other day. I have been taking my neighbor, Lori, to see her hubby everyday at a rehab place. I have made friends with some of the residents there. I was looking for a hat to give Stevie, a 33-year-old man in a wheel chair who can’t talk or write. For some reason we have become friends and he follows me around like at puppy dog.”

“Anyways, I went through all of Dustin’s hat’s looking for a red baseball hat…the Red Sox. I Did not find one, so was looking for a green Celtic hat that I knew he had. It just was not around. So, I put a navy Red Sox hat on a shelf to take the next day. When I got up the next morning, there was the green Celtic hat on the shelf and the Red Sox was on the floor. It was NOT there the night before! So I asked Dustin…do you want me to give Stevie the green one? Is that what you are telling me? I took both hats to the nursing home. And yep…Stevie picked the green one.”

Dustin's Celtic baseball cap

Stevie wearing Dustin’s Celtic baseball cap

“I looked through every hat the night before …one by one..and it was not there. The next morn it was…right on the shelf where I had placed Dustin’s Red Sox hat. I know I did not imagine this one. Signs like this make me smile for days. I know Dustin is always with me. I imagine him laughing from beyond. He is such a character. I hope he never stops.”

“I was thinking about Dustin. He was a very giving soul. Even now he is directing me from beyond who to give away his precious hats to. I have given out 4 of his hats to residents there who wanted them. Cute to see them all wheeling around wearing his hats.”

Then… another experience with Dustin, while Pat was with Stevie at a hospital visit… 
Pat writes: 

“I was visiting Stevie in the hospital the other day. When I came in, he pointed to his tv. It had a relaxing video of waves breaking against rocks in the ocean. No sound… just the picture.”

“A while later, I mentioned how hot his room was and asked about air conditioning. I went on talking to him when he pointed to the tv again. Now on the screen was a video of a ceiling fan going round and round. I said …Stevie, a fan on the tv is not going to cool this room off.”

“Then it dawned on me. This happened right after I said the room was hot. And has anyone ever seen a ceiling fan video going round and round used as a relaxing video? Sure…the ocean, waterfalls, rain falling gently on a pond or forest… but a video of a ceiling fan?”

“The fan video was in black and white. It looked like a security camera video . And security and Dustin went together. The ocean video was in color and produced for tv/mediation. Either way, he made me smile again.”

“So…no question about it. That was Dustin. He somehow managed to get a security film of a ceiling fan on the hospital tv. I guess Dustin heard me and decided to pull a prank… something to let me know he was there with us.”

“Way to go Dustin!”



Commentary- Since his passing, Dustin has always been very active with many after-death communications and signs he has successfully pulled off. In his variety of them, he shows his continual ingenuity and cute sense of humor. The previous examples continue to bear this out. 

In life, Dustin worked in the security department at Six Flags Amusement park and he took his job seriously. Another thing Dustin took seriously was his sports. His favorite team was the Red Sox. In fact, on one such occasion, Lori, a neighbor of Pat’s, said she was drifting off to sleep one night when, in a vision, she saw Dustin standing in a police uniform looking so happy. He was standing in front of a stadium and all his friends came out cheering behind him. She said she closed her eyes and opened them again and he was still there with his friends. Then, she drifted off to sleep. That was the day she read that Dustin’s beloved Red Sox won.

Stevie with Dustin's Celtic ball cap

Stevie with Dustin’s Celtic ball cap

Dustin collected a lot of sports memorabilia. Since Dustin’s passing, knowing what to do with Dustin’s favorite hats, or shirts, or whatever, has always been an issue for Pat. So, Pat has made some of his shirts into pillow covers to give to friends and family, as she looks for those who would love and appreciate these things from Dustin. The hat for Stevie was no exception. As you see, Dustin knew which hat Stevie would like better than his mom, who actually knew Stevie in life, as he so lovingly put the correct one (Stevie’s true preference) on the shelf for her to take. You know, the shelf where the hat was not, just the night before! It makes me wonder… does Dustin actually move these things through space, as is seen on tv, or does he use the technique of instant disappear and reappear? I’d love to be a fly on that wall!

