“Don’t Worry Mama”

In this before-death and after-death communication, we see that our loved ones can visit us before, AS WELL AS after their passing. 
Valley writes-
Brian“Jade, I’m not sure if my communication is ADC but rather BDC. I lost my 34 year-old son Last November. He died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. We are still reeling with shock. He was your typical young healthy active man in his prime. Two months before he died, I had the most vivid dream. I felt like he was right there talking to me. I can still remember every detail. The colors were the brightest I’d ever seen. All he said was, “Don’t worry mama, everything will be alright.”

“Do you think that was a communication?”


My reply to Valley, in part-
Brian“…The answer to your question is that it’s both! For whatever reason, you needed to have this dream to prepare you for what was coming up. And, you needed to remember this dream as the experience it was, and still is, so you can be sure to not worry. He doesn’t want this for you. He is telling you there is no need to worry because “everything will be alright.” Your dear son’s perspective is telling you something you can’t see from where you are at on your journey, as you have not arrived yet. What you know is this though; he loves you deeply, he cares Brianabout you, he is alive and well, he is accepting and sure enough in what he knows to tell you not to worry, and that this is part of a larger plan that you can’t see yet, but he can. 🙂 This is all good. Of course you will be in shock, you will go through the grief process, this will be very, very hard at times and you will miss him greatly. But, please know this. He is with you always. Allow him to be there for you to give you strength, even now. Peace on your sacred journey, Valley. Much love, jade.”



Then, Valley shares a suspected after-death communication from her son through another person-

Brian and Mom“I had an unusual experience at a hair salon a few months after we lost Brian, I’m not sure what to think about it or how to process it.”

“A few months after Brian left us here, I called my hairdresser for an appointment. I missed the last two because I really didn’t want to go. When I texted him this particular morning, I expected him to work me in within a few weeks. But, he said he’d had a cancellation and to come right away.”

“As I was getting my hair done, I heard the front door bell and a woman came in to get her hair done down the hall. I saw her pass by in the mirror I was sitting in front of. She came back again and hesitated in the doorway, then walked away, then came back. She said, “I hate doing this in this way, but I have a message for you.” I was confused but asked who the message was from? She said, “The message is… it wasn’t a dream.” I started to cry. She asked if that message had any significance to me? I said yes, and told her about my dream before Brian died; my feeling that it wasn’t a dream but a message or visitation dream. I asked her how she knew about my dream. Only my husband and mother knew about it. She said when she walked through the front door, she started getting energy. She said it’s been that way all her life. She asked me if I had put a note or letter in the casket. I told her no, and she said she was seeing notes or letters in the casket. Then, I remembered that one of Brian’s friends had brought lots of golf balls and a sharpie and many friends and family wrote messages on them and put them in the casket. She also told me he wanted me to take the cross ring he always wore and wear it.
BrianShe also asked me if Brian flew by himself a lot? I told her twice a year in childhood between his dad in Texas and us In San Francisco. She said he didn’t like it.
Can that be real??”

“Is that common to use someone like that to contact me instead of directly?”

My reply- 
“Oh sure, Valley. Your son probably took advantage of the fact that she was a Sensitive. I am, as well. I have had many of occasions when I was asked to relay a message to someone, and did. This was an after-death communication. It was just given to you from your son through another person. Very cool.” 🙂

Valley includes a previous before-death communication she experienced with her Grandmother when she was eight years old-
“Also, when I was eight, asleep in my bed, my grandmother came to me to say goodbye. She said, “Don’t be scared darlin’, I just came to say goodbye.” The next morning as I was walking across the living room towards my mom who was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, I knew she was going to tell me my Dotty had died. When she told me, I said, “Yes I know, she told me last night.” My mom was shocked but said I couldn’t have known because they just got the call. I can still remember the pajamas I was wearing, the toenail polish and the coffee cup my mom was drinking out of. She still has it.”

