12 thoughts on “Death Is Nothing At All

  1. I lost my sister 12/7/15. She was 2 years older than me, only 44 (heart). She was my teacher, my historian (since we lost our parents at 12, 14 years old), my defender, my comfort from life’s troubles, my cheering section (to finish college-although she only got her GED), she was more than just a sister, but a best friend. Long story short- I strongly disliked the fact that she smoked and drank, a lot, which prompted several arguments, but they happened. Sure I occasionally picked up a cigarette during college, but its been 20 years, free and clear. If it had not been for my 10 year old, I would have nixed xmas this year. Jade-the reason I’m writing is my sister wasn’t ill. She just was found. Gone. So I’ve been asking her for the 2 weeks since she’s been gone, why did she leave me. My husband was out a night or two ago and comes home and says, where you smoking? you reeked of cigarettes last night. I know you’ve been upset about your sister, don’t tell me you had a cigarette. I was furious. But after 20 minutes I thought…it couldn’t be….do you think?

    • Yep. I do. 🙂 She was around then and is still with you, just bodiless. They often leave a familiar scent as a signature of their presence. 🙂 You knew her strongly as a smoker, right? Now, it doesn’t mean she was out smoking cigarettes at your home, it just means that she is trying to communicate with you through that familiar scent that she has not really left. 🙂 Death is the biggest illusion there is. Hope this helps. Hugs. Sorry for your loss. 🙂

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