Christian’s Premonition

Ten years before his death, Christian drew this picture. In it, he was trying to capture a disturbing and unknown, yet painless sensation he had experienced in his head a few times before. So puzzled as to what this was, he likened it to a volcano going off in his head.

When we met, some 6 years after he had drawn this picture, still perplexed by this old recurring experience, he mentioned it to me and showed me this picture. Having discussed it several times together, we never did come to an understand of its meaning, until the day he died.

Having died from the eruption of an Arterial Vascular Mass in his head, Christian must have immediately recognized the sensation he was experiencing as the previous previews from years passed, but this time with pain.

Sometimes in our lives we are given these previews to change the events of our future. Other times we are given these previews to show and prepare us for our future.

In the days immediately following his passing, I knew this picture was a premonition of his eventual looming death.



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  1. Seems like a very long time since I’ve taken a sneak peek into my email. This was the first one that just popped up— it is another Beautiful Caption of a Most Beautiful Man. Thank you for Sharing.

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