BrianCommentary- The dimensions beyond have always fascinated me. I mean, how did Valley’s son know to appear in a dream to tell his mother of what was to come? That’s just amazing! He knew because his soul knew this. While our limited physical selves, operating in an everyday human life may not always be privy to this information, the soul is. The soul, being the deeper, more substantial part of who we are at our core, knows these things because the soul, which is also our higher self, can see the bigger picture of it all. In this case, it would seem that the experience of him passing on was foreordained. Many times, these really difficult things that happen to us in life are a result of our souls pacts with one another; pacts we make with each other before our Earth life, to achieve full growth and development on our evolutionary journey. Like a flower growing toward it’s source, the sun, our soul’s desire is to grow toward the light of our creation. We are created to fulfill the highest measure of our creation. When I say that the experiences of death are part of a very sacred journey, I mean just that. Although we don’t like them, although we wish they wouldn’t happen, although they hurt like hell and we miss our loved one more than we could say, and although we don’t know if we can live another day without them… These experiences are holy, and you have been chosen to experience it.

BrianAgain, I know… we, as physical beings will always say that we would rather have our loved one back, then to grow and develop our selves on some evolutionary journey. Right? While that is true for the physical being to take the short view, but unfortunately for the physical being, the soul takes the long view. I mean, forever is quite a long time, right?

Everyone is wired a little differently than the next. Valley has had two “before-death communications. There is something about her that makes this possible. Some people are good at having adc’s, while others are good at receiving messages for others. When that happens, as in Valley’s case,  it should ring true for you. I always encourage people to “feel into” what is being said to see if it feels true for themselves. Despite our strong or weak points, we all have an internal compass and true detector, that when acknowledged and appreciated, tends to grow stronger within us. Although answers from others can be helpful at times, make sure to run the information through you own internal compass/truth detector to see the information’s innate truth and value. You can do it too, it just takes some faith in yourself and practice! 

Valley wrote this beautiful poem that came to her in less than five minutes. This is dedicated to her dear son, Brian.

A Mother’s Song

Brian and MomMy life has changed forever
I’m walking a new path.
A part of me is missing
That I know I can’t get back.

I pray for strength and courage
For us as we live on.
I’m not the only one grieving
For our beloved son.

I still have a son named Brian
Who walks with me each day
To guide me through this journey
And help me find my way.

Brian and MomI agonize about his life cut short,
Searching for answers I’ll never get.
It’s not meant for me know Your Plan.
In this life, at least, not yet….

Brian has the answers
That someday will let me see,
So I’ll live each day “Like Brian”
While there he waits for me.

Your loving mamma, Valley

9 thoughts on ““Don’t Worry Mama”

  1. Another moving story that reaches deep into our souls and encourages one to reflect both on our past and our future, both here on earth and into the eternal future.
    I have always lived in the present, never giving much thought to the future. The question I have is should I concern myself with the future, or is it already planned out for me? Death and eternal life has never troubled me. In a sense, it is something I look forward to, without fear or hesitation.

    • Dick, I think the present is an excellent place to live! 🙂 I think that’s what we are here for… to be present.
      Fear exists in the past, Anxiety in the future. So you see, the present is the way to go. 🙂
      I wouldn’t concern myself with the future because… it’s probably already happened being that this life gives us an opportunity to experience something instantaneous in time and space. Now before anyone reading this gets riled up, this is not necessarily “THE TRUTH”, although it is a real possibility. My experience is that we are always with our loved ones somewhere and on some level, but a part of us is experiencing what has already happened through the dimension of time and space now. This is the only thing we are aware of right now. This is why our deceased loved ones, when they get to the “other side”, don’t think it’s such a big deal to cross over and why they are always telling us that everything will be alright. From their perspective, they see something amazing; something that we are not yet privy to.
      That’s great that death does not bother you. Me neither. I’m convinced that the biggest fear people have is in living life to the fullest extent with our thoughts, feelings and actions until that very last moment! 🙂 This is what “God” dared me to do when I was resigned and cynical after Christian’s death. 🙂 Not saying that’s you. You are quite a firecracker! And one I love dearly. 🙂 Thanks for sharing yourself. Good question, Dick. It made me have to think. 🙂 xo

  2. Tears are flowing down my face from your beautiful poem ~it was surely divinely guided! So much love and light to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you Jade for writing it here for us all xoSara

  3. Wow! What a beautiful story! Tears streamed down my face as I read the message you received at the hairdresser! Wonderful confirmation!

  4. Beautiful story… Very moving. So cool the confirmation received at the hairdresser and a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such a wonderful writing, Jade. Valley is a woman with special insights about
    her son. The poem is beautiful.

    Thank you both for sharing. I, too, do not fear death. I have lived a long
    life filled with many blessings from every person I know or meet.

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