Christian on Safari

From beyond the veil, and working again in a field he once loved, Christian, a former Computer Programer, assists his Aunt Elizabeth by restoring something lost on her computer.

Christian’s Aunt Elizabeth, who lives in Brazil, had a problem with her laptop that couldn’t be repaired. While Elizabeth’s daughter, Andrea, was in the United States attending a four-day course, Elizabeth asked her to buy a new Mac laptop to bring home to her.

At home in Brazil, Elizabeth was trying to figure out how to use this new computer, as it was much different from the one she had previously owned. She called to her son in the next room, but he couldn’t help, as he was studying for school, and had never used a Mac before either.

As she was clicking around, she thought she had deleted the Safari program that came loaded on the Mac. Panicking, and desperate to have it back, she thought of Rob, also known as Christian, and thought, “Certainly Rob would help me immediately.”

Side note: Christian had always gone by his first name, Rob or Robert, and that is who his aunt always knew him as. It wasn’t until the last six months of his life, that Rob decided he wanted to go by his middle name, Christian. Christian is the inspiration for this site and is who this site is dedicated to. He is one of the “heavenly stars” featured on this site that I often write about, for there have been many good stories of visits and sightings of him from beyond the grave.

In attempts to recover what was lost, Elizabeth decided to investigate. She began clicking on several places to see how to recover Safari. From left to right, she clicked everything on the menu bar with no results. When she clicked on “wi-fi” and “join other networks”, to her surprise, the only network that appeared in the network name field was “Robert”, with a place underneath it to insert a password.

The networks in Elizabeth’s area had always been the same two: acadu2, the network she used, and habens;  but they were nowhere to be seen, so she continued to click some more. Again, so perplexed, she called to her son again, but he didn’t respond.

Not knowing what to do, Elizabeth clicked again on “join other networks” and the box where “Robert” had appeared before, quickly disappeared, and in that same moment Safari appeared back on the menu bar. Again, trying to see if she could catch “Robert”, inserted in the network name field, for a brief moment there was nobody at all, then acadu2 suddenly appeared.

Finally, when Elizabeth’s son appeared, after 40 minutes, Elizabeth told him of “Robert” and he replied to his mother, “You are becoming crazy.” But in his face, she noticed, was sorrow that he had not seen him too.

Since her sighting of him, Elizabeth has tried to recreate that moment of seeing “Robert” in the field box again, but has never been able to. The only thing that shows up in the “wi-fi” section is “acadu2”, because it is her network, and “habens.”

Elizabeth knows that her call for help to Robert was heard and answered. Whether she actually deleted Safari or it was just hidden at the time, Safari appeared immediately after unexpectedly seeing Robert’s name on her screen. And while she had tried to get her son in the room, it is possible that this sighting was elusively for her eyes only.

Perhaps what is to be realized, is that our loved ones hear our most quiet thoughts and come to our aid whenever they are needed and can help us; for they love to help us with our lives. It also seems true, that there are times when, for whatever reason, they don’t seem to help us or even be there at all.

From my personal experience, I have asked Christian to help me on many occasions and it is clear that he has. Then, one day, as I was talking to him while gardening, I said to him, “Christian, why don’t you always help me with everything?” Quietly, as if he were saying it in a secret to me, he said, “I am always here. I can help you with a lot, but some things you have to do by yourself.”

In memory of our angel, Robert Christian: We love you!!

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