Dawn’s Deceased Neighbor

In this not-so-intentional after-death communication, Dawn is surprised when she sees her neighbor standing across the street. It was the neighbor who passed away just two months earlier!

Dawn writes:
“I am confused. I was on my way to church last Saturday night and when I looked at my neighbor’s house, I saw her standing outside of her house on the sidewalk in the peach and white uniform she always wore. She looked mad or something. I waved before realizing it was her. She just stared at me as I went by. She had come to our home a couple of times but we were not close.”

“She had been dead for about 2 months now. All I know is she got sick and passed away in the hospital. I asked a lady from my church who said, “Maybe she never confessed from when she killed her husband.” He used to abuse her many years ago and finally she got tired of it and she killed him! My friend told me that maybe she never asked for forgiveness and is stuck.”

Commentary- Can you imagine your surprise when your realize the person you just waved to, passed away two months prior? I’m only bringing this up because it happens sometimes. I don’t know who this woman was or if she asked for forgiveness for her actions, but I do know that we can never completely know another’s heart. So why even try to  judge them?

Dawn’s deceased neighbor appears to be an Earthbound spirit, or in other words… a ghost. To attempt to explain this, there are a few scenarios to keep in mind-

1) The deceased woman may not know she is dead yet. This happens when someone dies suddenly and or unexpectedly with no warning. It can take some time for them to realize that there has been a change. Even the deceased can experience a period of denial.

2) The deceased woman may know she’s dead, but she may still have attachments here on Earth and doesn’t choose to go on. She could be attached to her life here; her home, family or even daily rituals, such as sitting on the porch while drinking a cup of coffee. Maybe she’s just not ready. For example, my sister saw her deceased friend and neighbor in her yard, gardening. This has happened a few times, as Julie LOVED to garden and took great pride in her work. Other people have seen her too.

3) The deceased woman may know she’s dead, but is afraid to move on. Maybe, she is afraid that she will see her deceased husband again and doesn’t want to. You know, the one who beat her? Could anyone blame her for that?

4) Or perhaps, the deceased woman can’t face herself or her actions. Maybe she doesn’t know IF or HOW she will be judged or by WHOM. Maybe she’s heard horror stories about going to hell for what she’s done and thinking that living Earthbound is better than the alternative. Or maybe she’s afraid of change or the unknown.

These are just some examples of why someone would exist in this way. I’m sure there are many more circumstances in which this happens.
At the time Dawn saw her deceased neighbor, her brain’s usual filter was not filtering normally. You see, our brains filter out a lot of stuff it deems irrelevant to living on the physical plane. But sometimes… it happens. We see what we don’t normally see on a conscious level, and then… it’s too late! … we have seen it! Those who have developed their sixth sense have an ability to see “six sense” stuff especially well. It could be that Dawn is one of these folks.

A ghostly image from the internet

A ghostly image from the internet

Despite the ghostly image on the side, at times the deceased can appear completely solid, as in Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s account, The Mysterious case of Mrs. Schwarz. Other times they can appear more like this apparition, but not so spooky as this. The degree of materialization varies.

Sure, sometimes spirits look happy, sometimes mad. I told Dawn not to take it personally, it was probably just her normal disposition.

My guess is… that if Dawn’s neighbor was actually a family member or close friend without the murder background to add to the mix, it would probably seem less weird or scary.

If someone appears to you like this, and you think they are an Earthbound spirit, you can invite them to “go to the light.” This might be enough to encourage them and/or raise their awareness to move on.

6 thoughts on “Dawn’s Deceased Neighbor

  1. Interesting story. I can imagine that would be a startling sight. Jade, I like your commentary on this one. I think we all try to make sense of the hard to explain and I like how you have given multiple explanations…good reminder to reserve our judgement on where another (alive or dead) might be coming from.

  2. Definantly some new perspectives on how a “ghost” may materialize. Far more interesting and compelling than the usual explanations. Nice work.

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