Some people might imagine Dustin’s habit of moving around stuffed animals and hats to be unnerving, but for those who know Dustin, it serves as a testimony of a life beyond this one. It also lets us know that being “dead” can be fun. At least Dustin makes it fun… and obviously… as you can see, he’s very much alive.

Another time when Pat visited Stevie at the nursing home, she was blown away. There was a band playing. The first song they played was “Sweet Caroline.” This is the Red Sox theme song!

Dustin has exhibited a variety of after-death communications, from manifesting his favorite number, 44, like everywhere. The jaguar (Dustin’s mascot) comes up frequently on a website Pat looks at daily, that lets Pat know he is around. It’s obvious that Dustin gets a kick out of the many signs and after-death communications he is able to deliver, as it so greatly comforts those he loves, but could not take with him. 

Pat says that the black and white hospital footage of the fan on the tv, was actually security footage that Dustin must have piped in, after Pat commented on the heat. Dustin must have chuckled to be able to do that for her and at least give her the illusion that he was trying to cool his mother down in that moment. The fan sign really had Pat laughing. She knew it was Dustin and it made her want to walk the floors of the hospital again until she could find the original fan and maybe take a picture of it this time. About the security footage? Pat says, “Security” was Dustin’s middle name! This was a definite connection.

Dustin knew something about discomfort during his life. Having a bad back, he once had a 10-hour operation on it. Even now, Pat will occasionally receive a recorded phone call that says someone at the number had called about a back brace. Since no one at their home ever wanted a back brace, other than, maybe, Dustin… Pat believes that Dustin is communicating that way, too.

A profile picture of Dustin's

A profile picture of Dustin’s

When Pat gets super depressed or has major fires in life to put out, as she often does, Dustin is her hero that bats a thousand, as he comes through to cheer up his mom. It always makes her smile because she knows that her beloved son is with her, supporting her from beyond and making her laugh and smile.

8 thoughts on “Dustin’s Batting a Thousand

  1. So beautiful to hear about Dustin’s many surprises and visits! The green hat story is my favorite~Stevie looks so happy wearing it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Pat and Jade!🌸

  2. Oh my. You are so blessed to have Dustin continually still in your life. Bless you both. Can’t wait to get to the after life. Our loved ones are so lucky!!

    • They are lucky. I wonder how many signs they send that are missed by their friends and loved ones. Just have to have a keen eye and an open mind. The signs are out there. It is a good feeling when we get them to know they are around and with us always.

  3. Thanks for posting, Jade. I forgot about that sweat shirt that Dustin had. How true the saying is now. He always shows up when I need him the most. He seems to be trying out his wings lately. I know when his birthday came he had a lot of surprises for me. It started with a full screen on the computer for a Save the Jaguars petition. His favorite team was the Jaguars. Next came the recorded phone call about the back brace which I know is from Dustin. Then , when I went to the google search engine on his birthday…it was loaded with birthday candles. I called all his friends and mine and no one had candles that day. So he somehow managed to put them there just for me. He has been visiting his best friend a lot lately. Eric tells me Dustin is moving his stuff around when Eric was trying to sleep. So Eric left Dustin’s jaguar mask on the floor and told Dustin…”ok, Dustin, I will leave it on the floor for you to play with. I am going to bed.” The next morn Eric said the Jaguar mask and a Hershey Park toy were way across the room. We all love it when he plays these games. It reminds us he is always with us and makes us all smile.

  4. I love all these stories you share Pat. I love how he let you know which hat to bring. And I agree, Jade it would be fun to be a fly on that wall. Thanks for the post 🙂

  5. Dustin sounds like a fun and generous guy.
    I like his sense of humor.
    it’s nice that you are making people happy by gifting Dustin’s hats. I particularly like your quote of everyone wheeling around wearing his hats. Nice image. 🙂

    • Dustin was always a giver and always fought for the underdog. I know he is happy his hats are with people that need some cheering up.

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