Cocoon to Butterfly

Holly receives a symbolic after-death communication from her father who recently passed away. His essence took the form of a beautiful fluttering butterfly, this sign given for Holly and her Mother to know he has not forgotten them.
Holly writes:
“My dad, Gary Harris, passed away last week on July 6, 2015. A butterfly landed on my mom’s head the day he died.”

“The next day one circled around me, over and over, making me giggle.  I feel that this is my dad but haven’t felt anything since.  This is a picture of the butterfly that kept flying around me.  It kept sitting on the porch, just like my dad did.”

Commentary- A butterfly has always been a powerful symbol of great transformation. But why? Well… a butterfly was not always a butterfly, you know. It was a caterpillar first, that, in an amazing metamorphosis went from the struggle of dealing with a limited and confined cocoon (or body bag) to emerge as a beautiful butterfly; finally earning its wings to freely fly away. This is true of the soul, as well. After it’s been in its own limited and confined, (or body bag with holes), it must also be such a relief to be freed from such restriction. For this reason, the butterfly is a common symbol in an after-death communication. Many people believe that when one’s mission has been completed here on Earth, they are free to fly as spirit and soul into the heavens of the next dimension. If this is true, the difficult part for us who have been left behind, is to not resist the thinking that it shouldn’t have happened; at all or ever! Not accepting a death when it comes; expected or unexpected is natural, for it is human nature to resist everything we don’t want or like. So just know, you are in the right place if you feel like this. But… keep in mind… you can’t stay here in these thoughts or feelings for too long, or you may not heal properly. And besides, it’s extremely painful to resist reality. You can try… but reality is going to win.

So let’s talk about why humans resist in the first place.

Humans resist the death of a loved one because we think it was the “wrong time” for them to go. Perhaps WE weren’t done yet. The pain comes with us thinking we know when someone else’s time is up. We cannot know the big picture from our limited point of view. We just know we don’t want them gone from our everyday lives. Would it ever be the “right time” for our loved one to go? Maybe if our loved one was in pain, but more than not, there is never a “right time” to say goodbye to the ones we love so much.

Perhaps humans resist because we get to see just how very little control we actually have in life, and we are MAD about that! Yeah, take a look. It’s true. We like to think we have control of the situation, but when a life changing circumstance comes a knocking at the door and we get a peak outside, it can terrify us. The brain in us doesn’t like change a whole lot because it has to find a way to adapt. Big changes or a lot of small ones throw us into survival mode, and a lot of fear comes up for us, and many times, we resort to throwing a fit! Just know, most fear is not real and there are no grounds for going into survival mode. What is real is love. Believe in that. Also remember…YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAIN! It’s just an organ that help us to navigate in this physical world. So when it kicks into survival mode because it is threatened by change, be reminded that it’s just doing its job to protect.

Humans don’t accept the death because we were sure our loved ones mission in life was not complete. It doesn’t make sense and there is nothing more sad than a life thought to be unfulfilled. This is the pain that comes with us thinking we know someone else’s purpose. Perhaps it has to do with that one great thing we were sure they were here to accomplish. Or even the various small things they were to accomplish throughout their long lifetime.

But… perhaps the greatest mission of their life was to teach about one of the life’s greatest lesson; DEATH and who we will be in the face of it.

Some lessons of death could include an education on: gracefully allowing, releasing, surrender, letting go, accepting, trusting, forgiving, being flexible and vulnerable, exercising our faith, increasing our understanding and wisdom, developing compassion and grace, healing, growth and transformation. Notice something in common? All these lessons have to do with the exact opposite of resistance. These are exercises in non-resistance.

The butterfly Holly and her mother saw, could have, not only had to do with Gary’s metamorphosis and rebirth from this world to the next, but the potential of Holly and her mom’s transformation while still on Earth through the teachings of their beloved husband and father. It would behoove them to use this powerful energy to their advantage. Butterfly energy is recognized among the different cultures of this world as strong energy; for it has the transformational power to shift people from sadness, confinement and suffering, into a place of joy, beauty, freedom and grace.

It’s no wonder that Holly’s after-death communication sighting was experienced in a place common to where her father spent his time. The location this unusually acting butterfly was fluttering around in, is significant, and serves as an clue and association for Holly to know it was related to her beloved dad, saying, “I’m still with you.”


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